Khafiz Mirgalimov: ''Kazan citizens overpay for heat 1,5 times''

Incompetence in the calculation and confusing legislation hinder deputies of the State Council from understanding the situation with tariffs for housing and communal services

Tatarstan Communists are preparing t ohold a rally in defence of the socio-economic rights of citizens, First Secretary of the Tatarstan Regional Office of the Communist Party Khafiz Mirgalimov said at the press conference summarizing the 46th meeting of the Tatarstan State Council on 21 March. Which darft bills the members of the Tatarstan State Council are advancing, whose ''truth'' is spread out over Yelabuga and how much, according to the calculations of the Communists, heating should cost in Kazan — read in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

''We are not 'some' faction!''

Khafiz Mirgalimov started communication with journalists with pleasant news — he said that at the latest session of the State Council he had talked with the president of the Republic of Tatarstan and personally received the promise to build a new ophthalmological clinic in Kazan on the territory of the Republican Clinical Eye Hospital:

''Signed, the clinic will be built, the money has been allocated. Kindergarten No. 39 will be renovated.''

Mirgalimov briefly reported on the main achievements of the deputies from the Communist party — built and repaired at their insistence roads, clubs — and in the meantime gave a ''compliment'' to the head of Zelenodolsk district for inattention to the needs of residents.

''We visited in the village of Kugushevo, it was planned to build a club for three villages were with 50 seats. And when I met people there, 235 people came to the meeting. It is dangerous to enter the club,'' the speaker couldn't restrain the emotions. ''Where is comrade Tygin looking? Or Mr. Tygin? And I was told that his Ddeputy declared: ''Any fraction promised — let them build.'' We are not ''any'' fraction, voters trust us! For 4,5 years, at the insistence of the Communist party faction, 12 facilities were built.

Khafiz Mirgalimov said that at a recent session of the State Council he talked with the president of the Republic of Tatarstan and personally received a promise from him to finally build a new ophthalmological clinic in Kazan. Photo

Pitiful picture

Khafiz Mirgalimov routinely criticized the economic situation in Tatarstan and Russia and issued a forecast:

''The declared growth rate is not feasible. They drew 2,5 percent, but we do not feel a real development.''

The head of the faction cited statistics showing a significant increase in the number of complaints in defence of the rights of children coming from the population of Tatarstan:

''In 2017, there were 510 complaints in the field of education, in 2018 — 658, the right to family and family ties — in 2017 — 434, and in 2018 — almost 540, the right to housing — 437, became 497… and so on. And the number of complaints about the quality of education has increased by almost 29 per cent, the right to pre-school education — by 19 per cent, the quality of education and the educational process — by 18 per cent. The number of conflicts in schools between children, between children and teachers is increasing. Why? This state has no ideology, except the ideology of the dollar, the ideology of the euro, the ideology of the ruble. The issues of education should be under control.''

It is not the right ''pravda''

Khafiz Mirgalimov strongly disowned the involvement of the CPRF TRO to the recent scandalous release in Yelabuga of the bulletin Yelabuga Pravda. A leaflet with the symbols of the Communist party, containing denunciations of greed and machinations against the often replaced heads of the Executive Committee, criticism of plans to build the waste incineration plant in Tatarstan and accusations of officials of corruption, came out in 35,000 copies and mysteriously appeared on March 13 in the mailboxes of citizens.

Local and Kazan Communists hastened to disown the authorship and made it clear that the appearance of the bulletin — someone's provocation, designed to weaken the position of the Communist party on the eve of elections to the State Council.

Local and Kazan Communists hastened to disown the authorship and made it clear that the appearance of the Bulletin — someone's provocation

''What is it, can there be yelabuga or some other truth? The truth is one!'' Mirzalim Khafiz shook the leaf in front of reporters a copy of the bulletin, referring to whether the organ of the Communist party, or even the truth as a concept, in the sense of the truth. There was no agreement on release of the newspaper of the Republican Committee! We have an official press, here it is, it looks very different. And this, I think — the order of certain people who have already started their election campaign, they are trying to use the authority of the Communist party.''

But on a question whether Communists will demand investigation, to address in law enforcement agencies to find and neutralize the provoker, he answered negatively — they say they have neither time, nor desire to be engaged in such nonsense.

Few left

''Double overpayment for utility services applies to our republic as well,'' said Mr. Mirgalimov. ''How can it be that in areas the price of a cubic meter of water so varied — from 16 to 57 rubles?''

The correspondent of Realnoe Vremya asked why the Tatarstan deputies-Communists focused on the tactic of ''small deeds'' such as the construction of rural clubs and repair of kindergartens, and whether they're trying to initiate legislation, to ensure that the calculations of the population for utility services, in particular for heat, became fair and adequate quality and real consumption of citizens of the volumes of services. In response, the Communist MP complained that the Communist party faction was too small to pass any law through the State Duma:

''There are 43 of us there, and to pass the law, we need 225 plus one vote. Many laws are prepared by us and lie there, but are not even included in the agenda. As for shared-equity holders, dilapidated housing, the projects have been drafted.''

Alexander Komissarov explained that solving the problem of fair payment of housing and communal services is doubly difficult due to that this area is specific, and among the deputies of the State Council there are few specialists able to understand the calculations that justify the tariffs

Mirgalimov said that according to calculations carried out by the Communist party faction with the participation of experts, Kazan residents overpay for heat alone at least 1,5 times. But changes, he made it clear, are not expected, especially since recently in Tatarstan was even quietly dissolved established on the initiative of the Communists of the Republican interdepartmental commission to ensure the rights and legitimate interests of citizens in the provision of housing and communal services.

After the press conference the other Deputy — Communist Alexander Komissarov explained to the correspondent of the edition that solve the problem of fair payment for utility services is doubly difficult due to that the area of this specific, and among the deputies of the State Council there are few specialists able to understand the calculations upon which the rates, and numerous legal and sublegal acts that are governed by these calculations.

By Inna Serova. Photo:

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