Classes in Tatarstan schools can be cancelled because of low temperature

Classes can be cancelled

The Tatarstan Ministry of Education and Science warned about the possible cancellation of classes in the republic’s schools because of too cold weather.

“So classes can be cancelled in primary country schools if the temperature is -23 degrees, in primary urban schools and for grades 5-8 in rural schools if the temperature is -25 degrees, for grades 5-9 in urban schools at 27 degrees, for grades 10-11 grades in rural schools at -30, for grades 10-11 in urban schools at -32 degrees.

Also, according to sanitary norms and rules, PE classes outdoors are permitted to primary school students only if the temperature is above -3 degrees and if the wind speed is no more than 6-10 metres per second, for senior students, the allowed temperature is above -10 degrees with the wind weaker then 6-10 metres per second,” the ministry’s message reads.


No trips allowed

Also, the Tatarstan Ministry of Education and Science recommends stopping the transportation of children by school buses and student trips outside municipalities if the weather is below -25 and lower.

Managers of education departments and educational organisations of Tatarstan are advised to tighten the control over heating supply systems.

Photo: Oleg Tikhonov/
Maria Ivanova

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