Tours in Kazan: what to see on May holidays

Tours in Kazan: what to see on May holidays
Photo: Динар Фатыхов

May holidays are around the corner, and many people are already starting to plan their trips. Kazan attracts Russian tourists more often. Realnoe Vremya is offering a review of different excursions to help travellers to get to know the city.

  • A walking or bus sightseeing tour to Kazan. One can see landmarks, walk along old streets and feel the rhythm of the big city. The price for an excursion varies from 1,200 to 1800 rubles.
  • A double-decker tour. You will see historic and modern buildings of Kazan from above, learn interesting facts about the capital of the Tatar khanate and enjoy unusual stories related to the city. The price is 1,200 rubles.
  • There are night tours for those who love the night life. So one can see illumination and enjoy the beauty of the city at night time. The price is from 1,100 to 2,000 rubles.
  • Kazan street art. Tourists will dive into street culture, see works of Cultural Code festival and renowned “cursed” graffiti created by the FIFA WC. The price is 600 rubles.
  • Architecture of Soviet Kazan — from constructivism to modernism. One can learn about what Soviet ideals were illustrated through architecture in different eras. The price is 900 rubles.
    Travellers can choose both individual and group excursion to see the city from different sides. Maxim Platonov / Максим Платонов /
  • History fans will like Criminal Kazan: Kazan Phenomenon tour. It is a bus tour for those who grew up in the 80-90s and witnessed crime groups and those who do not see any undertone in the words “small roses” and “small butterflies.” The price is 1,900 rubles.
  • If you are interested in the culture and traditions of Tatarstan, you can go for a walk with a philologist to learn more about Tales, Myths and Legends of Tatarstan. You will know about Shurale forest spirit and mysterious Su Anasy mermaid, an invisible street in Kazan and why a dragon protects the Tatar capital. The price is 3,400 rubles.
  • People can learn about the Kazan university and the history of this place. Tourists will be shown an astronomic observatory and existing anatomy theatre within three hours. They will be explained when they were built and why Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Lenin were not A students. The price is 4,000 rubles.
  • Do you want to know how Kazan is pictured in cinema? There is a walking tour to city streets where popular films and series were shot. The price is 6,500 rubles.
  • Finally, foodies are offered Secret Routes of Informal Kazan to know the city from a different perspective. You will have a chance to see hidden monuments, secret courtyards, ancient wooden houses and simply places of power. You will be able to discover Kazan as an insider within three hours. The price is 8,000 rubles.

Renata Valeyeva