Night tram, Arabic fairy tales of Nureyev Festival, and premiere from winner of 4 Golden Masks

What Kazan theatres and concert halls prepared for May

In May, theatres and concert halls finish the season. The month will be rich in premieres and festivals that will bring together the stars of the Mariinsky Theatку, winners of Golden Masks, and just a big name of the classical and jazz-rock scene. What one should attend in the last month of spring — read in the overview of Realnoe Vremya.

Nureyev Festival with oriental motifs

From May 13 to June 2, the Tatar Academic State Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Dzhalil hosts the 24th Nureyev Festival. This time it will be held in full format and will include eight performances and two gala concerts.

The festival programme will be opened by the performance of the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre 'One Thousand and One Nights' to the music of Firket Amirov, staged by Eldar Aliyev, with Eyyub Quliyev (Azerbaijan) at the conductor's desk. For the first time, the ballet based on the famous Arabic fairy tales was staged in Baku in 1979, and the premiere of Aliyev's production took place in Vladivostok in 2020. The chief ballet master of the Primorsky Mariinsky specially created a new edition for his company. The choreography of the ballet is designed in a neoclassical style with plasticity and stylistics that reflect the colorful palette of oriental dances.

The main roles in the performances on May 13 and 14 will be performed by the leading soloists of the Primorsky Stage Ballet Company Anna Samostrelova, Irina Sapozhnikova, Gilerme Junio and others. The new artistic decision of Pyotr Tchaikovsky's ballet 'The Sleeping Beauty' belongs to Anatoly Nezhny. The premiere of the production of Dzhalil Theatre takes place on May 18 and 19. Ballet lovers will also enjoy Swan Lake, Le Corsaire, La Bayadere, Don Quixote, as well as Golden Horde and Spartacus.


Bitter truth about the family of a Russian businesswoman

On May 22, 23 and 25, the Kachalov Theatre hosts the premiere of the play based on Maksim Gorky's play 'Vassa' staged by People's Artist of Russia and Tatarstan Alexander Slavutsky. The story of one family in two acts is dedicated to the year of native languages. 'Vassa' is a story about people who are unable to hear and understand each other, about loneliness, about the thirst for happiness and the inability to find it. This is a sincere and merciless conversation about a human, the bitter truth about him.

People's Artists of Russia and Tatarstan Svetlana Romanova and Gennady Prytkov, Honoured Artist of Russia, People's Artist of Tatarstan Mikhail Galitsky, Honoured Artists of Tatarstan Elza Fardeeva, Irina Vandysheva, Nadezhda Yeshkileva, Aleksey Zakharov, artists Ksenia Khramova, Alena Kozlova, Slavyana Koshcheeva, Pavel Lazarev, Viktor Shestakov, Ilya Scryabin and others act in the performance.


Rushing on the tram in the night

In May, the Kazan Theatre of the Young Spectators plans to launch a performance-promenade 'Night Tram'. It will be the night flight of tram 5a: 20 spectators will enter the car at the beginning of the route and receive headphones, in which the voices of the actors of the Kazan Youth Theatre will be broadcast, and the landscape changing outside the window of the vehicle will become a decoration. The plot of the play revolves around the ghost of a young man who, as a result of an accident, was “locked” in a tram car. The audio spectrum includes non-tourist areas of Kazan — Victory Park, the district of the Chemists' House of Culture, Yagodnaya Sloboda, Nizhny and Sredny Kaban, as well as the the district of the Republican Clinical Hospital.

The director of the immersive audio journey is main director of the theatre Radion Bukaev, composer and sound engineer — Kamil Gataullin. The author of the script — Yevgenia Karpanina (Krasnodar). .

Just Dzhalil: what was he like

The Tatar Youth Theatre named after G. Kariev presents the premiere of the play 'Musa. Moabit'. It will be held within the framework of the creative association 'Kaleb'. This project is a documentary story about a national hero, presented in the form of a triptych of poetry, music and dance. According to the creators, this performance is not another elevation of the name of the poet-hero, but an attempt to see in this person the triggers that are familiar to everyone: childhood, youth, disappointment, loss of loved ones, friendship, and most importantly — love. This is an introduction to Musa Dzhalil as an ordinary person, because it was the most ordinary people who became heroes.

