Every fifth citizen of Kazan thinking about quitting at least once a week

7% of Kazan citizens go to work with a daily desire to quit

Most people have thought about quitting their jobs at least once anyway. In Kazan, 23% of the surveyed employees said that such thoughts visit them once a week, Skypro online university of cost-effective education told Realnoe Vremya. However, there are also those who want to literally run away from work: 7% of respondents announced that they think about quitting every day.

“Most often, employees in the fields of marketing, medicine and catering dream of changing jobs. 10%, 9% and 9% of them think about it every day," said Mikhail Sverdlov, the director of development of Skypro online university.

The majority of respondents think about resignation several times a month — 35%. Others have such idea in their head much less often — 15% of workers surveyed in Kazan said that this happens once every six months or even once a year. At 14%, the desire to quit is observed only a couple of times every few months.

According to Sverdlov, rare thoughts about resignation are typical, as a rule, for employees of the production, fashion and sports industries. Among them, the indicators are 6%, 4% and 4%, respectively.

Absolute minority of working Kazan residents do not think about quitting their jobs. Only 6% of respondents do not think about quitting, the study showed.

Bad weather leads to thoughts of resignation

For most applicants, the main reason is dissatisfaction with salary. Upon receiving it, almost every third Kazan citizen surveyed has a desire to leave their job — 30%.

Mood plays an important role in inducing the idea of resignation. It is influenced by several factors at work — communication with clients, communication with management, attitude to his work duties and even the weather outside the window.

For example, 15% of respondents said that they are beginning to think about dismissal because of inappropriate behaviour of the customer or client with whom they have to work. The thoughts about leaving their work can also provoke the chiefs — shouts from the management incline to thoughts about the dismissal of every tenth respondent.

Unwillingness to work also appears if there is bad weather outside the window. It suggests thoughts about the resignation of 14% of employed Kazan residents.

Another 8% of respondents said that they are forced to think about leaving hiring by doing work that they do not like.

Besides, Kazan residents tend to think about resignation if they have any problems in life.

Resignation most often remains a dream

The majority of respondents, despite the thoughts of dismissal that visit them from time to time or regularly, cannot decide on this step. Only 10% of respondents declared their readiness for resignation.

Almost a quarter of respondents called the lack of necessary connections the main obstacle to leaving work and changing professions (23%), and one in five values stability and is not ready to sacrifice it (20%). Some of the respondents are concerned about the issue of training — 16% of respondents are afraid of its high cost, and 15% are not satisfied with the duration of this process.

Many see opportunities to improve their situation in their place of work. For the absolute majority, thoughts of resignation would be driven away by a salary increase (44%). Another 22% of respondents would like to change their field of activity at their current place of work. The same number want to change the employer.

A significant retaining factor at work is the possibility of career growth. Having such a perspective is important for every fifth respondent. Good leadership is also an important factor — 11% of respondents dream of another chief.

In total, 1,043 adult respondents from Russian cities with a population of over 100,000 people participated in the survey conducted this month.

Tatyana Demina