Nizhnekamsk sumptuously celebrates its 53rd anniversary

More than 4,000 people have taken part in the grand demonstration

Nizhnekamsk sumptuously celebrates its 53rd anniversary
Photo: Albert Muklakov

The grand procession of labour collectives, a concert programme, the parade of strollers and a gastronomic festival. On 30 August, Nizhnekamsk celebrated Day of the City and the Republic of Tatarstan. By tradition, the columns passed through the streets and avenues of the city, and then the celebration smoothly moved to parks and squares. Read the report from the event in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

The main role in the festive parade

As usual, the celebration of Day of the City began with the procession of labour collectives. The columns walked down the Mira Street, and each presented not only their organization and team. This year, in the framework of the project The Streets of My City, the workers of the industrial enterprises presented the Khimikov Prospekt and Shinnikov Prospekt. The installers and engineers — the Stroiteley Prospekt, and the columns of teachers proudly carried the signs along the Shkolnogo Bulvara Street. More than 4,000 people took part in the demonstration.

The employees of the city administration, doctors, teachers, students and school students, employees of public services, a column of bikers colourfully presented their cohesive teams. Under the march sounds, the pupils of Tatarstan cadet school opened the parade. The future military carried large canvases of the flags of Russia, the Republic of Tatarstan and the city of Nizhnekamsk along the prospekt.

This year, in the framework of the project The Streets of My City, the workers of the industrial enterprises presented the Khimikov Prospekt and Shinnikov Prospekt. The installers and engineers — the Stroiteley Prospekt, and the columns of teachers proudly carried the signs along the Shkolnogo Bulvara Street

The main role in the festive parade has been undoubtedly assigned to the workers of the large petrochemical complex of Nizhnekamsk, which this year celebrates its 52nd anniversary. The premium banners are flying in the wind, and the leaders of the core enterprises are welcoming the townspeople. In the column — the representatives of the labour collective of Nizhnekamskneftekhim, which has more than 14,000 employees. More than 300 professions. One in three employees is under 35. They are followed by the teams of the subsidiaries of Nizhnekamskneftekhim.

For the first time, the parade has involved the joint detachment of the best employees of the private security company Kennard. The enterprise under the auspices TAIF PSC for more than 20 years has protected he objects of the chemical and oil refining industry located in Nizhnekamsk. This year, the company has purchased two medical vehicles for house-calls. The decorated cars also took part in the procession.

The representatives of working sports, Neftekhimik sports club, as well as football and hockey squads, Neftekhimik search party joined the column of the flagship of the petrochemical industry of Tatarstan together with the production workers. Its activity is one of the directions of the patriotic education within the framework of youth policy of Nizhnekamskneftekhim. The squad was created more than 15 years ago. It includes employees of the company and students of sponsored educational institutions.

Twice a year, the petrochemists go to the Memory Watch for a search expedition on the battlefields of the Great Patriotic War. The team has recently returned from another trip in Volgograd Oblast. Over the period of its activities, the team raised the remains of more than 800 fighters. The column is closed by the representatives of the youth organization of Nizhnekamskneftekhim.

The main role in the festive parade has been undoubtedly assigned to the workers of the large petrochemical complex of Nizhnekamsk, which this year celebrates its 52nd anniversary

Thousands of citizens watched the procession. Each column, as always, came to participate in the parade with great responsibility. On passing cars, the employees of the enterprises carried various installations, and others directly in a car body had a spectacular show. The veterans of the petrochemical industry and the first builders of the city were on the places of honour.

Ravil Shiyapov, the ex-head of the plant for the production of butyl rubber at Nizhnekamskneftekhim, “The impressions are very bright. Even in this cold weather, emotions fill us with such warmth. We applauded everyone who walked down this street, who built this city. One never forget this. I myself have taken part in parades many times before. Times change, but this continuity remains. I congratulate all townspeople with Day of the City and of the Republic of Tatarstan.”

From a small village to the industrial centre

On September 22, 1966, Nizhnekamsk was granted the status of a city by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. This day is considered to be the official birthday of Nizhnekamsk, although the celebration of City Day has been held on August 30 in recent years on Day of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Over 53 years, Nizhnekamsk has grown from a small village into a large economic and industrial centre, becoming the capital of petrochemistry and oil refining of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Every year, the infrastructure of the city improves. Life becomes more comfortable. New residential neighbourhoods, kindergartens and health facilities, new roads are built, and programmes for the improvement of the city and district are implemented. In its development, Nizhnekamsk is ahead of many other Russian cities. More than 130,000 square metres of housing are put into operation on the territory of Nizhnekamsk municipal district annually.

Thousands of citizens watched the procession

Contribution to the development of Nizhnekamsk

Nizhnekamskneftekhim has played a role in the formation of the city. Today, it is one of the leading enterprises of the country in terms of volume and range of products — it is more than 120 items.

The company is the largest producer of plastics in Russia, 4 types of plastics are produced there, 7 types of rubbers, the company is one of the 10 world producers of synthetic rubber. More than 50 countries are consumers of these products.

The main strategic project of today is the construction of the new ethylene complex. The environmental programme is successfully implemented. The large-scale reconstruction of biological treatment facilities worth more than three billion rubles has been completed. On August 28, the ceremonial launch of the treatment plants took place. Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov took part in it. The honour to launch the cleanup process was entrusted to Pavel Pavlov, a veteran of the enterprise, a locksmith in the shop 3406 of Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC. He has been working in the city-forming enterprise for 46 years.

“The environment will be much better. A lot of money has been spent — it will be justified,” said the veteran of the enterprise.

