About how TAIF-NK increases power supply reliability

TAIF-NK is among the top three enterprises in Nizhnekamsk by energy consumption volume. Therefore, a major taks set by the company is to increase power supply reliability. What programmes are implemented today and what the enterprise does in order to save energy — read in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Implementation of programmes on power supply reliability

TAIF-NK PSC is a dynamically developing enterprise with annual energy consumption amounting to more than 9 billion rubles. In 2018, the company has begun to implement the annual programme on increasing power supply reliability, implementation costs of which amount to about 50 million rubles.

The enterprise plans to replace shields of electrical equipment control stations at process units of the refinery. The shields were installed in the 1970s and now it is becoming more difficult to find spare parts to repair them. Therefore, this year it has been decided to install new highly reliable equipment on the site of old shields.

In addition, at the existing production facilities of TAIF-NK they plan to replace the power-factor correction unit and to install the uninterruptible power supply of auxiliary systems of the compressor GK-301, also the accumulator batteries will be updated at uninterruptible power supply units.

''As a rule, we adopt programmes for a long-term period. Last year, we completed the construction of a new facility — the Heavy Residue Conversion Complex. The growth of power consumption of TAIF-NK PSC for the current year will be about 80 MW and will reach the level of 117 MW in 2018. The ongoing programme to increase the reliability of power supply has been adopted for one year, then we will definitely develop and implement the next one,'' chief power engineer of TAIF-NK PSC Ramil Davliev says.

To date, TAIF-NK is actively digitalizing the energy industry. The transition to digital economy has been announced by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, this course has been supported by President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Therefore, the oil refining company is now introducing intelligent systems that ensure smooth operation of the enterprise and, at the same time, save energy.

From 2012 to 2016, TAIF-NK had a long-term programme to improve the reliability of energy supply. Within its framework, 11 measures were implemented worth about 140 million rubles. In the period since the programme began, the refinery upgraded 6 kV switchgears, replaced draw-out elements of the high voltage units of switchgear-type with oil circuit breakers with vacuum and SF 6 circuit breakers with the replacement of relay protection with microprocessing one, updated uninterruptible power supply, mounted high-speed automatic load transfer.

''The measures taken allow to ensure reliable power supply, to avoid power supply interruptions, to significantly reduce the number of violations of technological modes connected with undervoltages,'' explained chief power engineer of TAIF-NK PSC Ramil Davliev.

Reduction of energy consumption by the enterprise is one of the major tasks set for the staff by Director General of TAIF-NK PSC Rushan Shamgunov. In order to reduce the volume of power consumption at the enterprise, from 2007 to 2010 there was the Energy Saving Programme, consisting of 23 measures amounting to about 19 million rubles. Due to this, energy consumption was reduced by 29 million rubles. The programme, adopted for the period up to 2017, provided for significant spending thanks to which energy consumption will decrease by 71 million rubles a year.

Renewal of water supply networks and local biological treatment facilities

In order to reduce water consumption at the gasoline plant and the oil refinery, long-term programmes on replacement of networks are in place until 2019: the worn-out pipelines are replaced with polyethylene ones, which will help to avoid leaks and have a lifetime of at least 50 years.

''In 2015, we replaced the drops separators at the refinery, which reduced the water carry-over to circulation water system. Accordingly, we have reduced the makeup. We also conduct repairs of pipeline leaks during the first 24 hours of detection,'' Ramil Davliev continued.

The large-scale reconstruction of local biological treatment facilities has also allowed to reduce water consumption. In the summer of 2017, the refinery launched updated local biological treatment facilities, which remove up to 99.99% of oil products and other pollutants of industrial wastewater coming from the company's existing production sites. As a result of the large-scale reconstruction of the shop of local biological treatment of industrial wastewater, the negative impact on the environment of the Nizhnekamsk industrial node has decreased — water consumption has decreased by 70%, emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere have reduced. The water cycle is now closed and the treated water is reused at the plant.

In the summer of 2017, the refinery launched updated local biological treatment facilities. Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

Reducing the use of heating energy and natural gas

TAIF-NK commits itself to the course of reducing the consumption of natural gas, which is used as a fuel for product heating:

''We aim to reduce the consumption of natural gas as fuel and raw material, we pay special attention to costs reduction, irrational use of energy and its losses. To heat the products, waste heat is widely used, so the products are heated with waste heat, then we will need less heat for heating in ovens,'' said chief power engineer of TAIF-NK PSC Ramil Davliev.

Also, the company pays special attention to the work to reduce the volume of energy consumption. Due to optimization, TAIF-NK has reduced the volume of consumption of thermal energy from side by 2%. In general, due to the work carried out at TAIF-NK there was no accident associated with failures of energy supply.

The absence of accidents and the reduction of energy consumption indicate the successful implementation of programmes in the field of saving and energy reliability at TAIF-NK. Thanks to the course set by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and supported by President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, Russia and Tatarstan are actively digitalizing the energy industry. The new ministry of digital development, communications and mass communications, created in the new government of the Russian Federation headed by Konstantin Noskov, was entrusted with supervising this issue. TAIF-NK is among the companies that was one of the first to start active digitalization of the energy industry and it allocates impressive funds for this purpose. This ensures the smooth operation of the plants and significantly reduces the environmental burden. Over the years of its work, TAIF-NK has established itself as an environmentally responsible company, so the company will continue to give preference to the most modern technologies to reduce energy consumption and increase energy supply reliability.

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