Business divorce at millions: break-ups of Abramovich, Tariko and Sloutsker

Seven stories of entrepreneurial couples’ break-ups

The victory of Tatyana Akhmedova in a British court over former husband-oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov, which brought her 584 million dollars (453 million pounds), continues to be one of the most discussed topics this week. It has become the occasion to recall the most memorable divorces of Russian and Tatarstan businessmen and politicians. Read more in the article of Realnoe Vremya.

  • Dmitry and Elena Rybolovleva

The couple was married for 21 years. And has been divorcing for 7 years. Dmitry Rybolovlev, the former owner of Uralkali, and now the boss of the semi-finalist of the current Champions League Monaco, lost due to the split with his wife $604 million. But it could be 7 times more. A Swiss court ordered Rybolovlev to give Elena half of his wealth. It is $4,5 billion, as well as real estate, jewelry and art objects at $560 million, reports Forbes. But the court found that the assets of the businessman passed in the interests of the daughters in trust before the divorce process are inviolable. In the end, the billionaire ''got off'' with $604 million and two houses. Now he holds the 15th position in the list of the richest Russian businessmen according to Forbes. His ex-wife in this ranking is the 168th with $600 million.


  • Roman and Irina Abramovich

Roman Abramovich was married to Irina Abramovich for 16 years. The couple have 5 children, and the businessman has become well-known not only due to the increase in his capitalization but also the success of one of his projects — Chelsea football club. Unlike most of such cases, Abramovich decided the issue out of court. Irina received $300 million as well as money for the maintenance of their children. It should be noted that due to the division of property the business assets of the billionaire were not affected, according to Forbes. In the ranking of the publication Abramovich is ranked the 12th among the richest people ($9,1 billion).


  • Rustam Tariko and Tatyana Osipova

A native of Menzelinsk, the owner of the holding Russian Standard, nicknamed for his work in the alcohol market as Vodka King, Rustam Tariko in legal proceedings with Tatyana Osipova not only got custody of the daughters but also maintenance payments for children. The couple was not married, and ironically its was Tatyana who received a lawsuit in court in 2010, reports Kommersant. In the Forbes ranking for 2016 Tariko took the 168th place with $500 million, and this year he has not got in the list of 200 richest people. In 2011, the edition estimated the fortune at $1.9 billion.


  • Vladimir and Olga Sloutsker

The divorce of an entrepreneur and politician Vladimir Sloutsker and the founder of the network fitness-clubs World Class Olga Sloutsker occurred in 2009. The main object of disputes became not money but the couple's children. By the court's decision, they stayed with father, there were press comments that Olga used educational measures close to barrack drill. In an interview with Forbes Olga noted that the divorce did not affect her business.


  • Svetalana Zhurova and Artem Chernenko

The world champion and Olympic champion in speed skating, former Duma deputy and now senator Svetlana Zhurova divorced with her husband in 2013. Over 12 years of the marriage to a tennis player Artem Chernenko, Zhurova gave birth to two children. But after a couple of years after the divorce, the press started talking about that Zhurova demandedthe husband's money for the sons – 105,000 rubles a month (half of required).

At the moment of exacerbation of the controversial situation (February 2016), Chernenko was working as a teacher at the tennis club and was earning 11,920 rubles. Zhurova's party said that he owned the car Gazel, shares in residential property, including unregistered share in a community house in Vsevolozhsk. Chernenko appealed to the court to divide the object, mentioned in the material of Life news agency.


  • Farkhad and Tatyana Akhmedova

Currently the division of property of billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov ($1.3 billion, No. 67 in the ranking of the richest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes) is ongoing. His ex-wife Tatyana Akhmedova (married in 1993, two children) is demanding $585 million from the businessman, according to Forbes. It would be ok but the couple divorced in 2000. According to, the reason for the divorce become adultery of Tatyana, who with children lived in the UK while Farkhad Akhmedov was doing the business in Russia.

Akhmedov, by the way, at one time was the owner of the gas company Nortgaz, as well as a member of the Federation Council. A Moscow registry office gave divorce to the Akhmedovs, but the ex-wife of the billionaire after the breakup continued to live in grand style at the expense of the ex. The businessman gave to Tatyana Akhmedova a country house in the elite area of Saint George hill in Weybridge, as well as spend millions of pounds a year on her life, according to the Azerbaijani press.


However, this did not prevent Tatyana (with dual citizenship) in 2003 to seek a divorce in accordance with the British laws. In the end, the overseas court ordered Akhmedov to buy Tatyana another house in London for £40 million, to give her £28 million to purchase property on the French Riviera, as well as to pay his former wife £5 million per annum for life.

In 2012, Akhmedov sold his stake in Nortgaz (media assessed the transaction at more than $1 billion). After that, Tatyana Akhmedova married to a businessman and tried to ''resolve'' the issue, threatening with court, but received a refusal from the ex-husband, again filed a motion in the British courts. Ultimately, the court ordered Farkhad Akhmedov to pay the ex-wife £453 million, but the billionaire refuses to comply with this decision. He believes that the UK government has used the services of his ex-wife for the expropriation of its capital in Albion, reports

By Aleksander Shakirov