National Geographic to tell the world about Tatarstan; Innopolis looking for resident companies in London

Liliya Galimova has presented the position and plans of the Kazan Kremlin in topical areas

National Geographic to tell the world about Tatarstan; Innopolis looking for resident companies in London
Photo: Maksim Platonov

Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov is preparing for a two-day visit to the UK. Besides, the Kazan Kremlin is planning to enter into cooperation with National Geographic channel — it could broadcast about the tourist potential of Tatarstan. Liliya Galimova, the deputy head of the press service of Tatarstan president, told about these and other topics of the week at a weekly briefing. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

A trip to the UK

Liliya Galimova began the official agenda with the upcoming two-day visit of Rustam Minnikhanov to the UK, ''It is planned a meeting with the Tatar community of the UK. Then Mr. Minnikhanov takes part in the Russian-British Business Forum as one of the few heads of Russian regions. The delegation of Tatarstan is coming for the second year, the main goal is to attract British businesses. Then it is planned a meeting with the senior vice president of National Geographic. The company, which unites world-class media, has many years of experience in creating digital tourism content, expert solutions for the development of global media brands. During the meeting with the management, it is planned to discuss cooperation with the company in order to promote the tourism potential of the republic through the resources of this company. Also, it is planned a meeting with the management of the agricultural company Hands Free Hectare — it is the first project in the world where human labour is not used. SEZ Innopolis is interested in such resident company, the possibilities of localization are to be discussed,'' Galimova reported.

It is also planned to meet with the leadership of the private investment holding United Green Group, which intends to build Russia's largest plant for the production of breast milk substitutes. Tatarstan is to be offered as a location for the company. Besides, the delegation of Tatarstan meets with the leadership of the company Househam, engaged in the production of self-propelled trailed sprayers. The issue of the production localization in the republic and the creation of a service centre is to be raised. One of the last meetings — with the director general of VisitBritain, the British tourism centre. ''The possibility of gaining experience to popularize Tatarstan as a major tourist centre of Russia will be discussed,'' Galimova said.

Photo: Maksim Platonov

Gasoline production

It was raised the question of the long-awaited launch of gasoline production of TANECO. ''We are monitoring the issue in the part of reporting on the situation. As for the terms when the launch is planned, it is better to contact them personally, TANECO,'' the representative of the Kazan Kremlin advised.

As for the recently held Tatarstan-Indian Biopharmaceutical Forum, Galimova was at a loss to name specific agreements by its results. ''It is better to clarify at the ministry of health. Rustam Minnikhanov has already flown this year with a large delegation to India, one of the points was the issue of medicine, I told from this rostrum about our interest in medicine in India. It is the continuation of those contacts,'' Galimova said.

Galimova also commented on the creation of a new shipping company in Tatarstan. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

A new shipping company

Galimova also commented on the creation of a new shipping company in Tatarstan. ''Certainly, the Republic of Tatarstan is interested in the advent of such companies, the ministry of transport and roads of the Republic of Tatarstan will provide all necessary support for the development of this project. As for the money, I cannot call right now. I want to remind you that I am not responsible for the work of all ministries. From the point of view of that the relevant ministry is engaged in the direction, yes, there is such decision,'' confirmed Lilia Galimova.

The briefing raised the issue of air purity in Kazan, in October there was an excess of MPC for some impurities. ''Of course, the president is reported on this, he keeps track of publications that appear in the media, we take a lot of information including from there, we study. The relevant ministry promptly reports on the situation to him, this information is requested,'' said the representative of the Kazan Kremlin.

She clarified whether the president was concerned about this. ''The concern is that whether there are any serious risks for the ministry to take the necessary measures. He is interested in this topic, and they promptly report in the situation to the president. The ministry of ecology has provided with the details,'' Galimova summed up.

By Yulia Kosolapkina