Demand for household chores services growing in Kazan

Taking out the trash and doing the ironing: Kazan residents are ready to give a thousand rubles for one standard cleaning

The demand for cleaning services has increased by as much as 71% compared to the same period in 2020 in the capital of Tatarstan for the third quarter of this year. For a month of performing various household chores, hardworking and energetic Kazan residents can earn from 40 thousand rubles, according to a study by experts of Avito Services, which is at the disposal of Realnoe Vremya. Today, citizens need a wide variety of services: from basic floor cleaning to babysitting.

The lovers of crystal purity can find in the city a lot of activities to their liking, bundled with payment. You can clean in a studio apartment for at least 400 rubles. Further, the price will depend on both the area of the living space and the scale of the household tasks themselves. For example, you can just vacuum and wash the floors, or you can do a general cleaning after repairs — the latter will cost about 600 rubles a room.

Kazan residents are ready to pay even for the smallest household chores: carpet cleaning costs 150 rubles, upholstered furniture — 200 rubles, window washing — 200 rubles, ironing and taking out the trash — 500 rubles. If you put everything together, then you can earn more than a thousand rubles for such cleaning. And if it is carried out at least three times a week, then you can reach a monthly income of 12,600 rubles.


Cooking lunch, walking with pets and helping children with homework

Fans of cooking can also earn extra income — Kazan residents, according to experts, prefer homemade food, so they invite culinary masters to their homes. On average, in the capital of Tatarstan, cooks at home can get three thousand rubles for their services.

The lack of free time among Kazan residents can affect not only cooking, but also the care of pets. For example, during the year in Kazan, the demand for services for walking four-legged friends has increased by 43%. Most often, citizens agree on payment personally with someone who is ready to look after their dog. On average, you can earn 400 rubles for one walk. The cost of trainers' services is higher — they can receive from 500 to a thousand rubles per training session.

Another way to earn money is to conduct online classes with students in one or more disciplines. To do this, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the school curriculum in order to explain to students, for example, the principle of the multiplication table and the features of verb tenses in English. For one online lesson, you can earn from 500 to 800 rubles. The payment, of course, will depend on the degree of training and the programme.


In general, over the past year in Kazan, the demand for home tutors has increased by 65%. The demand for teaching foreign languages is also growing — over the past year, the growth was 38%. English remains the most popular language to study (on average, one lesson costs 400-800 rubles). Therefore, if you do lessons with schoolchildren at least three times a week, you can earn 1,2-2,4 thousand rubles.

If you add up the cost of all the household chores mentioned earlier, then the residents of Kazan can reach an income of 40,000 rubles a month. In total: apartment cleaning — 12,6 thousand rubles, cooking — 12 thousand rubles, pet walking — 11 thousand rubles, tutoring — from 4,8 thousand rubles. All together — 40,4 thousand rubles, and this is far from the limit.

But Kazan residents are still reluctant to go to work

Despite the large number of offers from employers, Kazan residents are still reluctant to go to work — for example, in the service sector, their activity is three times ahead of the interest of citizens in employment. For example, in the third quarter, the number of vacancies in the capital increased by 34%, but the demand for them — by only 8%.

Despite this, the activity of applicants, which is measured by the number of requested contacts of companies, on the contrary, is falling. In 7 of the 23 occupational groups included in the study, demand decreased from 10% to 35%.

Median salary (the amount more or less than which 50% of employees get — ed.) for all professions for the year has increased from 32 to 35 thousand rubles. At the same time, according to estimates of RIA Novosti, the average salary in Kazan in the first half of 2020 amounted to 42,1 thousand rubles.

Diana Zhilenkova