More than of surveyed Kazan citizens plan to travel in Russia this year, research says

More than of surveyed Kazan citizens plan to travel in Russia this year, research says
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More than a half of surveyed Kazan citizens (51%) plan to travel in Russia this year. Yandex.Travel service says this citing a study of А2:Research analytic agency.

Another 35% of the Kazan citizens are going on holiday abroad, while 13% of respondents plan to have a rest in the countryside or at the dacha.

Travels across Russia are popular among citizens of Omsk (66%), Samara (65%) and Yekaterinburg (60%). Almost half of surveyed Chelyabinsk citizens (49%), people of Novosibirsk (41%) and Moscow (29%) plan to travel abroad this year.

53% of the surveyed citizens of the Tatarstan capital are going to spend the summer holiday by the sea, 37% of the respondents preferred a trip to the dacha this year. Another 18% of Kazan citizens choose camping, while 8% want to stay in the city. 3% of the citizens prefer an active holiday, without staying in one place for a long time or climbing.

Anapa (26%), Sochi (22%) and Gelendzhik (21%) are the most popular destinations among Kazan citizens this year. Another 15% plan a holiday in Altai, 2% of the Kazan citizens intend to go to Crimea and Yaroslavl.

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Anapa is the cheapest popular destination where travellers plan to spend 4,714 rubles per night at the hotel and stay for more than eight nights. A holiday in Altai will be the costliest for Kazan citizens, travellers are going to spend 5,801 rubles per night on average and plan to stay for about five days.

Turkey (11%), the UAE (8%) and Egypt (7%) are popular among Kazan citizens when it comes to foreign destinations. Also some surveyed people plan trips to Greece (3%) and Thailand (3%). The cheapest holiday among the popular destinations will be in Turkey (5,670 rubles per night) and Egypt (5,733 rubles per night). Moreover, travellers go to Turkey for a week in general, and for 10 days to Egypt.

More than a half of Kazan citizens (55%) plan to have a rest for two weeks, 13% do one week. 8% of the respondents prefer a five-day holiday. 40% of the respondents will go on holiday with their families, 22% — with their partner. 16% of the respondents will go on holiday with their pet, 13% will with their kids.

36% of the Kazan citizens are going to spend up to 100,000 rubles per person, 35% plan to spend from 25 to 50,000 rubles per person on holiday. While one in ten people plan to spend up to 25,000 rubles.

Earlier, SuperJob’s research showed that 37% of Kazan citizens had no money for holiday. Kazan ranks eighth in money for holiday — 38,000 rubles. Moreover, 28% of residents of the Tatarstan capital claimed they had no money as early as last year.

According to PromRating research agency’s data in April, 17,9% of the Tatarstan residents don’t plan a holiday in 2022. Moreover, women stick with such plans more than men (21,1% against 13,9%). Nearly a half (49,2%) are going to stay at the dacha, 15,7% of the respondents told them about plans of travelling abroad. 22,2% of the residents of the republic preferred domestic tourism. 20,3% decided to stay in Tatarstan.

Tatiana Leukhina