''If he left without possibilities to influence domestic policy — that would be a sensation!''

Kazakhstan has reacted calmly to the resignation of the president, but the opposition is preparing to unite and offer its leader

''If he left without possibilities to influence domestic policy — that would be a sensation!''
Photo: kremlin.ru

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev during the address to his people announced the resignation. Noting that it was a great honour for him to hold this post for 30 years, the head of the republic expressed confidence that the country is on the right track. For political experts, as well as for the public in general, his resignation was not a big surprise. Moreover, Nazarbayev will remain in power, as he will head the Kazakhtan's Security Council. Meanwhile, the opposition is preparing to join forces and present its leader for the upcoming presidential elections. Read more in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

''Everyone will reckon with us''

On 19 March, Nursultan Nazarbayev made the unexpected statement during his address to the people:

''I have decided to resign as the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This year marks the 30th anniversary of my tenure as chief executive officer. I was given the great honour to become the first president of independent Kazakhstan,'' said the Kazakhtan's leader.

Nazarbayev expressed confidence that his country is moving on the right path: ''If we are strong, everyone will reckon with us. If we rely on someone, we will lose all our achievements. Long live Kazakhstan!''

The powers of the President of the Republic passed to the speaker of the Senate of the Republican Parliament Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev. Despite his resignation, the former president also intends to remain in power, he will head the Security Council of Kazakhstan. He will also retain his post at the head of the party of power Nur Otan.

The powers of the President of the Republic passed to the speaker of the Senate of the Republican Parliament Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev. Photo: 365info.kz

''Nazarbayev has a lot of opportunities for choice — it's family members and their apologists''

Let us remind that shortly before his resignation, less than a month ago, Nazarbayev forced the Kazakhtan government to resign and signed the decree on appointment of new members of the parliament. Shortly before this decision, he made a sharp criticism of the current composition of the Cabinet. Well-known politician and former Press Secretary of the government of Kazakhstan Amirzhan Kosanov in the column for Realnoe Vremya then appreciated this decision: ''We are living in a country with a super-presidential form of government, where the important constitutional body such as the government is not a competent, independent branch of power.''

On 19 March, speaking about the resignation of the president, Kosanov said that Nazarbayev, in fact, remains the head of the state:

''He will determine the main directions of state policy and, most likely, will determine the candidates for the presidency. Nazarbayev has a lot of opportunities to choose — it can be members of his family, and their apologists and nominees. Maybe he'll pull some Joker out of his sleeve.''

Kosanov noted that Nazarbayev, in fact, remains the head of the state. Photo: vlast.kz

''The Kazakhtan's opposition should unite and put forward a single candidate''

In Kazakhstan, the decision of the president, according to the expert, has been received calmly: ''If he left without opportunities to influence domestic policy, of course, that would be a real sensation!'' The announcement of the presidential elections is a matter of the near future, Kosanov believes and reminds about the changes in the legislation: last year the institute of self-nomination was liquidated in the republic. Now there are only six parties in the country, and only they can nominate candidates for the presidency. ''Therefore, it will be truncated, not quite democratic elections, and the party field remains under the control of Nazarbayev,'' Kosanov said. According to him, in these conditions the opposition forces have only one way:

''I believe that the Kazakh opposition should unite and nominate a single candidate,'' said Amirzhan Kosanov, adding that he also represents one of the opposition parties.

The politician was Secretary General of the Nationwide Social Democratic Party (OSDP) Azat, but after the split, the faction Azat together with Kosanov left the united party.

Tatarstan and Kazakhstan have strong economic, socio-cultural and political ties, cooperation in many areas. In May last year, ex-deputy head of the ministry of industry and trade Denis Valeev was appointed to the post of Tatarstan Envoy to Kazakhstan and outlined the range of tasks to strengthen business relations between the regions. Foreign trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Tatarstan by the end of 2017 amounted to about $700 million, the major players foreign trade operations of enterprises of petrochemical and engineering industries. There are branches of the largest Tatarstan companies in the Central Asian state.

By Vasilya Shirshova, Lina Sarimova