Russian Defence Ministry: Russian armed forces take full control of Kherson

The Russian Defence Ministry has reported on new details of the special operation in Ukraine. The Russian armed forces have taken full control of the Ukrainian city Kherson.

Civil infrastructure, critical facilities and urban transport of Kherson are operating as usual, the ministry attests. The city has enough food and essentials. According to the Ministry of Defence, talks between the Russian command, the administration of Kherson and Kherson Oblast on maintaining the operation of social infrastructure, providing law enforcement and safety of the population go on.

Also, the Russian Armed Forces managed to seize control of Ukrainian settlements Tokmak and Vasilyevka. Ukraine’s militaries have laid down their arms. They will be allowed to return to their families after they pledge they will refuse to participate in military actions.

Meanwhile, in Kyiv, Russian militaries have hit technological facilities of the Ukrainian Security Services and the 72nd Main Centre for Psychological Operations with high-precision weapons by disabling the operator’s room of the TV tower. At the same time, the destruction of houses was not allowed. The Defence Ministry has explained that it was necessary to curb information attacks on Russia.

According to the Ministry of Defence, another 67 social infrastructure facilities of Ukraine have been attacked. Their number has reached 1,502 since the beginning of the special operation.

So 51 control rooms and a communications centre, 38 S-300 surface-to-air missile systems, Buk M-1 and Osa, 51 radars have been deactivated. There have been destroyed 47 planes on earth and another 11 in the air, 472 tanks and other armoured machines, 62 multiple rocket launchers, 206 field artillery weapons and mortars as well as 46 unmanned vehicles.

Also, a representative of the National Police of the Donetsk People’s Republic Eduard Basurin said in the morning that it became possible to block the Ukrainian city Mariupol. He hopes that the citizens will start leaving it today and added that all efforts needed to be put to make sure the locals weren’t harmed.

Realnoe Vremya continues following Russia’s special military operation in Donbas Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on 24 February. Read more about it in a special report of the online newspaper.

Tatiana Dyomina