“We all have one thing in common — love for our work”

Ten petrochemists at once have become the winners of the Russian competition 'Engineer Of The Year 2019'

“We all have one thing in common — love for our work”
Photo: Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC

The employees of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC distinguished themselves at the 20th anniversary annual Russian competition 'Engineer of The Year 2019'. This award is considered one of the most prestigious in the profession. One of its goals is to identify the elite of the Russian engineering corps. On the Kremlin's website, Russian President Vladimir Putin, welcoming the winners of the competition, noted that the country can rightfully be proud of a brilliant galaxy of talented engineers and inventors. And their breakthrough discoveries have become a powerful contribution to the strengthening of the economy. Who and for what merits the flagship of the petrochemical industry of Tatarstan awarded — read in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

“Such awards can only be gained once in a lifetime”

The Engineer of The Year 2019 competition held in Moscow once again confirmed the high professionalism of petrochemists. Irek Gazizov, the head of the research laboratory of oil refining and pyrolysis of the Scientific and Technological Centre, is one of the young talented employees of Nizhnekamskneftekhim. According to Engineering Art of The Young version, he has been awarded a diploma and a commemorative medal.

“On the one hand, it's great. Such awards can only be gained once in a lifetime. I am very lucky to be among the winners of this competition. It's not just my work, it's the work of the whole team. When I learned about the victory, I immediately shared my impressions with my colleagues. I just registered the work and sent it, it was noticed and it pleases," Irek Gazizov shared his impressions.

His career at Nizhnekamskneftekhim began in 2012, immediately after graduating from the Kazan (Volga) Federal University. The young employee was admitted to the science and technology centre. And it was the right decision. With his participation, a number of tests were conducted, which had a positive result, and technical solutions were offered for permanent industrial use.

As Irek Gazizov told Realnoe Vremya, he is a co-author of three publications in scientific journals, three patents of the Russian Federation for the invention, seven rationalization proposals for Nizhnekamskneftekhim. He repeatedly participated in scientific and practical conferences, where he was awarded diplomas of II and III degrees.

“There are many plans ahead. I've recently shifted focus. Before that, I was engaged in rubber, now — styrene and monomers. I'm entering a new channel, turning over a new leaf. We need to develop multilaterally. We can't stop there," he said.

With love for the profession

Sergey Krasilnikov, the shop manager of the oligomers and glycols plant — is another winner of the Russian competition 'Engineer of The Year 2019'. According to Professional Engineers version, he was awarded a diploma and a commemorative medal. He started his career in 1995 as an oxidation apparatchik of the 5th category.

The merits of Sergey Krasilnikov can be listed for a long time. He took part in the start-up and adjustment of ethylene glycol production, replacement of the control system and emergency protection of shop No. 2405. He is the author and co-author of 29 efficiency proposals.

Under his leadership, a programme was implemented to modernize production and convert it to methane ballast with increasing the capacity of ethylene oxide from 200,000 tonnes to 230,000 tonnes. Currently, work is underway to increase the capacity to 300,000 tonnes a year in conjunction with the licensor of Scientific Design (US).

According to colleagues, Sergey Krasilnikov is the head of the new formation, acting competently and promptly, and possessing advanced computer programmes. He managed to create a young, friendly, cohesive and efficient team, which is distinguished by high discipline and quality of work. By the way, in 2018, the production plan was 101,1% fulfilled.

The project of the first freight car depot in Tatarstan

Oleg Tereshchenko also distinguished himself at the prestigious Russian competition 'Engineer of The Year 2019'. He has worked at Nizhnekamskneftekhim since 2008. He started as the chief traffic safety auditor of the Department of Transport and Logistics of shop No. 1141. In 2011, he was transferred to the position of the head of the freight car repair depot No. 3318, and in 2014 he was appointed chief engineer of the Rail Authority.

With his participation, the project of the first freight car repair depot in Tatarstan was developed and put into operation, modern equipment, numerical control machines, and test stands based on microprocessor technology were installed. The existing facilities perform planned repairs to the fleet of their own rolling stock and third-party organizations located in the Volga Federal District.

Also, the tank cars of models 15-1280-03 with the installation of a lower drain device with three levels of protection for the transportation of chemical goods and not only were modernized.

“It is a pleasure to meet engineers from all over Russia”

Dilyara Fazilova, the head of the research laboratory of copolymers at the scientific and technological centre, was also awarded the Engineer of The Year 2019 award by the jury. She successfully develops and implements research projects at the enterprise. As a clear example, we can call the production of polybutadiene rubber ND-PBR (SKDN) of the new brand 44M1, which is carried out at the request of consumers. The produced pilot samples are sent for homologation to the leading tire manufacturers.

“I always wanted to work for Nizhnekamskneftekhim. I had my own history of working at the enterprise. Now I am working in the scientific and technological centre of Nizhnekamskneftekhim. I started with a third-class apparatchik and realized that I wanted to do science. The R&D centre has become a second home for me. The company helped me form as an engineer, started me on the path, instilled a love for my business. I work in a team, our team is a single entity," said Dilyara Fazilova, adding that she is a co-author of 10 reports at scientific conferences, 11 publications in scientific journals, and 4 patents of the Russian Federation for inventions.

According to Dilyara, the trip to Moscow was a great incentive for her to continue her scientific work.

“It was interesting to meet specialists from different parts of the country. The competition was attended by employees of Roscosmos, metallurgical, machine-building and aviation plants, many representatives were from Tatarstan. “We all have one thing in common — love for our work” All of them are experts in their field," Dilyara Fazilova said.

Cadres are key

Alevtina Filippova presented the flagship of the Tatarstan petrochemical industry at the Russian competition 'Engineer of The Year 2019'. In 1995, she graduated with honours from the Kazan State Technological University with a degree in Automation of Technological Processes and Production.

In 1989, she was hired at the repair and engineering works plant of Nizhnekamskneftekhim JSC. In 1997, she was appointed as a software engineer of the ACS group of shop No. 2541 of the SPS plant. During this period, she participated with the design institute of Project CJSC in adjusting the project of the fifth technological line for the production of simple polyester resins.

In 2000, Filippova was transferred to the position of an engineer of PTO of the plant SPS, in February 2001 appointed to the position of senior quality engineer for group quality of the SPS plant, 2019 — deputy chief of production and technical department (for development) of the plant for the production of styrene and polyester resins.

Alevtina Filippova trains specialists and workers in international management systems. She develops job descriptions, regulations on structural divisions and other documents at the PJSC level. She organizes and conducts internal audits.

Alevtina Filippova could not go to Moscow because of her busy work schedule. She took the news about her victory in the Russian competition Engineer of The Year 2019 calmly.

“A lot of work, no time to think about awards. We are working on the project for the reconstruction of ethylbenzene, we are considering contracts and documentation. Besides, a project is underway to reconstruct the shop of the olefin complex. I would like to say thank you to our team, this is a common award," she said.

Best implemented technical solution

Ildar Fazilov, the head of production at the synthetic rubber plant, is also among the winners. With his participation, measures were developed and implemented to ensure safe working conditions during major repairs and beyond. From 2013 to 2017, pilot tests were successfully conducted on the processing of by-products in the production of isoprene-monomer.

“It was a great pleasure to participate in such a competition, our innovation activities are recognized at the Russian level. It brings benefits, we do not stand still, we are moving forward in the right direction. This is a big plus. Thank you very much to the management of Nizhnekamskneftekhim for the opportunity to implement their ideas in production in any field. The main thing is to have a desire," he shared his impressions.

In 2015, Ildar Fazilov was the 3rd in the contest of young innovators of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC in the category 'Best Implemented Technical Solution'. Also, together with the innovators of the plant, Synthetic Rubber Plant submitted 35 innovation proposals and received one patent of the Russian Federation for the invention.

“This work will not be taught at the institute”

Ilnar Lukmanov, the shop manager of the isoprene-monomer production plant, started his career at Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC in 2008 as a 4th-class distillation apparatchik.

“Nizhnekamsk is a city of chemists. After graduating from school, he graduated as an apparatchik, then received a higher education. He slowly moved up the career ladder. He has invested a lot of effort in pilot tests for the production of highly concentrated dicyclopentadiene and piperylene fraction. He carried out commissioning and debugging of technological equipment of the shop, including unique reactor equipment and compressors," said Ilnar Lukmanov.

“We were invited to the House of Engineers, where there were luminaries of Russian science. I had the opportunity to communicate with interesting people. I am pleased that my work has been noted at such a high level. We will try to work at the same pace and not lower the bar. Now we are developing projects to reduce the cost of production and improve economic indicators. The profession of an engineering technologist is not easy. We need to be purposeful, not afraid of difficulties. This work will not be taught at the institute. Every production is unique!” Lukmanov believes.

Sixty-six international and foreign measurement methods

Alyona Sapozhnikova is another bright representative of Nizhnekamskneftekhim, the winner of the Russian competition Engineer of The Year 2019. She has grown from a microbiologist of the sanitary and industrial laboratory science and technology centre to the head of department of technical control, she now oversees the owrk of 513 people.

Today, its division monitors the quality of products at all stages of the life cycle of eight plants for 360 types of raw materials and materials entering production and 120 types of finished products. Alyona Sapozhnikova contributed to the centralization of factory laboratories, and introduced 66 international and foreign measurement methods.

She actively participates in the automation and improvement of workplaces. This includes the launch of automated air pollution control posts that allow for automatic monitoring of the quality of atmospheric air in the sanitary protection zone of the enterprise around the clock. She is the author of two research proposals aimed at improving working conditions in the workplace.

Sixteen innovation proposals

Ilsur Shaekhov also joined the elite of the Russian engineering corps. At Nizhnekamskneftekhim, he works as a leading engineer for the automated control system of shop No. 4811 of the automation centre.

Thanks to his efforts, on the basis of TREI controllers, the automated information and measurement system Khozuchet was introduced. He participated in the installation and commissioning of halobutyl rubber production based on APACS/QUADLOG controllers and was the supervisor of installation and commissioning of polymerization systems.

In 2017, he implemented projects to increase conversion in the production of halobutyl rubber in the automated control system of shop No. 1307. He has 16 innovation proposals.

“I always feel the company's support”

Certificates and insignia were also awarded to the winners of the first round of the competition: Sergey Kasimov — the head of production of the Ethylene-600 plant under construction, Erik Gizzatullin — the head of the ethylene plant installation, Ilnar Sharipov — the deputy head of the plastics plant shop, Artur Popov — the head of the design centre department.

“It is a great pleasure to take part in the award ceremony. We were called to the department, where we were given a badge and certificate. I have worked for Nizhnekamskneftekhim since 2005. Here I met my future wife and got an apartment. Since 2014, I have introduced six innovation proposals. I always feel the support of the company, thanks to which we can constantly improve," said Ilnar Sharipov, the deputy head of the plastics plant shop, in the interview with Realnoe Vremya.

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By Lilia Yegorova. Photo courtesy of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC