“Completely shameless people are working against Trump”

Is impeachment looming for the American president?

“Completely shameless people are working against Trump”
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Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced the beginning of a formal impeachment inquiry into US President Donald Trump. The White House’s tenant’s phone talk with Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky became the reason for it. During the talk, the US president allegedly asked Ukrainian authorities to launch an investigation of the son of his possible rival at the 2020 election, former US Vice President Joe Biden. Realnoe Vremya’s correspondent reached out to a journalist and expert in foreign affairs Dmitry Babich, Russia Today IIA’s political reviewer, and asked if this time the impeachment was possible.

“Neither for a day nor an hour have the Democrats postponed the attempts at impeaching Trump”

Mr Babich, what do you think of the next attempt at impeaching Donald Trump?

From a moral perspective, the situation is entirely clear: it is a disgusting, shameless action of the Democratic Party. However, we should notice that there is global “ultraliberal international” behind it — globalist forces that love to call themselves liberals, though they have little to do with classical liberals. It is people who borrowed the liberals’ amazing slogans — gender equality, protection of minorities, fair election, freedom of entrepreneurship — and gave them an absolutely extremist, wrong sense. It is comparable with Bolsheviks who seemed to be for the common people, the poor, while, in fact, everything ended badly, including for this class of the population.

The Ultraliberals never accepted the fact that their candidate Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election. Neither for a day nor an hour have they postponed attempts at impeaching Trump. It doesn’t mean that he is a good person. Trump is an American nationalist, a typical representative of rude American capital with all its disadvantages, but not a globalist.

On the threshold of the election, Trump did something completely unacceptable within a traditional American political fight. He had facts proved by ample evidence that his more probable rival Joe Biden was in a jam in Ukraine in his hands. The latter did awful things there: the Poroshenko regime, which appeared in 2014, formed under Biden who supervised Ukraine when working in Obama’s administration. And we know that not Donbass declared war, it wasn’t Donbass that attacked Central Ukraine but the Ukrainian army attacked Donbass.

Biden can’t be held accountable for this, however, a typical corruption scheme was uncovered: Biden’s son turned out in the Board of Directors at Burisma, which is recognised “dirty” and a fraudulent enterprise even by the American press. Its director Mykola Zlochevsky is now convicted of corruption, while Biden was his board member and received a huge salary.

When Ukrainian ex-Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin (an unclear character, to put it mildly) began to investigate the Burisma case, Joe Biden demanded Shokin to be removed from the prosecutor’s chair within a couple of hours by taking advantage of his position in which the Ukrainian government immediately obeyed almost everything he said. I will note that he claimed it publicly, and Shokin was consequently really fired, moreover, Biden was proud of it later: “This is why how I am fighting corruption in Ukraine, I said and the person immediately disappeared”. And where is Ukraine’s independence then? Where is sovereignty? Nobody could imagine Putin to do something like that, including under Yanukovich. While Biden did it, publicly, easily.

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Trump is an American nationalist, a typical representative of rude American capital with all its disadvantages, but not a globalist

All this happened in 2015. In other words, this story had been under wraps for several years, and nobody was interested in it. After Trump’s victory in the elections, it seems that Ukrainian functionaries decided that if the new boss came, he had probably fired all old employees so they could do whatever. However, they didn’t consider that despite Trump’s win, the liberal globalist elite had real power in the USA, which, firstly, is furious about the outcome of the election, secondly, it limited the president’s power very much and, thirdly, it has been incessantly working on his impeachment so that a “certified” person will occupy the president’s chair. Hillary Clinton was this person at the 2016 election, and now it is Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence.

The Ukrainian functionaries weren’t aware of it, and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko, who worked with Poroshenko during the last months, in fact, told the truth in an interview with The Hill. I will remind that he claimed that he was pressed regarding Biden’s case, while US Ambassador in Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch called him into her office and showed a list of untouchable representatives of the Ukrainian establishment. Lutsenko made all this public hoping that Trump would protect him. However, the American president couldn’t do it. In the end, all the Democratic press, which means, in fact, the anti-Trump press, collapsed on the former prosecutor general of Ukraine. The Hill was also attacked, which started to be called a horn of some dark powers.

Zelensky is precisely the ultraliberals and globalists’ protégé — immediately after the victory in the election, he claimed that he would fire Lutsenko first for this story. In the end, Ukrainian functionaries got their fingers burnt because they don’t understand one thing — the election in the USA and the West in general mean little now. Generally speaking, the voting process evokes associations with a child’s toy when you push a button, while this thing replies to you: “Wrong”, you push another button: “Wrong”, and so on until you push the button they need. “Correct” is Hillary Clinton, while Trump is “Wrong”, so this box has been beeping “Wrong” for the last four years and requiring to remove the current US president.

And this summer during the traditional American political fight, Trump tried to turn to Zelensky asking to find out what really had happened to Biden’s son. I think this is what happened.

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Zelensky is precisely ultraliberals and globalists’ protégé — immediately after the victory at the election he claimed that he would fire Lutsenko first for this story

“Biden isn’t just a threat. It is a person somebody invested in”

The Democrats’ stand reads that Trump pursued the only goal by raising this topic in the talk with Zelensky — to remove the political opponent.

It is sheer shamelessness, as the Democrats themselves when in power ordered Poroshenko to appoint a certain prosecutor general and fire another one. They ordered to hold inquiries into somebody and to leave somebody untouched. They destroyed the Russian influence in Ukraine through threats and an armed coup. And when Trump asked to investigate the obvious corruption story, he was accused of violating all possible rules. A new expression immediately appeared — to dig up dirt on someone. However, we should note that candidates have been digging up dirt on each other for decades in America. The Democrats have constantly dug dirt on Trump.

All ultraliberal American mass media are now trumpeting that Trump influenced the course of the whole pre-election campaign with only one request. Yes, sure! Each of the candidates is trying to influence the course of the pre-election campaign — he wants to win, he wants to show his opponent in an unfavourable light. And if the candidate finally finds such facts, the bad person just doesn’t become president. This has always worked this way.

Is Biden a serious threat to Trump?

Biden isn’t just a threat. It is a person somebody invested in. 90% of the American press is promoting him. Consequently, the same percentage of the mass media are working against Trump.

I would remember how the latter became president. A huge number of people voted, of course, not because they like Trump but because they hated Hillary Clinton seeing all this ultraliberal elite behind her. Another deeper reason is that the Americans also suffered from the ultraliberal division of the world.

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Biden isn’t just a threat. It is a person somebody invested in. 90% of the American press is promoting him. Consequently, the same percentage of the mass media are working against Trump

The upper classes won there, while MidWest America is like Detroit that had all car manufacturing concerns removed and then taken to China or South Korea. It is a typical illustration of how Americans suffer from globalisation. The Ultraliberals are now staking on Biden, as it seems to them that it is the most suitable candidate against Trump.

I would like to go back to impeachment. Now everything is stumbling on the voting of the US House of Representatives and Senate where the Republicans are the majority. Don’t you think that Trump will be ousted from power in such conditions?

It is hard to predict because very powerful forces will be used now. Generally speaking, for the Ultraliberals the occasion is a deep shame. If there was corruption, it was linked with Biden and his son.

This story, by the way, illustrated that Russiagate was fabricated. In the end, we found out that Trump and Russia weren’t in cahoots, while the Americans had been “bombed” with this information for three years presenting it as an axiom.

It is quite hard to make forecasts now, but I can say that completely shameless people are working against Trump who will likely by using all possible means. They will certainly do whatever because their current actions are completely shameless: a person who wanted to investigate corruption has been accused of corruption for it.

By Lina Sarimova