Cancellation of masks and other restrictions not discussed in Tatarstan

No fall in incidence in Tatarstan

The cancellation of masks isn’t discussed in Tatarstan. Tatarstan Vice Prime Minister and head of the republican coronavirus task force Leyla Fazleyeva told Realnoe Vremya.

According to her, mandatory masks can be cancelled if there is a fall in the incidence, which isn’t seen in the republic at the moment. Consequently, neither is the cancellation of other restrictions discussed.

As Realnoe Vremya was explained in the press service of Russia’s consumer rights protection watchdog in Tatarstan, masks remain mandatory across Russia according to chief sanitary doctor Anna Popova’s decree. In Tatarstan, it is regulated by a decree of the republic’s Cabinet of Ministers.

At the same time, some Russian regions have already cancelled mandatory masks leaving the mask regime as recommendation. For instance, thanks to an improved epidemiological situation, it was cancelled in Moscow, Moscow Oblast and some other Russian regions.

Activists tried to cancel mandatory masks in Tatarstan in the court, however, last April, the republic’s Supreme Court left their claim unsatisfied. The judge heeded a representative of the watchdog that these norms were introduced at federal level and didn’t violate citizens’ rights.

According to chief visiting therapist of the Tatarstan Ministry of Health Care Diana Abdulganiyeva, a slow fall in herd immunity to coronavirus is now see in the republic — the decrease is from 0,5% to 1% a week.

The data of the watchdog reads that herd immunity in Tatarstan is about 45-46%.

What coronavirus restrictions were and are in force

Now masks in Tatarstan are one of the most serious restrictions. Mandatory QR code verification in public transport was in force in the republic before 19 February. Lawbreakers were either forced to get off or fined.

Also, Tatarstan had restrictions on the operation of food establishments. In particular, they were forbidden to work from 24.00 to 6.00. Later, this requirement was softened and cancelled in March 2022.

A number of other restrictions are still in force together with the mask regime in Tatarstan. For instance, the activity of night clubs has been suspended since 26 March 2020. Open-air dance clubs with no more than 200 people are an exception. Hookah lounges have also been suspended since 19 March 2020.

Also, mass events with citizens have been banned in the republic since 28 April 2022.

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