On May 22 and 23, the theatre has another premiere — the baby play 'Ber Bakhetle Kon' ('One Happy Day') staged by Yekaterina Gorokhovskaya, who staged Astrid Lindgren's fairy tale 'Mio, my Mio!' in the Kariev Theatre. The art director of the play is Igor Kapitanov, the costumes were created by Fagilya Selskaya, and the music was written by Radik Salimov.

On May 27, the theatre hosts a theatrical evening of memory dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the Kariev Theatre, Farit Khabibullin.

Photo: Maksim Platonov

Why four-time winner of Golden Mask comes to Kazan

On May 21, the Grand Stage of the Ekiyat Puppet Theatre hosts the premiere of the play 'Misteriozo con anima' (Mysteriously, spiritually) staged by the four-time winner of the Golden Mask, Yevgeny Ibragimov. The director is coming to Kazan from the Czech Republic and staging the play with his production team. The artistic director is another winner of the main theatre award of the country, Yulia Mikheeva, and the music for the play was written by the St. Petersburg composer, arranger, sound engineer, author and curator of numerous art projects, member of the Creative Union ASiA, Nikolay Yakimov. Choreographer — Maria Kachalkova.

According to the creators of the story for children from six years old, 'Misteriozo con anima' is a mysterious mystery about birth, life path, Love, Dream, overcoming obstacles, achieving goals, told in the magical language of the puppet theatre. The performance will be staged within the framework of the Federal project 'United Russia' — 'Culture of the small motherland'.

Matsuev on White Lilac

On May 5, the 10th Rachmaninov International Festival 'White Lilac', founded by the artistic director and chief conductor of the State Symphony Orchestra of Tatarstan Alexander Sladkovsky, opened at the Saydashev State Great Concert Hall. This year, works by both great classical and contemporary composers — Sergey Rachmaninoff, Igor Stravinsky, SergeyProkofiev, Mikhail Nosyrev and others — will be performed.

Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

Five concerts of the festival are held in May, and two more in June. The guests will be the constant mastermind of the event, Denis Matsuev, Nikolay Lugansky, Dmitry Shishkin, as well as the winners of the 3d International Grand Piano Competition, which ends on the eve of the festival. Their names are unknown so far, of course. Besides, the festival will be attended by the A.A. Yurlov State Academic Choral Chapel of Russia and soloists of the Mariinsky Theatre Natalia Pavlova, Irina Shishkova, Yury Vorobyov.

'The Taming of the Shrew' in student style

On May 18 and 20, the Opera Studio of the N.G. Zhiganov Kazan State Conservatory presents the premiere in the State Great Concert Hall — own version of the opera 'The Taming of the Shrew' by Vissarion Shebalin to a libretto by Abram Gozenpud based on the comedy of the same name by William Shakespeare. The opera 'The Taming of the Shrew' was first performed in 1955 in a concert performance by the Soviet Opera Ensemble of the All-Russian Theatre Society. The stage life of the work began with a production at the Kuybyshev Opera House (May, 1957). In the same year, the opera was performed in Moscow, then in Leningrad, Kiev and other cities of the Soviet Union, as well as abroad.

The production will feature soloists and the choir of the Opera Studio, the symphony orchestra of the Kazan Conservatory, and the conductor will be Honoured Artist of Tatarstan Rinat Khalitov. The director-producer of the performance is Honored Artist of Ukraine Rinat Bektashev, the artistic director of the opera studio of the conservatory is Honoured Artist of Tatarstan Alfiya Zapparova.

Photo: Maksim Platonov

We are waiting for Mazayev again

The Tatar Philharmonic Society named after G. Tukay will luxuriously close the concert season. On May 20, the concert of the State Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Tatarstan 'In the constellation with the Mariinsky' takes place. Maestro Shutikov invited soloists of the famous theatre — mezzo-soprano Yekaterina Sergeeva and soprano Maria Bayankina — to perform in front of Kazan. The programme includes arias from operas, chamber works, romances, and folk songs.

The postponed becasue of the artist's illness concert with the participation of the leader of the group 'Moral Code' Sergey Mazaev is scheduled on May 27. This performance will be finished by the 5th International Festival 'Jazz-Crossover Fest-Kazan'. The Philharmonic Jazz Orchestra of Tatarstan under the direction of Sergey Vasilyev, together with the capital's star, will perform Russian and Soviet songs in original jazz arrangements.

By Anna Tarletskaya
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