''To raise the birth rate, it is necessary to talk less and work more with other organs''

How are governors going to implement new Putin’s May Decrees?

Russian President Vladimir Putin on May 7 defined new socio-economic tasks for his government and governors. In the media, the new document has been designated as the new May Decree. Realnoe Vremya observer conducted a survey among the heads of Russian regions. The heads of regions and republics were asked: ''How will the new May Decree of Putin be implemented in your region?'' As it turned out, the orders of the president caught some governors by surprise. They especially wonder who is going to pay for their enforcement — the federal centre or regions. Now the representatives of the governor's corps will have to revise their own programmes for development of the regions so as not to lose face in front of the higher authorities.


  • Vyacheslav Shport

    Vyacheslav Shport Governor of Khabarovsk Krai

    We are drawing up a plan for the implementation of the presidential decrees. We will do everything as before: we controlled the implementation plan of the past 12 May presidential decrees. We have fulfilled all past May orders. Today we are drawing up a schedule for the implementation of new decrees, in which we are working on the terms, responsible people. We know how to do it, and we will do it. We have no other option. The order will be executed. To raise the birth rate, it is necessary to talk less and work more with other organs. We will do everything possible to increase the demography so that people are healthy and literate. The presidential decree will be executed in due time.

  • Sergey Morozov

    Sergey Morozov Governor of Ulyanovsk Oblast

    This decree includes 12 main areas of work. This means a redrawing of the budget for the next at least 6 years. Now we have to revise the amount of funding, recalculate and send. You may remember that the executive order even has key indicators: how dramatically we should raise the standard of living, how to solve the problem of poverty, how to increase the birth rate. In a nutshell, it is difficult to tell how we will live in the new conditions. And we are now working on this issue: we have created a special working council, which in May-June-July-August, by September 1, is to review everything from the strategy of Ulyanovsk Oblast, which has an ambitious goal (to become a global creative region), to municipal programmes. If we succeed to put together this puzzle, it will be good. Again, we do not know whether the federal centre will support us in some way or they will simply tell, ''Go there, and on the way no one is going to feed you, find the funds yourself.''

    If we had not implemented the previous May Decrees of the president, we would not have the results that the president has set for us as the standard. We are proud that our life expectancy has increased to 72 years. We are proud to have one of the highest birth rates and one of the lowest mortality rates in almost all post-Soviet years. We are proud that in the last five years there has not been a single year that the economy has not grown above five percent. We are proud that over the past 10 years, we have invested almost 1 trillion rubles in the economy of Ulyanovsk Oblast through almost only private investments. There are many such examples. This characteristically shows that the president has correctly defined the vector, and we, thank God, in the vast majority of cases were able to fulfill it.

  • Aleksandr Brechalov

    Aleksandr Brechalov Head of Udmurtia

    We will develop road maps for each decree and will implement them. The work is just beginning. It will be new reference points for us. In the future, we will sign the figures until the autumn. We're already working on them.

  • Aleksey Sitnikov

    Aleksey Sitnikov First Deputy Governor of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

    There is the 204th decree of May 7. Previous Governor Dmitry Nikolaevich Kobylkin clearly defined to his deputies what we must do. We are forming plans until September. Previously, it was adopted the programme of resettlement from dilapidated and hazardous housing. We go in the approved plan on kindergartens, on roads — we work in all directions. Of course, all the points of the presidential decree will be implemented. The previous decree, the 600th (dated May 7, 2012 – editor's note), we have fully implemented.

  • Gleb Nikitin

    Gleb Nikitin Acting Governor of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast

    We will be at the forefront of the implementation of the presidential decrees. We have all the possibilities for this. As part of the preparation of the strategy, we will propose appropriate ways to ensure the implementation of the decrees. Previous decrees have been fully implemented.

  • Anton Alikhanov

    Anton Alikhanov Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast

    We are already preparing to implement the new May Decrees. We have set the task to increase life expectancy for ourselves before. We know where to concentrate our efforts, what facilities to build, what equipment to purchase in order to reduce mortality. From the point of view of infant mortality, we are already ahead of the average European figures. Therefore, we have some groundwork. I hope we'll keep moving. Given the support of the federal centre, I think the goals are quite achievable. We will reach them earlier than in the time that the president has set, we will be guided by this. And the corresponding plans have already been developed.

    The previous decrees have not been implemented in all respects. You know that in 2012 there was one economic reality, then there were all known events, and we had to work in a different environment — in terms of sanctions and anti-sanctions. Therefore, something has been done, something has not. But mostly (out of 36 points), we have fully implemented 31 of them, some partially. And some, unfortunately, could not be implemented, but they are not removed from the agenda. We do not forget about them and should strive to ensure that they are all fully carried out.

  • Aleksandr Uss

    Aleksandr Uss Acting Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai

    The new Putin's May Decrees — a very big question and involves a long conversation. In any case, I can tell with confidence that everything will be successfully implemented.

  • Dmitry Mironov

    Dmitry Mironov Governor of Yaroslav Oblast

    These presidential decrees of 7 May cover several aspects, which can be discussed for long. I will focus on one of them. Within the framework of Vladimir Putin's instructions, we decided to create 15 world-class research and educational centres, uniting universities and business structures, within 6 years. This is a very important work. First, our teachers and students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the real sector of the economy, to work for its tasks. This is in the interests of the company. After all, as practice shows, suitable standard projects are often not suitable to solve some specific production problems, original solutions are needed. For them, enterprises and corporations will turn to our agency for technological development, where for specific solutions there will be offered start-ups or projects of our small innovative enterprises. We are already working on the agency's cooperation with large state corporations and enterprises. It is Rosneft, Transneft, Rosseti, InterRAO and others. At the same time, it will raise the level and potential of our universities. The goal is to make our graduates find a use after graduation here, on the Yaroslavl land, and not go to work to large cities.

By Timur Rakhmatullin