The city-forming enterprise of the city actively invests in social projects. The company allocated more than 440 million rubles to the social infrastructure of Nizhnekamsk: the funds were directed to repair and restore the municipal roads leading to the industrial zone in the BSI area, the reconstruction of the embankment and internal roads. The reconstruction of the House of Folk Art. After the repair, the facility will be donated to the city.

Nizhnekamskneftekhim pays special attention to medicine. Major repairs of the polyclinic No. 1 has been carried out, and also this year, due to financial investments of the company, on the basis of Nizhnekamsk Central Regional Multi-field Hospital, there has been opened a modern burns unit. The intensive care wards have been equipped with facilities for dialysis, ICU — with ventilators and burns beds. The total cost of this project amounted to 113 million rubles.

The enterprises part of TAIF Group annually allocate funds to support regional sports, social and cultural facilities

The financial assistance to the petrochemical complex is also behind the success of the Nizhnekamsk athletes. The enterprises part of TAIF Group annually allocate funds to support regional sports, social and cultural facilities. In 2018, the holding invested more than 50,9 billion rubles in the social sphere.

The main event related to football should be the opening after the large-scale reconstruction of the new stadium in Nizhnekamsk. By the end of 2019, there will be an arena of the European level, which is to accommodate 4,000 spectators, instead of the old one. The lawn for playing football will be artificial, of the highest quality with the function of heating and watering system.

Happiness in the city

Day of the City in Nizhnekamsk was celebrated in 7 public spaces. In each park and square, there was a special atmosphere of celebration. For example, in the Family Park, theatre lovers could enjoy the play of talented actors who showed several bright performances. There was also the exhibition Back to the USSR. In the Park of Petrochemists, the festival of street cinema was organised. Near the fountain in the square named after Lemaev, live music was played all day. In the Park Rest and Reading named after G. Tukay, there gathered the lovers of folklore from around the district. The harmonium could be heard from all around.

“I came to relatives from Bashkiria. I am very glad I have seen how harmoniously and brightly Nizhnekamsk citizens are celebrating Day of the City. Your city is amazing. Young, clean and very green. So many events take place there, I do not know how to have time to go everywhere. I wish Nizhnekamsk and its residents further growth and prosperity. Happy holidays!” Alsu Gazizova, a guest of Nizhnekamsk, congratulated.

There was a special atmosphere of celebration in each park and square

“The mood is wonderful,” says Maksim Chirkov, a resident of the city. “Our city is one of the best in Tatarstan. Every year it becomes more beautiful and cozy. I love Nizhnekamsk and wish it new victories. I am definitely going to go to the concert this night and watch the fireworks. Happy holidays!”

Little babies on stoves, tanks, ships

Everyone could find something to their liking. The organizers of the event did not forget about anyone and tried to make the street festivities interesting and fun for everyone without exception. For teenagers — the festival of creativity of working youth ART-Youth, the festival of board games Stay Off the GADGET and much more. For children — a master class on drawing on wall, on arts and crafts, etc.

Young mothers of Nizhnekamsk also had the opportunity to excel and show their talents and ingenuity to the whole city. The parade of strollers was no less spectacular than the demonstration. It was dedicated to the Year of Theatre. Due to the improvised materials, the parents turned the vehicle toddlers in the strange objects. The babies were carried on stoves, tanks, ships and rockets.

The Gubaydullin family, gluing together pieces of cardboard, created a mini film studio headed by a small 2-year-old director. The parents and the elder brother acted as a film crew and shared with the journalist of Realnoe Vremya how much time it took them to create their masterpiece. “We have been making it, to be honest, for 3 days. The camera was made of cardboard. The microphone is an umbrella case. Everyone participated without exception. The child helped to paint details. We hope to win and win the main prize-5,000 rubles,” said the participant of the parade of strollers, Elvina Gubaydullina.

The concert will be held in the Park of Petrochemists

A total of 67 people applied to participate. The jury had to make a difficult choice because each participant tried to impress them not only with an interesting idea. People read poetry, dress up the whole family in the fairy-tale characters, etc. Theatrical card-playing, making a victory lap around the Square named after Lemaev, enthralled casual viewers. People stopped and looked curiously at each stroller.

“An amazing stunner," says Olga Patrusheva, a resident of the city. “In one place you can see different fairy tales, films. Parents are great. I am glad that in our city there are so many talented and creative people. Look, even the sun has come out from behind the clouds. It is a wonderful day today. I congratulate everyone on Day of the City and Day of the Republic of Tatarstan!”

For those wishing to eat tasty, there was a gastronomic festival of street food near the House of Folk Art. It has been held for the third year in a row. Restaurants and cafes of the city were deployed in 15 tents. The place was crowded, and the smells of food drew everyone to the crowded stalls.

The Year of Nikolay Lemaev

The culmination of the celebration of Day of the City will be the performance of the Russian star — singer Sveta. The concert is traditionally taking place in the Park of Petrochemists. Exactly at 10 p.m., in the sky the volleys of colourful fireworks are launched.

The year 2019 in the history of Nizhnekamsk will be remembered as the year of Nikolay Lemayev. The legendary founder of the petrochemical production would be 90 years old.

The year 2019 in the history of Nizhnekamsk will be remembered as the year of Nikolay Lemaev

Last year, due to financial investments of the city-forming enterprise, the square named after Lemaev has been repaired. For these purposes, Nizhnekamskneftekhim allocated more than 150 million rubles. During the popular vote in the contest Great Names of Russia, the air harbour — Begishevo airport was named after the founder of Nizhnekamskneftekhim. Since the beginning of the year, the city has held a lot of cultural and sports events dedicated to the memory of Lemayev.

By Veronika Maratova. Photo: Albert Muklakov