Albert Shigabutdinov and Vladimir Presnyakov receive Russian government’s award in science and technology

The senior adviser to TAIF JSC’s director general in development and ex-vice director general of TAIF JSC received the award for creating eco-friendly polycarbonate production

The Russian and Tatarstan state award ceremony traditionally took place in the Cannon Yard, in the reception hall of the Kazan Kremlin. Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov congratulated the awardees. Read more about it in Realnoe Vremya’s report.

The best of the best gathered in Kazan Kremlin

The ceremony was scheduled to begin at 14.00. However, heroes of the day started to arrive in the Kazan Kremlin almost an hour before it. However, many took advantage of extra time and didn’t rush to enter the reception hall: they spent several minutes enjoying the beauties of the New Year decoration of the capital’s centre.

Nevertheless, all invited people took their seats at the appointed time, earlier, they had shown QR codes at the entrance without haste and with an understanding of the necessity of this procedure. It was permitted to take the mask off only during the award. What one can do: it is the requirement of the time. The COVID-19 pandemic continues rampaging around the world.

“Dear friends, traditionally, on New Year’s eve we sum up the results and give state awards of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan to the most distinguished Tatarstan residents. In 2021, the republic has continued sustainable development, the implementation of infrastructural, social, socio-political projects,” the Tatarstan president stressed in his welcome speech.

51 Tatarstan citizens whose contribution to the development of oil production, the gas and petrochemical sector, mechanical engineering, agriculture, health care, education, culture were recognised outstanding were awarded orders, medals, honorary titles and gratitude. Four of them represent TAIF JSC and TAIF Management Company JSC.

The order of Honour adorned Rustem Sulteyev’s jacket lapel. President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the decree on the award as early as September 2021 when Mr Sulteyev occupied the post as vice board chairman of TAIF JSC, first vice director general of production and commerce at TAIF JSC. The document stresses that the high federal accolade was awarded “for labour successes and long-term honourable work.”

Congratulating the audience, Rustam Minnikhanov highlighted such milestones of 2021 as the start of construction of the M12 highway, the M7’s bypasses around Nizhnekamsk and Naberezhnye Chelny as well as the opening of new schools and kindergartens, the consecration of the restored Kazan Cathedral and the opening of a monument to peacekeeping soldiers.

The president emphasised the role of health workers and employees of Russia’s consumer rights protection watchdog in the fight against COVID-19. Also, he noted that in such tough conditions, the republic’s industry not only didn’t slow down its development but also accelerated by launching new plants, including those that don’t have analogues in Russia and neighbouring countries.

“I want to congratulate the staff of Kazanorgsintez, TAIF Group, which was given the award of the Russian government in science and technology for creating eco-friendly polycarbonate production in 2021. This coveted award is indicative of the design of manufacturability, quality and safety of the products made by the enterprise and the workers’ high professionalism,” the Tatarstan president highlighted.

Senior Adviser to TAIF JSC’s Director General in Development (part of SIBUR Holding PJSC) and Director General of TAIF Management Company JSC Albert Shigabutdinov and ex-Vice Director General of TAIF JSC in Petrochemistry and Oil Refining Vladimir Presnyakov, who is now occupying the same post at TAIF MC JSC, were given the Russian government’s 2021 award and the honorary title Laureate of the Award of the Russian Federation in Science and Technology for creating a wide range of eco-friendly polycarbonate production and feedstock base at Kazanorgsintez PSJC by the Russian Federation’s government’s decree.

Head of the project and Director General of Kazanorgsintez PJSC Farid Minigulov and its active members — Vice Director General of Kazanorgsintez Rinat Zaripov and Vice Chief Engineer at KOS Damir Safin — were also invited to the stage to take a group photo.

Talking about the essence and importance of the project that was implemented, Albert Shigabutdinov noted:

“The whole meaning is that it is a very eco-friendly project, it is one of the world’s few technologies that doesn’t produce carbon but disposes of it by using in production. The range of applications of this product is very wide — from space to greenhouses and lens for glasses. Such a project is first in Russia and CIS countries, it is very effective from a perspective of economy. I think the whole group of specialists that worked on the project was appreciated at state level. I congratulate all the Kazanorgsintez workers who were involved in this project, and not only that of Kazanorgsintez — it was supported by the first Tatarstan president and Mr Minnikhanov, related ministries, our Japanese partners — Mitsui, Toyo specialists. It would be tough without their support. About 15 international companies participated in this project, especially in the second part. Now the installed capacity is 100,000 tonnes a year, but I believe it will increase, and the economic effect will be bigger. And a better and wider assortment will be presented. Some of these products are now looking for new applications. It is a very promising product, which will be in high demand for at least 50 years.”

