€100K to be spent on Hero Race in Tatarstan

8,4 million rubles for tournament

8,4 million rubles are going to be spent to prepare and host the Hero Race competition in Tatarstan. The Tatarstan Ministry of Sport is the client. A corresponding tender is published on the website of state contracts.

The competition will be on 20-21 August this year in Sviyaga Hills. The track on the area must be at least 8 km, there must be as few as 22 obstacles, the site must be at least 5 ha. It is also planned to clean up obstacles of no less than a thousand cubic metres and fill them with water, much water will be needed for showers — no less than 100 cubic metres. 25 cleaning workers will be working. Also, organisers must provide 500 free parking lots.

To transport competitors, referees, representatives, honourable guests, the organising committee, a comfortable bus with a capacity of no less than 40 people with soft chairs, headrests, individual lighting, air conditioning will be rented. The organisers must prepare 6,000 of 0,5-litre still water bottles. Water must comply with a national standard of the Russian Federation.

Also, one can eat in a field kitchen. Meals must include buckwheat porridge with beef cooked on butter, tea and dried biscuits. 1,500 people must be fed in a day. Six ambulance brigades will be working in the competition.

Also, the final sum of the tender includes printed products, design of the event, sound and lighting equipment, a stage, online transmission, pyrotechnical services, fencing of the track and so on.

The opening and award ceremonies will have two hosts, a sound operator, light director, DJ, director, scriptwriter. Also, Ritmikon drummers’ show, Volga-Volga band and similar groups will perform there.

History of the project

Last year, the 2020 Hero Race took place in Sviyaga Hills. Its participants covered more than eight kilometres and 25 obstacles designed for any level of physical training. About 2,000 competitors fought on the track with both already tested signature obstacles and new barriers. The final 7-metre Everest remains the main old obstacle.

The Hero Race is an obstacle course race. Competitors overcome a series of challenges designed by professional engineers and experienced instructors. In 2013, the first test Hero Race took place at Alabino military training area that gathered around 300 competitors. Anybody over 18 can participate in the competition — one has to pay for a ticket. Runners make up teams, one can compete in the individual event too. Ksenia Shoigu is the director of the project.

Alexey Nechayev