Bitcoin rush in Kazan: farms for a million, mining coaches and S. Jobs’ Garage

The interest in equipment to earn cryptocurrencies has grown more by than 400% in Russia within a month

The growth of the demand for equipment for bitcoin mining in the last month affected online ads. The interest in the equipment allowing to earn the cryptocurrency on Avito advertising board has increased by 445%. Feeling the demand in Kazan, searchers are offered farms for almost 1 million rubles. Apart from farms, in ads, one can find everything, even a coach, wooden framings and ''cooling systems for mining farms'', in other words, fans. Realnoe Vremya tells how the mining rush is developing in the country and Kazan.

Bitcoin rush penetrated million cities

A mining wave continues disturbing Russia and Tatarstan. On Avito, the equipment allowing to earn bitcoins occupied the third and sixth lines in May in terms of grown searches.

The company did research. According to it, now there is a grown demand for video cards and miners (farms) in the secondary market. In comparison with April, the number of searches with the word ''mining'' in May increased almost twofold – from 8,600 to 15,500. Citizens of Moscow and Saint Petersburg chair the searches of equipment for mining. In the capital, the ''mining'' was inserted in the browser 4,257 times, in the northern capital – 1,369 times. Then Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk and Omsk follow them in the top. In Kazan, the indicators are not so high, in general: last month, the ''miner'' was looked for 17 times, ''mining'' – 163, ''mining farm'' – 61 times. The capital of Tatarstan ranks 9 th in terms of the number of ''mining'', it is 10 points far from Ufa where ''mining'' was inserted in the browser 173 times in May.

7700k Processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti video card are looked for the most

The number of searchers by phrases linked with powerful computing systems also grew in Russia in May. 7700k Processor was looked for 445% more, to 28,000 searches – this product was third concerning the general growth of searches, and the search of ''7600k'' was 391% up to 26,100.

User Anton sells four mining farms for 685,000 rubles

The demand for second-hand Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti video cards increased by 443% than in April. It made the product occupy the fourth position in terms of the searched goods on Avito. The sixth position was also given to a good linked with mining — z170 motherboard.

Results of the research on the average demand/supply price for computers and video cards were also interesting. It turned out in both cases demand price exceeds supply price. In case with video cards, for instance, the difference is 30% — 9,300 rubles of demand against 6,500 rubles of supply.

''Everything is assembled. It makes bitcoins'', or how mining culture is developing in Kazan''

In Kazan, offers on Avito connected with mining surprise how ambitious citizens are. For instance, four mining farms, that is to say, four assembled sets of equipment to make the cryptocurrency, are sold for 955,000 rubles.

''Everything is assembled. It makes bitcoins. You just need to tune your mining pool. All the video cards have a 36-month guarantee, same with 6 motherboards,'' seller Damir wrote a comment on the good. The ad was posted on 26 June, and about 2,000 users have viewed it for three days.

User Anton sells four mining farms for 685,000 rubles. In addition, video cards of the first and second farms are Chinese but came from Germany, and that of the third and fourth farms are simply Chinese. It confirms the information that those who want to make money on bitcoins have to purchase video cards abroad – it is impossible to find them in shops in Russia. By the way, the seller of the mining farms also offers to deliver the video cards promising to bring them within 15-20 days if one buys 5 units. His ad had over 300 views from 27 to 29 June.

S. Job's Garage on Avito offers ''the lowest prices for video cards'' and sells a mining farm for just 1,000 rubles. But there are no characteristics of the product.

Frames for mining farms can be ordered in Kazan

Besides entire mining farms, video cards and other equipment to make bitcoins, Avito also has cooling products. The thing is that the equipment emits a lot of heat during its work. As a result, for instance, a mining farm for 9,000 square metres in Moscow technopolis can heat the entire complex. Bitcoin hunters are offered a cooling liquid for mining for 120 rubles per litre to avoid overheating at home. The most ambitious ones offer ''cooling systems for mining farms'', that is to say, fans for 4 and 5,000 rubles.

Frames for mining farms can be ordered in Kazan. There are wooden among them for 500 rubles. Metal, more complicated frames will cost 3,000 rubles.

People who are especially interested but have no idea of how to make the cryptocurrency are offered assembly and setting services of mining farms from some 100 rubles per job to 10,000 rubles.

Video cards as a rare product

It should be reminded the bitcoin rush started in Russia in May. Earlier Realnoe Vremya wrote that the interest in the cryptocurrency caused an incredible demand for video cards that shops of Kazan and the country in general simply could not satisfy.

Citizens of Kazan started to solve the problem by ordering the product from friends and acquaintances in the USA, Canada and Great Britain. Sometimes video cards are traditionally purchased in China where the equipment is far cheaper. But they can also be found in Russia. However, ambitious people earn money by speculating on the hardware. In the end, it turns out that it is even cheaper to order a video card from the USA than to purchase it in Russia. At least in Kazan, their price on same Avito starts from 24,500 rubles and reaches 49,000 rubles.

By Maria Gorozhaninova. Photo: