Theatrical season opening in Tatarstan: Hamlet, Nabucco and Ayaz İshaki’s novel dramatization

Theatrical season opening in Tatarstan: Hamlet, Nabucco and Ayaz İshaki’s novel dramatization Photo: Maksim Platonov

At the press conference of leaderships of the leading theatres of Tatarstan, the theme for the first month of the autumn was traditional: what premieres the theatre lovers will have opportunity to watch. Read the details in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

The lights will light up in Kachalov theatre

Opening the press conference, Minister of Culture of Tatarstan Ayrat Sibagatullin told that the great support to Tatarstan theatres is provided by the program ''Theatres of small towns'' and the program called ''Theatre — for children''. The funds provided by these programs go for new performances.

Art director of the Kachalov theatre Aleksandr Slavutsky, who was in a hurry to a rehearsal, was the first of the theatre directors to tell about plans for the season. The work on Flight by Bulgakov is being finalized in the Drama Theatre named after V. I. Kachalov, it will be the first premiere of the new season, it will take place on 6 October.

''The most difficult thing is to compete with yourself, the theatre performed the previous season with good performance. We played by 15 performances more, earned by 8 million rubles more, served the audience by 11,000 more than in the previous season,'' said Alexander Slavutsky.

''The most difficult thing is to compete with yourself,'' noted Alexander Slavutsky. Photo: Maksim Platonov

After Flight, another premiere will take place in December, it will be a concert-cabaret When the street lights light up. The theatre usually works in this genre besides the actual performance at the festival of Russian art in Marseille. In addition, the theatre begins in a specific sequence to work on Don Quixote and Hamlet.

A director from Saint-Petersburg Vitaly Konyaev, who headed until recently the Operetta Theatre, plans to produce in Kazan The Forest by Ostrovsky. In the previous season, the Konyaev produced in the Kachalov theatre The Taming of the Shrew — quite a controversial play.

Kachalov theatre in the new season has big performances plans — the solo performance The Last Day goes to the festival in Hanover, the theatre is invited on tour in Sevastopol and Sochi. The trips to Germany and China are being under discussion.

The hall for 17,000 spectators

As director of the Tatar State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Musa Jalil Raufal Mukhametzyanov informed, the first premiere of the season will be Nabucco by Verdi. In place of the play staged at the time by Italian director Denis Krief, there will come a new production, Yefim Maizel will work on it, in Kazan he is known by the successful Il trovatore.

Maizel has long lived in America and successfully work in the Metropolitan Opera and other top theaters. By the way, in the spring of next year Nabucco is invited to one of the largest sites of Amsterdam – the hall that accommodates 17,000 spectators. The premiere of this opera will take place in the Chaliapin festival in February next year.

Yefim Maizel is known in Kazan due to the successful Il trovatore. Photo: Maksim Platonov

Another premiere of this season — new La Bayadère by Ludwig Minkus. The audience will see in at the Nureyev festival, which this season promises to be more eventful, because on 17 March next year is anniversary — Rudolf Nureyev turns 80. In this regard, the theatre of Boris Eifman will participate in the festival.

As for touring, they are always busy in the opera, many Europeans know about Tatarstan just because of the tours of the Kazan theatre. In the new season, the opera company tours in the Netherlands in October, February and March, the ballet company will perform in Switzerland, Austria, France, Germany and the Netherlands from November to end of January.

In addition to opera and ballet performances, you should pay attention to a recital of Albina Shagimuratova, which will be held on 15 December. The opera stage will also hold the festival The Wind of Change, its three concerts are scheduled for 1, 2, 3 December. All three days will have the same program.

No less interesting will be the season the Kamal Tatar State Academic Theatre, at a press conference, its leadership was represented by the head of the literary part, a theater critic Niyaz Iglamov.

The theatre has recently been awarded the prize of the government of Russia named after Fyodor Volkov. At the festival in Ufa, the prize was awarded to Don Giovanni performed by the Kamal theatre, the play Antigone by Farid Bikchantaev in the Bashkir academic theatre named after M. Gafuri was awarded the Grand Prix of the festival.

The Kamal theatre opens the season on 6 October with the traditional The Blue Shawl. The first premiere will take place on the Small stage – it is the actual play by Suyumbel Gafarova Alien, which tells the story of settlers, Farid Bikchantaev is working on the play.

The Kamal theatre opens the season on 6 October with the traditional The Blue Shawl. Photo:

This season the theatre will offer the audience the dramatization of the novels by Ayaz İshaki and Ayaz Gilyazov, the play based on the novel by Naki Isanbet Mirkay and Aysylu. The contest for the new Tatar play, which is traditionally held by the Kamal theatre, this year has been reformatted, in the results the theatre will host readings of the best works.

In December, on the basis of Kamal theatre there will be the traditional festival of young directors Remeslo, in the beginning of the summer – the educational forum Nowruz.

By Tatyana Mamaeva

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