Number of entrepreneurs increases by 3% in Tatarstan

Number of entrepreneurs increases by 3% in Tatarstan
Photo: Nazmetdinov (archive)

The number of entrepreneurs in Tatarstan has increased by 3%, or 5.5 thousand people, in 2023. Now there are 170.4 thousand small and medium-sized businesses in the republic, First Deputy Minister of Economy of Tatarstan — Director of the Department of Entrepreneurship Development Natalia Kondratova stated.

“Conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses are being created in the Republic of Tatarstan today, which makes a significant contribution to the economy of the republic and creates new jobs. Entrepreneurs need to maximise the use of a set of financial and non-financial federal and republican support measures for business development," the press service of the Ministry of Economy reports her words.

She recalled that preferential loans, microloans, subsidies, grants, tax preferences and so on are provided for businessmen. Fatykhov (archive)

The implementation of all these support programmes made it possible to support small and medium-sized businesses for 60.3 billion rubles, including federal programmes for 52.8 billion rubles, republican programmes for 7.5 billion rubles, Kondratova summed up.

In 2023, the number of entrepreneurs in Kazan increased by 15% compared to last year. The absolute majority of entrepreneurs (75%) conduct business independently.

Ayrat Nazipov

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