People with disabilities in Kazan to be purchased ‘adapted flats’

People with disabilities in Kazan to be purchased ‘adapted flats’
Photo: / Rinat Nazmetdinov

The Executive Committee of Kazan is going to buy eight flats for people with disabilities. The biggest amount of money will be given to purchase one-bedroom flats. In documents, functionaries stressed that the house mustn’t be a security or have “unrelated” residents. The flats will already be refurbished, while the rooms are bigger than usual. Read more about the new flats for people with disabilities in the newspaper’s report.

City authorities to buy mostly one-bedroom flats

The city administration of Kazan is going to buy eight adapted flats for people with disabilities. 56.7 million rubles will be spent on these purposes. The urban authorities insist the flat must be refurbished, comply with all standards designed for the disabled. Platonov

Another compulsory criterion indicated in the documents is that the flats mustn’t have “unrelated” residents with a title to the flat. Neither can the flats be a security, arrested and burdened with third sides’ rights. The Kazan authorities hope the flats won’t become an object of some contracts, including preliminary, co-investment in construction, rent, storage.

“The flat is free from any rights and claims of third sides, not alienated or arrested, rented or taken as security, the seller doesn’t have any bans or restrictions on using the flat, including a due property tax, utility bills, electricity,” the document highlights.

Realnoe Vremya sent a request to the press service of the city administration asking it to explain how many families are planned to be settled in these flats and how their selection will be like. However, a reply hadn’t been received when the article was published.

Flats for people with disabilities discussed since 2021

Projects for providing citizens with disabilities with adapted flats started to be discussed as early as 2021. Mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin made this offer. Then, he tasked deputies of the Kazan City Duma to develop a concept of such a flat.

According to him, providing these citizens with housing complying with Accessible Environment requirements is a hot-button issue. If most public institutions are equipped with all the essentials for people with disabilities, the homes aren’t.

Metshin stressed Kazan was creating an urban map but to solve the problem holistically it was necessary to pay attention to living conditions of people with disabilities.

At that moment, representatives of the republican Ministry of Construction, the State Housing Fund under the Tatarstan President, Tatinvestgrazhdanproyect design institute discussed the possibility of designing homes adapted to the needs of disabled people on the ground floor. The issue had to be elaborated with big commercial developers. Platonov

A year later, the city authorities said that Kazan started to design flats considering the requirements of the accessible environment. The first seven facilities were to appear in Yudino. The flats adapted to people with disabilities had expanded doorways. The doors were equipped with finishers, toilet and hall sizes increased.

As Methsin told last year, a block of flats on 43, Dubravnaya Street was fully adapted to low-mobility citizens who move in a wheelchair. Ascend rehabilitation centre is located in one of its buildings. The specialised block of flats hosts 50 families who have people with Group I disability. This year, three families have been provided with housing. Another ten expected to be rehoused.

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