Tatarstan residents tend to go outside the city: demand for goods for outdoor recreation soar by half

This summer, residents of Tatarstan have become more actively interested in goods for recreation outside the city and in nature. They are buying both garden furniture and tourist tents, Ozon told Realnoe Vremya.

Tatarstan residents rushed to improve dachas

In June of this year in Tatarstan, unit sales of goods for dachas and outdoor recreation have increased by 90% compared to the beginning of summer 2021. Residents of the republic are actively purchasing garden furniture, inflatable mattresses and round frame pools.

This summer, Tatarstan residents have begun to buy goods for recreation in country houses and dachas more often. They are purchasing hammocks and deck chairs for their plots. The sale of these goods in June has increased by 51% compared to the same month last year.

Tatarstan residents have taken up the improvement of their dachas and country houses with the arrival of the summer season. In this regard, their interest in buying goods for these purposes has increased 2,6 times compared to June last year.

Most often, for the improvement of suburban areas and dachas, residents of Tatarstan purchased garden borders, modular pavement for paths and decorative fences this month.

Tatarstan residents combine business with pleasure — resting in the country, they are also engaged in the garden and vegetable garden. Thus, residents of the republic this year have purchased by 129% more garden equipment than a year earlier. The demand for garden equipment in Tatarstan has soared by 163%.


Relaxing in contact with nature

Residents of Tatarstan rushed to rest outside the concrete jungle this summer. In this regard, the demand for outdoor recreation products, including hiking, has increased.

According to Ozon calculations, in Tatarstan in the summer of 2022, the demand for goods in the hiking and outdoor recreation category has soared by 90% at once compared to the previous year.

Tatarstan residents have noticeably increased their interest in tourist tents and sleeping bags. Their sales with the arrival of summer has increased by 80% compared to the same period last year.

According to one of the latest studies, 37% of the surveyed Kazan residents this year have decided to rest in the country. Only 8% of residents of the capital of Tatarstan choose active recreation without delay in one place or climbing mountains. The majority of respondents — 53% — are planning to spend a summer vacation at sea.

Tatyana Demina

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