“Spiritual wave”: Metropolitan Feofan launches Orthodox radio in Tatarstan

Roskomnadzor prefers Tatarstan Archeparchy to eminent candidates for the radio wave

“Spiritual wave”: Metropolitan Feofan launches Orthodox radio in Tatarstan
Photo: Dmitry Reznov

Roskomnadzor has determined the fate of the frequency of 95.5 MHz, 0.5 kW in Kazan. It is going to broadcast Orthodox Radio Vera Kazan. There were 7 applicants for the competition — it is organizations backed by famous billionaires, entertainers and businessmen. Until today, there have been no such broadcasts in the diocese. Read the details and opinions of experts in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

“It is an educational project”

The idea to start broadcasting Radio Vera Kazan in Tatarstan belongs to Metropolitan of Kazan and Tatarstan Feofan. Initially, the project was developed by first vice-rector of the Kazan Theological Seminary Hegumen Yevfimiy (Moiseev), who a few months ago by the decision of the Holy Synod was transferred to Tula as rector of the Tula Seminary.

Hegumen Yevfimiy, a philologist by first education, MSU graduate, has worked in Kazan for five years. Before that, he headed the publishing department in the Patriarchate. In Kazan, the priest actively cooperated with the media and successfully published a theological magazine. That is, journalism was not alien to him, so the fact that he supervised the work on the opening of Radio Vera Kazan in Kazan was quite justified.

“Such radio is very important for Tatarstan because almost half of the republic are Orthodox believers. But I think that these programmes can be interesting for both Muslims and representatives of other faiths. They will have the opportunity to get, if desired, accurate information about Orthodoxy. When Metropolitan Feofan and I discussed the concept of the future radio, we were thinking about a wide audience. In addition, there is a layer of people who are baptized, but not churched, they are interested in the Church, but rarely attend it. These programmes will also be useful for further steps. In fact, this is an educational project of the Kazan diocese,” Hegumen Yevfimiy, the current rector of the Tula theological seminary, commented on the opening of the radio to Realnoe Vremya.

After Hegumen Yevfimiy moved to Tula, Radio Vera Kazan was entrusted to the rector of the Church of the Descent of the Holy Spirit, Aleksey Chubakov. At the time of writing the material, he was in Moscow, just engaged in the broadcasting issues of the new radio.

It was not so easy to get the desired wave — the opponents of the Kazan Metropolitan Archdiocese were serious. Photo: Dmitry Reznov

Fighting for frequency

It was not so easy to get the desired frequency — the opponents of the Kazan Metropolitan Archdiocese were serious. Among them, there was even Tatmedia, which wanted to launch the channel Kitap, obviously relating to literature and promotion of books, as well as MRP-Group PLC. It is part of European Media Group and specializes in entertainment content, music hits of the ‘70-90s, that is, with a certain touch of nostalgia.

There were also federal applicants. For example, Russkiy Khit radio station, billionaire owner Mikhail Gutseriev, they also mention Filipp Kirkorov and Igor Krutoy. The latter, for a number of reasons, has a strong lobby in Kazan since the Universiade. Romantika PLC, belonging to Gazprom-media, also claimed the wave, and others.

“Yes, we have really won this frequency, and we are very happy. Radio Vera Kazan is going to broadcast programmes of the federal edition, but we will also supplement their regional content. I hope that our journalists will cooperate with us,” Archpriest Vladimir Samoylenko, the secretary of the diocesan administration of the Kazan diocese, told Realnoe Vremya.

It is assumed that the repeater of Radio Vera Kazan will be located in Pechischi. As Press Secretary of the Kazan diocese Dmitry Alikin said, “There are still a lot of organizational issues, and it is too early to talk about specific programmes.” In general, the programme of Radio Vera has programmes on the history of the Church, telling about its present day as well, and interviews.

The Kazan diocese in accordance with the rule will have to pay 6 750 000 rubles. The new radio will be broadcasted around the clock and daily. We want to believe that the Kazan Archdiocese will seriously approach this important social project and it will not suffer the sad fate of Radio Orpheus, which at one time began to broadcast in Tatarstan, and then the broadcasting stopped for a number of reasons.

“It’s nice to tune in to this wave”

What do experts think about broadcasting Radio Vera Kazan? Who will be its main listeners?

  • Hegumen Pimen (Iventyev)

    Hegumen Pimen (Iventyev) Vice-Rector of the Kizichesky Monastery

    Generally, the percentage of believers of old age who are at home and those who are driving is high, and they primarily listen to the radio. This segment should not be missed. I think that the audience will be everyone who is interested in the faith and the basis of the creed, they will have the opportunity to listen to their programmes. Such radio is important that people do not have a distorted impression of the Church. As a historian of secular education, I will be interested in programmes on the history of the Church, about the old Russian art, which I love.

  • Mikhail Kazakov

    Mikhail Kazakov Soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre and Tatar State Academy Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Dzhalil, laureate of international competitions

    I listen to this radio in Moscow when driving. It is always nice to hear not “seamy side”, but worthy programmes for worthy people, these programmes give a lot for soul and mind. Then also, Radio Vera broadcasts good music. Radio Vera is a very emotional wave, it's nice to tune in.

  • Nikolay Rybinsky

    Nikolay Rybinsky Orpheus radio observer

    As a person who has worked all his life on a radio, I want to advise colleagues, first of all, to pay attention to the financing of the project, to the dosed advertising of a certain direction, this is normal, such advertising is also present on Spas channel. In addition, it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the selection of personnel, to the musical repertoire. And the main thing — to build a competent time zone: at one time it is one target audience listening to the radio, at other — the other. I wish every success of colleagues!

By Tatyana Mamaeva