Branch of TGC-16 PJSC Nizhnekamsk CHPP: history of semi-centennial success

Branch of TGC-16 PJSC Nizhnekamsk CHPP: history of semi-centennial success
Photo: Maksim Platonov

The biggest combined heat power plant of the republic – branch of TGC-16 PJSC Nizhnekamsk CHPP – celebrated its 50 th jubilee. The launch of this plant in Tatarstan 50 years ago allowed to create the most powerful energy base that provided construction and development of the key industrial hub on Nizhnyaya Kama where the city of Nizhnekamsk was born. Now the Nizhnekamsk CHPP is the largest heat and energy producer of the Republic of Tatarstan that has its both feet on the floor and confidently looks into the future. On the eve of the memorable date, Realnoe Vremya knew about the life of the first Nizhnekamsk CHPP.

Unique facility of Russian power engineering

It is difficult to imagine but nobody could think about this industrial and economic phenomenon just five decades ago. Everything changed when in the middle of the 20 th century, the administration of the country made a decision to start a great all-Union construction and erect the biggest European petrochemical complex in the eastern part of the Kama River Region of the TASSR and its fellow town Nizhnekamsk. In 1967, together with the launch of the first turbo generator, the newly-born Nizhnekamsk combined heat power plant produced the first industrial current 1,5 hours till midnight, and the heart of all Nizhnekamsk Industrial Hub started to rhythmically beat. In the next 10 years, due to selfless service of its collectives of engineering companies, machine engineers, energy constructors, assemblers and operators, the first Nizhnekamsk CHPP (a branch of TGC-16 PJSC, which is a generating company of TAIG Group of Companies) reached its installed capacity.

Today the branch of TGC-16 PJSC Nizhnekamsk CHPP is one the biggest combined heat power plants of Europe. The installed energy capacity of the plant (10 turbo generators, 16 energy units and 5 boilers) is equal to 880 MW, and heat – 3, 746 Gcal/h. Petrochemical enterprises like Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC, TAIF-NK PJSC, industrial enterprises Tatneft PJSC and heat supply network Tatenergo are major heat consumers of the plant. Moreover, the Nizhnekamsk CHPP provides about 65-70% of the annual heat energy production to supply Nizhnekamsk with heat.

Today the branch of TGC-16 PJSC Nizhnekamsk CHHP is one the biggest combined heat power plants of Europe

Nizhnekamsk CHPP is a unique facility of Russian power engineering in terms of the installed equipment, volume and parameters of the produced industrial steam.

''The plant takes leading positions among heat power plants of Russia concerning the economical and technological production level,'' says director general of TGC-16 PJSC Eduard Galeyev. Nizhnekamsk CHPP annually reduces brake specific heat consumption and augments industrial production paces. For instance, in 2016, the plant produced 4,7bn kWh of energy and 17m Gcal/h of heat having reached the greatest indicators in the last 10 years.

Plant's history is history of constant perfection

According to the executives of TGC-16 PJSC, the whole history of the plant is the history of development and perfection. Effective technological solutions of the administration of the company, latest modernisation and reconstruction of the equipment provide the foundation of the stable function of infrastructural facilities of Nizhnekamsk and the petrochemical complex of the Republic of Tatarstan and allow the plant to keep with the time being successful and competitive.

Many novelties of the energy sector of Tatarstan are implemented right in the Nizhnekamsk CHPP. The main modernisation areas of the plant today are reliability enhancement, safety, economy and ecological friendliness of production. Deep integration with industrial consumers remains a priority. ''Technical rearmament of Condensate Purification Plant of Chemical Shop No.1 is one of the recent big resource saving investment projects,'' the director general notes. ''Its implementation with Nizhnekamskneftekhim PJSC provided a reception of return industrial condensate to the plant's cycle.''

Slime Water Drainage Complex based on pressure tank filters is aimed to increase the efficiency of sewage water treatment process

The plant celebrates its 50 th anniversary working hard on several big projects at once. Preparation for the start-up of the fuel gas supply system of Heavy Residues Deep Conversion Complex at TAIF-NK is coming to an end. It will allow to provide almost wasteless oil refining. Slime Water Drainage Complex based on pressure tank filters, which is aimed to increase the efficiency of sewage water treatment process, is also about to finish. What is more, Nizhnekamsk CHPP accomplishes a project of full-fledged reconstruction of the plant's operating power system and increases production capacities of the water purifier of chemical shops by 400 tonnes per hour while increasing energy supply reliability and provision of the growing needs of the petrochemical complex for energy resources supplied by the plant. Together with leading turbine and pipe producers, steam turbine and feed pump modernisation programmes are under detailed development.

Effective nature protection activity

Recognising the scale of its man-made impact on the environment, Nizhnekamsk CHPP pays great attention to nature protection activity and is pursuing an effective ecological policy by means of optimisation of production processes, energy saving measures, implementation of the best available technologies and rational resource consumption. ''Thanks to the measures of the programme on ecological safety in the Nizhnekamsk CHPP last year, the company managed to prevent harm to the environment at about 80m rubles,'' Eduard Galeyev shares.

Staff's professional and education level is a secret of success

Equipment is equipment, a human manages these capacities. ''Centennial is enough to estimate the professionalism and responsibility of constructors of the Nizhnekamsk CHPP and those who have been using the equipment for these years. There is admiration for the memory of veteran energy workers who went through all the ins and outs of the formation period, founded famous traditions of the collective, accomplishment of set plans and production feats could be impossible without their selfless labour,'' the TGC-16 director general says. Nizhnekamsk CHPP was admitted one of the best enterprises of the region in terms of the work organisation in occupational safety and health and regulation of social and labour relations.

''Centennial is enough to estimate the professionalism and responsibility of constructors of the Nizhnekamsk CHPP,'' says Eduard Galeyev

''Technological and executive discipline, the staff's professional and education level, effective work organisation, technological production preparation allow to successfully perform the tasks of TGC-16 PJSC and TAIF PJSC reaching new horizons,'' Eduard Galeyev draws a conclusion.

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