Population of Tatarstan surpasses 4 million people

Population of Tatarstan surpasses 4 million people
Photo: realnoevremya.ru (archive)

4,005,000 people live in Tatarstan. This is the preliminary result of the Russian census held in 2021. The Russian Statistics Service provides the data.

More than 3 million residents of the republic live in cities, another 931,000 live in the countryside. Compared to 2010, the population has increased by 5,8% in Tatarstan. Kazan is among the cities with a population of over a million permanent residents.

Also, the census includes about 350,000 people who were temporarily in Russia but permanently lived abroad. The biggest number of such people were in Moscow, Tatarstan, Moscow Oblast, Primorye Krai, Amur Oblast.

Photo: realnoevremya.ru (archive)

The republic ranks eighth in number of the population among regions following Moscow, Moscow Oblast, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar Krai, Sverdlovsk, Rostov Oblasts and Bashkortostan.

The Russian census was held from 15 October to 14 November 2021 online. In remote and hard-to-reach districts it lasted to 20 December.

According interim results of the census, Russia’s population totalled 147 million people.

According to the census of 1989, 3,641,742 people lived in Tatarstan. The census registered representatives of 107 ethnicities where there 1,765,404 of Tatars (48,5%), 1,575,361 Russians (43,3%), 134,221 Chuvash (3,7%), Ukrainians (32,800), Mordva (28,900), Udmurts (24,800), Mari (19,400), Bashkirs (19,100), Belarusians (8,000), Jews (7,З00), Azerbaijanis (3,900), Germans (2,800), Uzbeks (2,700), Kazakhs (2,100), Armenians (1,800), Georgians (1,300), Moldovians (1,000) and representatives of other ethnicities (10,800).

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