On World Shopping Day, Tatarstan residents’ wallets became empty 5 times faster than in 2020

Ozon started with ten pairs of men’s socks, Wildberries sold armchairs before the sale, KazanExpress hired more people for the warehouse and support service

10 pairs of men’s socks as first purchase on 11.11 on Ozon

This year’s first big sale on Russian and foreign online marketplaces ended on 13 November. AliExpress closed its traditional sale, which started on Thursday, at 11 a.m., but Russian marketplace users still had a chance to buy a product with a discount, since the sale on Ozon continued on 13 November too.

Cost-conscious purchasers added products to their baskets in advance: in expectation of the sale, they placed the most popular goods with a discount to the basket more than 4 million times. Discounts on some of them reached 85-90%. This year, the 11.11 campaign became record for Ozon — during the first hour, clients placed 5,000 orders a minute. As a result, by 10 a.m., the marketplace’s turnover exceeded last year’s figure.

10 pairs of men’s socks became the first purchase on Ozon on 11 November. But the first doesn’t mean the most popular. While everyday goods and beauty products were bought the most. Mascara, products for a pedicure, anti-age patches, peanut butter and coffee beans are in the top.

Washing gels are the most popular product for Tatarstan residents

Ozon has already calculated Russian regions’ citizens on the big sale day. For instance, Tatarstan residents spent over 167 million rubles at this marketplace, which is five times more than last year. The number of orders also increased five times.

The top goods on Ozon among Tatarstan citizens differs from the federal one: it has a 5-litre washing gel, teapot, blood pressure monitor and a pedicure product. While the most expensive order of a Tatarstan citizen — 134,000 rubles — consisted of 220 goods.

The marketplace’s analytic service notes that this year demand for games and consoles, products for tourism, hunting and fishing, beauty and health as well as different goods for cars has increased in Tatarstan. More than a thousand sellers from Tatarstan offered their products on Ozon.

As for the residents of other regions of the country, for instance, the people of Samara spent about 134 million rubles on the first day, which is 5,3 times more than in 2020. Citizens of Rostov-on-Don also accelerated five times by buying goods for 136 million rubles. Residents of Yekaterinburg spent nearly 200 million rubles on Ozon, those from Krasnodar Krai did 280 million rubles.

KazanExpress: everybody to the warehouse!

According to Tatarstan marketplace KazanExpress, on 11 November, clients placed 142,244 orders, bought 608,000 goods and spent 105 million rubles a day. Smartphones and other electronics, makeup and beauty products were bought the most. Home products and accessories rank third.

Compared to October, as the marketplace’s analysts say, World Shopping Day turned out to be approximately three times busier for KazanExpress than the average October day in 2021 in number of orders. The average amount of goods in the order also increased by 30% on 11 November. The average KazanExpress bill grew 1,5-2 times.

The company found an interesting way of improving the operation of the warehouse and client support. A sudden rise in sales required additional efforts. Employees of other services, even top managers, went to the warehouse and joined client support during those days. For instance, Vice Director General in PR Kseniya Lukicheva told our newspaper that the warehouse was still buzzing with activity, and she herself was there. In general, the corporate spirit is up not only after corporate parties.

High demand for computer chairs and pulse oxygen metres on Wildberries

World Shopping Day sales haven’t yet been summarised on Wildberries. But this marketplace closed the first part of a big sale as early as 28 October. Office and garden furniture, household appliances and winter clothes turned out to be the most popular purchases during the pre-sale.

So the number of computer chairs rose by 187%, washing machines did by 88%. Demand for fur coats grew by 150%, winter coats — by 106%, sheepskin coats — 111%, boots — 49%.
At last, today’s sad sign: pulse oxygen metres were 145% more popular during the pre-sale on Wildberries.

The older generation started to go shopping online too

One of the world’s largest marketplaces AliExpress started to organise the first sales by Singles’ Day on 11 November in 2009. Later, Russian marketplaces started to offer such sales too. This year, during the first 25 minutes of the sale, the number of orders placed by Russians on AliExpress exceeded a million. Like previously, we often buy smartphones and cases for them, computers and household appliances, chargers, pulse oxygen metres, soft toys and fishing gadgetry in the Celestial Kingdom.

During the sale day, Alibaba AliExpress belongs to sold products for $84,5 billion, which is 8,5% more than last year.

As experts think, the introduction of different kinds of anti-COVID-19 restrictions played into the hands of e-commerce. Sales have been growing the second year (moreover, not only during big sales). The older generation starts to go shopping online too.

P. S. World Shopping Day, which was last week, isn’t the last sale this year. Online shopaholics are looking forward to the so-called Black Friday on 29 November and, of course, the eve of the New Year holiday.

Angelina Panchenko