Football fans in Kazan will visit a shooting range and will plunge into Blue Lake

The host cities of the World Cup 2018 and the Confederations Cup have prepared special tours for football fans

Football fans in Kazan will visit a shooting range and will plunge into Blue Lake Photo:

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation instructed the cities hosting the FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2018 FIFA World Cup to develop special tours that should include the cultural programs. Through fans, the agency decided to attract more tourists to Russia. It is planned to introduce complex tours in all cities and programs for the regions. For Kazan, they have already developed three programs under the title 'Kazan for real men'. You can buy them from next February at very affordable prices. They are planning to surprise the football fans in the capital of RT by culture and extreme activities.

The Ministry of Culture of Russia becomes interested in foreign football fans

Recently it has become known that by order of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation eleven Russian cities that will host FIFA World Cup in 2018 have developed special tourist routes for future guests. Russia Today journalists were informed about this by deputy head of the Russian Tourism Agency Sergey Korneyev. The main objective is to draw maximum attention to Russia as a tourist centre.

'We want to offer new tourism products, we have them, and this is one of those 'drivers' for their promotion — the World Cup. For us, this is a perfect opportunity, we want tourism diversified, developed in the capitals and around them,' said Sergey Korneyev.

Real men will see Kazan

Sergey Ivanov, the chairperson of Tatarstan State Committee on Tourism, told the correspondent of Realnoe Vremya that in Kazan the programs have already been elaborated and almost completed.

'We have already completed three programs specially for the Confederations Cup and for the 2018 World Cup. They are called 'Kazan for real men'. Because we understand that most football fans — it is a separate category, these are people that are ready for extreme things, to more active forms of rest, the programs include hippodromes, racetracks, shooting centres, as well as swimming in Blue Lake. In addition to the cultural component, there are more extreme activities.

According to Ivanov, the durations of different programmes suggest several options: 3 days and 2 nights, 2 days and one night, and a day tour package. The cost was quite low: 'It varies from 1,800 rubles (one-day), if I am not mistaken, to 7,5 thousand. We are not talking here about accommodations,' said the official.

The sale of tours is to begin next year. Sergey Ivanov hopes the tour will be on sale already in February 2017. The head of Tatarstan State Committee on Tourism couldn't call an expected tourist flow and a volume of sales on these tours.

The programs include hippodromes, racetracks, shooting centres, as well as swimming in Blue Lake. Photo:

Package tours around the cities and special offers from tour operators

Besides, there is already the perfect offer of tour operators for next year — the route around the cities of the Confederations Cup. As Korneyev noted, the tour offers to visit all four 'capitals' of the Cup — Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi. The tourists will be offered to visit the football stadiums. The program also includes the matches. Besides, they will be offered historical, family, environmental and many other routes.

It is planned to invite tourists through overseas tourism offices. Besides, the tour operators will also have an opportunity to create tours based on the developed routes. In Tatarstan, the State Committee on Tourism expects to determine major counterparties for sales of these programs in the near future after the draw among the participating teams in the Confederations Cup.

By Dmitry Semyagin, Mariya Gorozhaninova