Psychological assistance centres for children and youth to be updated in Tatarstan

Psychological assistance centres for children and youth to be updated in Tatarstan
Photo: Platonov (archive)

As Realnoe Vremya found out, a large-scale renovation of youth policy facilities is going to be carried out in Tatarstan. It is planned to allocate a little more than 16,9 million rubles from the republican budget for these purposes. Most of the institutions for which the contractor will need to develop project documentation by the end of this year are centres for psychological assistance to young people. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Most of the outreach centres are located in the capital of Tatarstan

The customer of the works is the Glavstroy of Tatarstan, which has compiled a list of institutions in need of major repairs. It includes 14 buildings of various youth organisations throughout the republic, including four objects related to the field of education. The remaining ten, as mentioned above, are centres of psychological support:

  • seven cenres of psychological and pedagogical assistance to children and youth Doverie, which are located in Kazan on the streets of Kulagina, Gubkina, Revolutsionaya, Topoleva, Bratyev Kasimovykh, Juliusa Fuchika and Zilantovskaya (Salavat Kupere residential area);
  • psychological assistance centre in Bugulma on Kalinina Street;
  • emergency psychological assistance centre by phone in Naberezhnye Chelny on Shamil Usmanov Street;
  • psychological assistance center in Zelenodolsk on Chapaev Street.

For all these objects, the contractor have to develop project documentation, including a positive conclusion of the state expertise necessary for carrying out repair works. To develop these projects, the contractor must study the condition of the facilities and develop new architectural solutions for the roof, windows, exterior and interior walls, stairs, floors, doors and utility networks, including gas and water supply, mobile communications, Internet, sewerage and ventilation, as well as telephony, television and radio. Besides, projects should include the purchase and installation of new furniture, inventory and equipment. (archive)

The list also includes three schools and a dormitory

Last week, Tatarstan Minister of Construction, Architecture, and Housing and Communal Services Marat Ayzatullin said that the readiness to build eight youth centres in the republic reached 72%. Also, according to him, the repair of psychological and pedagogical assistance centres has been completed by 21%. At the same time, he noted that the overhaul of educational institutions has been completed by 66% to date. In total, seven programmes for 234 objects are being implemented in this area. .

Seventeen educational organisations will be repaired in Kazan by the new academic year. In addition, schools are currently being built on Kurynova Street, in the residential area Salavat Kupere and on Rauis Gareev Street — for 1,501 places each, as well as on Nigmatullina Street — for 1,224 students. The overhaul of Lyceum No. 83 — the Centre of Education, which is located in the Privolzhsky district of the city, is nearing completion. (archive)

New support centres to be opened in Kazan

Earlier this year, the chairman of the Committee for Children and Youth Affairs of Tatarstan, Aliya Zagidullina, announced that seven new departments of the Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Assistance to Children and Youth Doverie will be opened in Kazan. The premises have been selected in Derbyshki, Yudino, Salavat Kupere residential complex, Privolzhsky and Sovetsky districts.

After the opening of branches, the total area of the center's premises will almost double — from 1,8 thousand square metres up to 3 thousand square metres. According to her, a total of 112 million rubles have been allocated for major repairs. It was planned that after their appearance, the number of employees of the centre would increase by almost 70 people. Currently, 112 employees work at Doverie, 86 of them are specialists. Platonov (archive)

Separately, Zagidullina noted that 51,5 thousand people used the services of psychologists of Doverie center last year, specialists conducted 7,4 thousand individual consultations. In total, the centre received almost 16,4 thousand calls from residents of the city.

This year, the centre organised a psychological service to support families with children with disabilities and also increased the coverage of participants in the Digital Hygiene project. It is also possible that in the near future assistance will be provided in the Tatar language.

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