Rinat Zakirov: ''According to the Russian Constitution, Tatarstan is a state, we have all attributes''

Head of the Executive Committee of the World Congress of the Tatars about key topics of the 6th sessions of the World Congress of the Tatars

Rinat Zakirov: ''According to the Russian Constitution, Tatarstan is a state, we have all attributes''
Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

Kazan is preparing for the 6 th session of the World Congress of the Tatars, which will be held from 2 to 6 August. 801 delegates from the republic, Russia, near and far abroad countries confirmeв their participation. The participants are going to speak about consolidation of Tatars and new areas in this work at the forum. The problem of conservation of the Tatar language will become one of the key topics. The last meeting of the organising committee took place in the Tatarstan State Council on 29 July. Realnoe Vremya tells the details.

Jubilee session

The sixth session coincided with the 25 th anniversary of the World Congress of the Tatars. The WCT Executive Committee prepares for it as a big and important event that drew the attention of the Tatars throughout the world. We should remind the World Congress of the Tatars was created in June 1992, and its sessions are held every 5 years. And they all made their contribution to the development of the republic. So, according to the latest one – the fifth session – they adopted the concept on conservation of the national identity of the Tatars and a namesake state programme on its basis.

Speaking about preparation for the forum, director of the organisation Rinat Zakirov told where Kazan was waiting for guests from. 479 delegates will come from Russian regions, 210 – from other countries, 106 – from Tatarstan cities and districts. In addition, there will be 253 guests – over 1,000 people in total.

''People from Finland, Australia, Canada, USA and all other countries where Tatars live will come to us,'' Chairman of WCT Executive Committee Rinat Zakirov noted.

An entire group of famous researchers are expected among the honourable guests of the forum – Soviet and Russian astrophysicist Rashid Sunyaev, director of the Institute of Oceanology, scientist and mechanic Robert Nigmatullin and other noted people.

An entire group of famous researchers are among the honourable guests of the forum including astrophysicist Rashid Syunyaev. Photo: itogi.ru

From Tatar emigrants to consolidation of people

On 2 August, the first session day, the delegates are going to discuss the project of a single all-national platform of the mother tongue, topical problems on education of kids and the young, demography, family as well as entrepreneurship and patronage. Four discussion platforms will work in the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences, Tatarstan Ministry of Culture and Kazan National Culture Centre.

''This problem is the most painful, important for us the further conservation of the nation depends on. There is no nation without a language. And our statehood is turning into a shaky structure that won't have special importance anymore. According to the Russian Constitution, Tatarstan is a state, we have all attributes. This is why it is important for us to conserve the mother tongue to conserve the nation,'' Rinat Zakirov emphasised.

Great attention will be paid to conservation of the mother tongue. The problem concerns many residents of Tatarstan.

A round-table talk ''Museum of Tatar Emigrants and Portrait Gallery of the Tatars'' will open at Hazine gallery on the first day.

The plenary session where Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov will deliver the main report is to be on 3 August. It will start at 10 a.m. and last until 6 p.m. Consolidation of the Tatars and new areas in the work is the key topic. Head of the Tatarstan Ministry of Economy Artyom Zdunov and Tatarstan Investment Development Agency Taliya Minullina will tell about economic and investment potential of the republic.

The plenary session is to be on 3 August. Photo: speaker.tatarstan.ru

WCT Executive Committee chairman to be re-elected at the session

Conclusions to the work of the WCT Executive Committee and its structures in the last 10 years are to be drawn during the session. At the end of the meeting, the participants will adopt the resolution of the session and re-elect members of the organisation and its chairman. Today's chairman – Rinat Zakirov – has been holding this post for over 15 years.

On 4 August, the guests will be presented social, economic and industrial facilities of the republic: Khimgrad technopolis, Kazan Arena stadium, Innopolis, etc. On the same day, a Tatar folk music concert will take place on the stage of the M. Jalil Tatar Opera and Ballet Theatre at 6 p.m. An away session is scheduled on 5 August. The delegates will visit Arsk, Kukmor, Baltasi and Tyulachy districts of the republic.

''We discussed the preparation with the heads of the districts, so it will be interesting for the guests. We not only prepared just an entertaining programme but also organised meetings with Tatar families in Tatar villages,'' Rinat Zakirov noted.

Upon arrival back in Kazan at 5 p.m., the session participants will visit an instrumental contest-festival. Musical groups of the republic will perform at the festival. Contests, exhibitions, concerts, art meetings and many other events are scheduled during the forum. In brief, the organisers put effort and hope the guests won't be bored.

''Tatars are becoming more active. You see yourself that Tatars come together wherever they live,'' WCT Executive Committee Chairman Rinat Zakirov told.

But the director of the organisation admitted there are unsolved problems. They need to work on education and conservation of the Tatar language a lot.

By Vasilya Shirshova