The only one in Russia

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed the decree on the Russian government’s awards in science and technology in 2021 on 1 November 2021.

A team of professionals worked on the project to create and launch a wide range of eco-friendly polycarbonate production and feedstock base at Kazanorgsintez including:

  • Senior Adviser to TAIF JSC’s Director General Albert Shigabutdinov;
  • Vice Director General of TAIF JSC Vladimir Presnyakov;
  • Director General of Organichesky Syntez Kazan Public Joint Stock Company, Candidate for Chemical Sciences, head of the project Farid Minigulov;
  • Chief Engineer of the plant Aydar Valitov;
  • Vice Director General Rinat Zaripov;
  • Vice Director General Fanis Kalimullin;
  • Director of the plant Andrey Presnyakov;
  • Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Vice Chief Engineer Damir Safin;
  • Director General of SafPlast LLC Andrey Yevseyev;
  • Candidate for Technical Sciences, senior researcher of the Petrov Institute of Plastics Irina Zolkina.

The main objective of the scientific research done by Kazanorgsintez’s staff was to create a wide range of eco-friendly polycarbonates in Russia, set up the industrial production of composites and their derivates. Specialists of the group designed the process flow that included the refining of feedstock products, benzene and propylene, into phenol and acetone, bisphenol A and their further processing into polycarbonates.

The factory uses its own bisphenol as well as carbon dioxide as feedstock. The company emits over 20,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide as exhaust gases. So two key tasks are performed: Kazanorgsintez provides itself with the necessary feedstock and significantly reduces the environmental impact. The complex of works included the development of a series of research and development solutions to seriously modernise the plants operating at Kazanorgsintez and the creation of the second industrial production of composites and products based on basic polycarbonate brands together with the capabilities and experience of the Institute of Plastics.

To increase polycarbonate production capacity 1,5 times

The project is designed to increase the installed capacity (Editor’s note: 65,000 tonnes a year) of Russia and CIS countries’ unique phosgene-free polycarbonate plant that has been operating since 2008 to 100,000 tonnes a year, by simultaneously solving another difficult problem, that’s to say, providing the growing production with a sufficient amount of the necessary high-quality feedstock.

The main part of the modernisation was done in two stages: in August and September 2019 and October and November 2020. After the first stage, it became possible to reach stable production of more than 88,000 tonnes of polycarbonates a year without quality loss. After the second stage, the capacity topped 90,000 tonnes. All modernisation works were done during scheduled maintenance repairs, without additional production shutdowns.

The final stage of modernisation is ahead. After that, the plant is expected to reach full capacity and make 100,000 tonnes of polycarbonates a year. It is planned to happen next year, in 2022.

The polycarbonates are unique because this material is as hard as glass but 2,5 times lighter and 250 times more durable. The material is actively used in the creation of greenhouses for the agro-industrial complex, automotive industry, production of gadgets, special and household equipment, construction, medicine, high-impact optical systems for deep-sea and space equipment, and even as bulletproof glass. Director General of TAIF JSC Ruslan Shigabutdinov presented such a possibility at the traditional Tatarstan Gas and Petrochemical Forum in September.

Nowadays the global polycarbonate consumption market is considered fast-growing. The total consumption is about 6 million tonnes a year. In Russia, the demand for this unique and universal material in 2020 amounted to nearly 100,000 tonnes.

The production capacities and an expansion of the brand assortment scheduled by TAIF thanks to this project will allow almost completely meeting the country’s needs for polycarbonates. And this fully complies with the nationwide import substitution policy. While the eco-friendliness of the project clearly follows the goals and tasks set by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the government of the country to reduce the carbon footprint.

Remembering 2021, Albert Shigabutdinov shared:

“We have never had easy years. The last year has been especially hectic, with a huge amount of work. But the results have also been the greatest in the history of TAIF Group. The revenue alone is expected to be a trillion rubles. All this is thanks to previous investments and the high professionalism of the staff working today in both parts of TAIF — the one that united with SIBUR and the other that was out of the deal. The results are very serious there too.”

The prowess and professionalism of people working in Tatarstan is the talent pool of the republic. President Rustam Minnikhanov claimed this from the lectern too:

“Special thanks to those who are receiving honorary titles today. Each of you is recognised in your sector. Your staff members follow your example. Our republic is proud of you.”

Ramil Abdullov, a pyrolysis operator at Ethylene Plant of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC, is one of those who not only proved his mastery but also generously shares his knowledge. He also received a federal award — the order For Mentorship.

Arseny Favstritsky