Tatarstan mufti: ‘I said: ‘Let’s cut to 10,000.’’

The 12th Republican Iftar gathered 12,000 attendees under the aegis of Russia-Islamic World Strategic Vision Group

Tatarstan mufti: ‘I said: ‘Let’s cut to 10,000.’’
Photo: Динар Фатыхов

The 12th Republican Iftar took place at Kazan Expo on 29 March. It last year its organisers talked about 11,000 guests, this year they did “around 12,000.” Host Ayrat Zagriyev already promised that the following year they would total 13,000. However, the mufti has doubts about it.

“There were 9 consuls and vice ambassadors of Qatar”

It should be reminded the first mass iftar was held in Kazan in 2011. Soon it settled at the main stadium of Kazan. 15,000 were there in 2019. The iftar in 2020 during COVID-19 was held by packing lunch boxes and handing them over to Zakyat charity fund. In 2021, the group fast breaking took place at Kazan Expo. It was explained that Ramadan coincided with cooler weather.

In 2024, the iftar is held under the aegis of the Russia — Islamic World Strategic Vision Group. Mufti Hazrat Kamil Samigullim noted in a talk with journalists that the idea of gathering 12,000 people belonged to one of the organisers, Director of Ak Bars Arena Radik Minnakhmetov:

“I said: ‘Let’s cut the number, to 10,000.’ It was 11,000 last year, and 12,000 this year. Thank Allah, everything was good.”

Traditionally the male and female halls for prayer were divided. Dinar Fatykhov / Динар Фатыхов /

Samigullin indicated that there were many foreign guests this time, particularly Egyptians:

“A lad greeted me, I asked where he was from. He said he was from Iraq. There were 9 consuls and vice ambassadors of Qatar. We will think of how to expand the geography. Iftar unites us, this is a reason to meet. There is not any opportunity to meet during the year. Iftar unites believers from all over the country. After iftar, we managed to pray altogether, pray for victims of the terrorist attack in Moscow, all the believers wishing peace around the world in Tatar,” the head of the Tatarstan Muslim Religious Directorate said.

Before prayer. Dinar Fatykhov / Динар Фатыхов /

Tatarstan Rais Rustam Minnikhanov, Tatarstan State Adviser Mintimer Shaimiyev traditionally attended the event. Metropolitan of Kazan and Tatarstan Kirill also shared his joy about the holy month of Ramadan.

Also, head of the Hajj mission in Russian Khizbulla Asuyev, Second Secretary of the Embassy of Qatar in Russia Abdurrahman bin Saleh al-Quwari as well as general consuls of Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and other countries arrived at Kazan Expo.

“We’re already thinking about the next republican iftar next year,” Samigullin indicated. “About the brand, the message, the number of people.”

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