Tatarstan has most vacancies in production, and job seekers — in PR

Tatarstan has most vacancies in production, and job seekers — in PR
Photo: Роман Хасаев

Tatarstan employers are actively looking for specialists in the fields of production, sales and construction — these vacancies are among the top 3 most in demand. In general, there is a shortage of programmers in the labour market in Russia along with production workers.

Great competition in PR

In Tatarstan, the largest number of vacancies are published in the production, raw materials, agriculture section, it accounts for 15% of all ads. Nail Hafizov, the regional representative of Avito Work service in Tatarstan, told Realnoe Vremya about this.

According to him, the top 3 in terms of the number of published vacancies includes sales and construction. The share of offers for these areas of activity is 10% and 9%, respectively.

High competition is observed among Tatarstan citizens who are looking for jobs in the marketing, advertising and PR section — there is a shortage of offers here now. The labour market index in this area is 9.5 points out of 10 — the higher the score, the more applicants per vacancy.

Nail Khafizov also said that the balance in terms of supply and demand is demonstrated by the areas such as courier delivery (4.8 points) and transport and logistics industry (5.2 points).

Besides, according to Rosstat, Tatarstan currently has a historical minimum of unemployment — only 1.9%. By the results of the spring of 2024, the number of job ads on the platform has increased by 10% compared to the same period last year, the speaker stressed.

Russia has the largest shortage of personnel in IT and manufacturing

Across Russia, there is a shortage of personnel in all areas this year, but the most acute shortage has been in IT industry and in production. Elvira Farvazova, the leader of the HR team at Tochka Bank, told Gazeta.Ru about this.

According to her, it has always been difficult to hire qualified IT specialists. At the moment, the total number of resumes has increased, but they are mainly submitted by novice specialists.

Besides, according to Farvazova, there are not enough engineers and, again, production workers on the market — because this is not the highest priority area for young people to develop now.

“But the situation is changing, and manufacturing companies are making great strides to popularise the work of blue-collar workers. Moreover, some industries are starting to develop well, and for this they need new employees. For example, over the past few years, the number of courier vacancies has increased significantly. Companies that are engaged in production and import substitution are developing," she stressed.

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