TAIF-NK employees awarded Honoured Chemist of Tatarstan title in celebration of Chemist Day

Nizhnekamsk widely celebrated the professional holiday — Day of Workers of the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, at the end of May. By tradition, at the main celebration President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov presented awards to the best representatives of the industry. Among the winners, there are employees of TAIF-NK PSC. Read more details in the material.

The honouring of the best representatives of the chemical and petrochemical industry of the Republic of Tatarstan has taken place on the stage of Neftekhim Arena in Nizhnekamsk for the seventh time. Every year, the celebration of one of the most important dates for representatives of this industry is attended by several thousand people who come to the capital of petrochemistry from all over Tatarstan — managers and employees of the chemical industry, teachers, university students and schoolchildren.

The awarding ceremony of the employees who have made a significant contribution to the development of the petrochemical industry is one of the most exciting and important moments of the celebration. Prior to its beginning, President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov addressed all representatives of petrochemistry and oil refining from the stage, who noted the importance of this industry and its employees for the whole Tatarstan. The head of the republic addressed special words of gratitude to the veterans of the chemical industry.

“Dear workers of chemical and petrochemical industry, dear veterans! Let me congratulate you on your professional holiday, thank you for your work and everything you do for the republic and for our country. I wish the chemical and petrochemical industry to develop,” said President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

A little later, Rustam Minnikhanov presented state awards to employees of the petrochemical industry. Among the best — process pump machinist at the refinery of TAIF-NK PSC Sergey Komarov and operator of process units at the gasoline plant of TAIF-NK PSC Rishat Gayfullin. For long-term fruitful work in the petrochemical and oil refining industry, the workers were awarded the honourary title “Honored Chemist of the Republic of Tatarstan”.

Oil refining is a lifetime project

Sergey Komarov, a process pump machinist at TAIF-NK PSC refinery, has been working in the industry for 40 years. He got to the enterprise in 1978, being an 18-year-old young man. Thanks to genuine interest and perseverance, the young worker passed all the stages of the difficult, responsible and, at the same time, interesting profession. Today Sergey Komarov is a process pump machinist (of compressors) of the fifth grade at the plant of sulphur crude oil cracking and the production of petroleum products from them.

“He probably did not miss a single technological innovation at our plant,” say colleagues of Sergey Komarov. They are absolutely right. Sergey Petrovich took an active part in the reconstructions and technical re-equipment of interconnected workshops of the production of distillation, cracking of sulphur oils and the production of petroleum products from them, participated in the reconstruction of ELOU-AVT-7 plant, which allowed to bring the production performance to the modern requirements of industrial safety standards, to introduce the automated control system of technological processes, to reduce energy consumption by installing additional heat exchangers and the reconstruction of ovens with an increase in their efficiency, to improve the quality of products, to achieve maximum selection of light oil products, as well as to increase the overall performance of the unit.

“The key to successful, safe and fruitful activity is diligence, responsibility, professional development and dedication. Another important factor of high-quality and productive work — close-knit team and support of management at all levels. Oil refining, its efficiency and excellent performance — it's teamwork, after all” said Sergey Komarov.

Sergey Petrovich's attitude to work and his native enterprise, his high moral and business qualities are an example for many young workers. To this day, he gives them knowledge and experience, teaches effective and safe methods of work.

The tradition of mentoring

Rishat Gayfullin, a process plant operator at the gasoline plant of TAIF-NK PSC, has been sharing the skills and experience to the younger generation for many years. He also has worked in the oil refining industry for decades. The team tells about him — a technically competent and disciplined specialist who knows perfectly the purpose and operation of equipment, units, production technology, computer software for the conduct of the technological process. His work was marked by a state award — on merit, according to his colleagues. Rinat Ahmetgalievich participated in the development of innovative proposals to reduce consumption of thermal energy, which subsequently allowed to reduce the specific steam consumption at the catalytic cracking unit in comparison with the similar period of work. He also took a direct part in the reconstruction of the catalytic cracking unit of the gasoline plant, aimed at increasing the design capacity. Participated in the construction, installation and commissioning works for the launch in November 2015 in the industrial production of the Euro-5 gasoline. Rinat Ahmetgalievich personally supervised the work of gas fractionation of hydrocarbon fractions unit, checked the purification of the products obtained from sulphur-containing compounds, and more.

“I am very glad that I am entrusted young workers who have just got a job at the enterprise. I can say with confidence that by transferring experience and knowledge over the years, I have brought up more than one generation of competent and professionally trained professionals. In my time, I also had mentors and I still warmly remember my teachers — production workers, who now are at a well-earned rest,” said Rishat Gayfullin.

Also, on this day, process unit operator at the oil refinery of TAIF-NK PSC Valery Spiridonov, who has worked on one unit alone for 35 years, also didn't remain without attention. He also got to the enterprise immediately after the army and for all these years never regretted the choice of profession. The employee of the company became the winner in the nomination “Veteran of the Chemical Industry”, for which he was awarded a diploma, certificate and commemorative statuette.

“I am very grateful to the mentors who taught me all the production bases and constantly supported when I was 20 years old just coming to the plant. After all, it is very important when a young worker is introduced to an already cohesive team of experienced people who enjoy respect in the team. One of my teachers was a senior operator at the refinery plant Nikolai Pavlovich Gavrilov, who is now on a well-deserved rest,” says Valery Spiridonov.

“I want to thank Sergey Petrovich Komarov, Rishat Ahmetgalievich Gayfullin, Valery Nikolaevich Spiridonov, for their significant contribution to the development of the petrochemical industry of the Republic of Tatarstan. They are an example for the younger generation. Thanks to our employees, who received their well-deserved awards from the hands of President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, we can say with confidence that TAIF-NK has opportunities to increase production capacity and increase the potential of the oil and gas industry cluster to ensure long-term economic growth and social stability of the Republic of Tatarstan. With such a team we can cope with any challenges!” Director General of TAIF-NK PSC Rushan Shamgunov summed up.

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