TAIF-NK JSC's employees win prizes in Alabuga Skills

Results of the republican contest of professional skills have been summed up in Yelabuga

More than 600 people from all over Tatarstan and the nearest regions took part in the professional skills contest Alabuga Skills. The honour of the native enterprise was defended by seven employees of TAIF-NK. Following the results of the competitions, the representatives of the oil refining company collected a whole bouquet of awards. Read who became the best of the best and will go to a meeting with the president in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Increasing the prestige of working professions

Alabuga Skills is a long-awaited event. The competition was municipal in nature for two years, this year the project has reached the republican level thanks to the support of President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov and Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan Albert Karimov.

The purpose of the competition is to increase the prestige of working professions and give the best of the best to show their skills, exchange experience and develop in their careers. More than 600 participants from Tatarstan and neighbouring regions came to show their skills.

The event was held in three venues — the Yelabuga Polytechnic College, Progress Driving School, and Alabuga-Polytech Educational Centre. The participants competed in 20 competencies: universal turner, welder, driver, milling cutter, chemical analysis laboratory assistant and others.

“The very fact of participation in this competition already proves professionalism, since you were entrusted to represent your district and enterprise," Lilia Yagudina, the deputy head of the EMR for Social Issues, addressed the contestants.

Seven professionals from TAIF-NK

Seven employees of the company represented TAIF-NK JSC at the professional skills competition. Alexander Lukanov works as a turner at the refinery. He got a job at the company seven years ago after graduating from the N.V. Lemaev College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining. The young man admits that participation in Alabuga Skills provides an excellent opportunity for career growth.

“This is the first time I participate in such a large-scale competition. When they offered to try the hand, I immediately agreed. I have a good experience, I hope that everything will work out," he said confidently.

Alexander Lukanov is competing in the competence of a universal turner. The direction is not easy, the contestants need to show excellent skills in the machine software.

“The contestants are given a drawing of a part, a machine and cutting tools. Next, they need to make a programme, install cutting tools, and produce a part. There should be accuracy and efficiency in everything. It is gratifying that every year there are more and more people who want to take part in such competitions. While that the tasks are constantly become more complicated and the requirements for the contestants increase," says Alexander Sabirov, the chief expert on turning works.

“We arrived in a combative mood”

In the next office, at this time, there are competitions in the competence of the welder being held. Here, three participants have been announced from TAIF-NK at once. Each of them is a master of his craft. Bulat Nasibullin is 25 years old. The young man got a job at the refinery last April. Before that, he worked in a construction company.

“TAIF-NK is a reliable company with a decent salary," said Bulat Nasibullin, answering the question why he changed his place of work. The young man said that it was no coincidence that he became a welder — he followed in the footsteps of his grandfather. He loves his profession, approaches it creatively. He has come to Yelabuga only to win.

Another representative of TAIF-NK is a chemical analysis laboratory assistant, Gulnur Kurbangaleeva. In the autumn, the young woman participated in the professional skills competition held by TAIF-NK in Nizhnekamsk. She was the second. This time she has been offered to go to a new level — to try her hand at Alabuga Skills.

“Today we have come with a competitive spirit. We are mentally prepared. Such contests help to create a professional community. Even at the stage of preparation, waiting for our turn, we get acquainted, communicate, and after passing the tests we have the opportunity to discuss mistakes, take them into consideration," Gulnur believes.

Caring for people of labour

For TAIF-NK, the popularisation of working professions is not just words, but a call to action. The company has developed a personnel policy to attract young professionals. A big role in this is played by the dual form of education. This is when students study theory at an educational institution and do practical work at the workplace.

“There are many advantages of the dual system. The young people, while still undergraduates, get salaries on an equal basis with all employees of TAIF-NK. They begin to identify themselves with the company, become full members of the team and easily adapt to production," says Anton Tukhvatullin, the head of the technical training group of TAIF-NK JSC.

Every employee of the company can prove himself and achieve high results in production. One of the main tasks is to continuously improve the level of staff qualifications. Training, retraining and advanced training of employees of the company's working specialties are carried out at the N.V. Lemaev College of Petrochemistry and Oil Refining. . The company conducts more than 10 thousand different trainings a year.

To increase the prestige of working professions, the company's management organises internal competitions of professional skills, close to the Worldskills championship. The latest one took place in November 2021. Chemical analysis laboratory assistants, process plant operators, and electricians showed their skills.

Already this April, TAIF-NK employees will have the opportunity to declare themselves again at the next internal competition of professional skills, which will be held in three competencies: locksmith, digital metrology, and instrumentation.

“Healthy competition is the engine of any progress. By participating in the competition, the company's employees begin to compare themselves with their colleagues, look up to the best in the industry, simultaneously master new knowledge, learn to work on new equipment, hone their skills," says Anton Tukhvatullin, the head of the technical training group of TAIF-NK JSC.

Best of the best

The entire staff of the enterprise works for a common cause with full dedication. The employees of TAIF-NK proved their high professionalism in the republican contest Alabuga Skills. By the results of the competitions, three representatives of the company won prizes at once.

Bulat Nasibullin, an employee of the refinery, took the first place in the competence of the welder, his colleague, also a representative of the refinery, Rustem Khosnullin, became the second in the same nomination. Gulnur Kurbangalieva from the gasoline plant, who became the second among the chemical analysis laboratory assistants, performed with honour. Quite a few points lacked for the third place to refinery turner Alexander Lukanov, he is the fourth.

The awards ceremony for the 2nd and 3rd places was held at the Yelabuga City Palace of Culture. The winners of the contest will be awarded personally by President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov on February 18 at the board meeting of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan.

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