Programmes in 3 languages, drawing of appliances: 38.4 m rub allocated for Sabantuy organisation in Kazan

Sabantuy will be held in the Birch Grove and the Kazan Hippodrome

As Realnoe Vremya found out, the services for organising and holding a Sabantuy in the village of Mirny and the Kazan Hippodrome will cost 38,4 million rubles — a similar amount was allocated last year.

Let us remind that Sabantuy will be held in villages and district centres of the republic on June 11-13. The “plough festival” will be held in Naberezhnye Chelny on June 18, and in Kazan — on June 19.

A stage, decorations, and two screens will be installed on the Maidan in the Birch Grove in the village of Mirny. A 90-minute concert is planned in two languages — Tatar and Russian. Adult and children's dance groups, soloists, harmonicists and accordion players will perform at it. It is expected that nonresident collectives will also be represented at Sabantuy. After the celebration begins, guests will have a five-hour concert programe — it should be conducted in three languages: Tatar, Russian and English.

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There will also be contests like breaking pots, carrying eggs, and belt wrestling. Among the participants of the competition, 18 TVs, 1 home theatre, 5 tablets, 2 phones, 6 bicycles, as well as e-books, a boombox, a fan and much more will be raffled off.

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In the tent on the Maidan for 200 people, the guests will be treated to cold cuts, assorted caviar, baked duck, eleshs, salad with shrimp, lamb with mini-kystyby, broth with mini-echpochmak, chak-chak, baklava.

The concert at the Kazan Hippodrome will last for at least three hours. The programme is expected in three languages: Russian, Tatar and English. Adult and children's dance groups, vocalists with songs about Kazan, Tatarstan and their native land will perform in front of the guests. Also, a lottery will be held on Sabantuy, TVs, vacuum cleaners, irons, microwaves, fans will be raffled off among the participants.

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How the “plough holiday” was celebrated last year

Last year, a total of 73,4 million rubles were allocated for the celebration of Sabantuy in Kazan. In addition to the village of Mirny and the Kazan Hippodrome, the “plow festival” took place in Derbyshki and in the forest park near Lake Lebyazhye. The city authorities also allocated 2,5 million rubles for the organisation of Yana Sabantuy youth festival.

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Also in 2021, the Muslyumovsky district hosted for the All-Russian rural Sabantuy for the first time. It was planned to be held back in 2020, but the event was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Especially for this Sabantuy, they made a site with a total area of 276 hectares on the bank of the river Ik. There was an amphitheatre for 5 thousand seats and a small amphitheatre for 2,5 thousand seats. In 2019, according to Realnoe Vremya, a total of 73,1 million rubles were allocated for the Sabantuy.

Tatyana Leukhina