Katya Borisova: where do the most beautiful girls live – in Ufa or Kazan?

Famous designer tells how food of nomadic ancestors affected the appearance of the Tatars

Katya Borisova: where do the most beautiful girls live – in Ufa or Kazan? Photo: facebook.com

Famous Ufa journalist Shamil Valeyev recently published a curious post on Facebook where he compared Kazan and Ufa girls having preferred the latter. His opinion caused heated debates among users from Tatarstan and Bashkiria. In an interview with Realnoe Vremya's correspondent, Kazan fashion designer Katya Borisova answered to the polemic statement from Ufa. During the talk, she told where the most beautiful girls lived, formulated the parameters of an ideal Russian girl and developed the idea of the influence of the nomadic past and food on the appearance of modern Tatars.

Where do the most beautiful girls live?

Katya, did you see the post of an Ufa journalist who says that girls in Ufa are more beautiful than in Kazan? Do you agree with this statement of the blogger who joked that the lack of sun was the reason.

I did. Is there any excess of Sun in Ufa? Probably it is a branch of Monaco (laughing).

By the way, people joke there at times about sunny Bashkortostan.

Earlier people also talked about sunny Tatarstan, you know – the country of evergreen tomatoes. Speaking seriously, the blogger's statement is an absolutely partial opinion. Kazan has enough Tatars with Bashkir roots, and Bashkiria has enough people with Tatar roots – blood mixed a lot. Timur, I think it is a kind of partial view of people who like some features of a person. Going deeper, Bashkir girls' faces are more oriental than Kazan Tatar girls' faces.

Do you mean the presence of mongoloid traits?

Exactly. There is no pure blood anywhere. The mixture of the European blood with the blood of local people gives the most surprising pictures of human beauty. The brighter the mixture is, on the one hand, the brighter European traits and, on the other hand, eastern, Asian (oriental) traits are, the more interesting a face picture is.

There is an opinion that the most beautiful children are born from parents who belong to different ethnicities…

I agree. If you come to England, you will learn how to distinguish the Britons at any airport of the world because the so-called insular faces are noticeable. People who live on a closed territory reproduce between relatives, speaking the biological language. When people live on an island, they are isolated. The flow of new blood is quite limited. The population on such territories doesn't have mixed marriages. They marry each other because one and the same traits are inherited. This is why English actors are known in films, it easy to find English people in the underground, among café visitors. It is easy to distinguish insular people like New Zealanders, Australians. There are especial characteristics that distinguish this type, of course. I completely agree that faces that are a result of interethnic unions are more interesting.

You travel around the world a lot. In your opinion, where are the most beautiful girls?

First of all, as a girl, I won't be impartial. I often visit Germany in recent time. We all perfectly know what people say about German women. Thinking of a German woman, we are unlikely to mean a girl from 18 to 30 years. While German women of this age are incredibly beautiful, very nice and lovely. When people say that a French woman is the beauty standard, my feminine view says another thing. If you just walk on a street in France as a tourist, visit usual tourist destinations and simple establishments (cafés), you are unlikely to see a beautiful French woman. Yes, there are handsome French men. Italians are very handsome, though, in my opinion, they are short a bit. But their women are not very beautiful. German women attract me a lot in recent time. I had quite a stereotyped opinion about the German beauty for a long time.

''Thinking of a German woman, we are unlikely to mean a girl from 18 to 30 years. While German women of this age are incredibly beautiful, very nice and lovely.'' Photo: thestyleeditor.livejournal.com

Ideal of Russian beauty

What is the beauty standard for Russians?

Probably we should ask judges of beauty competitions like Miss World or Miss Republic. Actually, the beauty standard is the same – long hair of natural colour. It doesn't matter whether the girl is blonde or black-haired because every region has its own preferences. For instance, a girl with dark hair will never become Miss Baltic. In our region, in Russia, a raven- or chestnut-haired girl can become the winner. But hair must be of natural colour, groomed, beautiful and certainly long. The majority of people think that long hair is very beautiful. In addition, there must be open forehead, without fringe to estimate the face architecture and proportions because a forehead covered with fringe shadows face proportions. The open one shows all proportional disadvantages and advantages. The face must have cheekbones, with a bit of face muscles. It is a skinny face, not cheeky, with high cheekbones. Cheekbone operations are in the top of aesthetic operations, you know, because it is thought that a face with cheekbones is beautiful, womanly, blunt, erotic and young…

While I thought nose and eye shape operations were popular.

Eye shape operations are popular in another part of the world – in Japan, Korea, China. Surgeons make miracles and create cartoon girls with huge eyes. In the Russian Federation, this operation is not very popular, though somebody probably performs it. But we are speaking about commonly accepted rules. The nose must be small, not snub, not hooked, not long. Quite big thick lips are what has been very popular today. At times people go too far. Nevertheless, it is today's beauty stereotype. The girl must be quite tall, from 170 to 180 cm, with a C cup size, with hips from 90 to 96 cm, waist from 55 to 65 cm. It is preferable that a woman's shoe size remained feminine, no more than 40 size, though it is difficult to conserve such parameters. So we analysed everything.

How nomadic life affected Tatars' appearance

What clothes do people wear in the Ural and Volga regions?

Different. I was in Chelyabinsk. I liked the city. The architecture is very interesting there, there are many houses built under Stalin. Chelyabinsk has a great deal of beautiful people, girls. But beauty there is completely different. It is different from the beauty we see here. The Ural Russian blood, Ural breed is stronger, the skeleton of men and women is more stable. Men are very handsome there – strong Ural men, so that you just imagine Master Danil who carved a stone flower out of a cliff. But girls are of central Russian beauty.

Speaking of the clothes they wear, they are simpler. I was in Saratov, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod. The trend in shopping malls and boutiques I had a chance to visit is the following: the clothes I had to see in shops look quite simple. People wear simple clothes. Anyway in Kazan where there is a Byzantine line of cultural perception where people want to wear expensive clothes, look rich to emphasise their social status, our street looks more lively. In winter, there is fur, more people wear rich fur coats, people wear natural fur coats, good hats with good bags even in public transport (in the underground).

As for the fashion in Nizhny Novgorod, even if it is better than Kazan in some economic indicators, it doesn't have an impact. We have more expensive cars, we have more well-dressed people in the street (not at elite night clubs, restaurants). A Kazan street looks smarter. It doesn't look similar to a Nizhny Novgorod street. It is a bit different, brighter. It is neither good nor bad. It is how we see our culture. We need to conserve it and don't aspire to look like Paris, Moscow or Petersburg. Everyone has their own sky above their head, their sun that is in deficit or in surplus.

There is an opinion that Finno-Ugric traits prevail among Kazan citizens. Have you ever noted anything like this?

They do. There is a climatic explanation of it. Winter is cold and long. Speaking of our men, their majority is not tall, has a medium height. Do you remember the summer when we had the Swimming World Championships? So many wonderful swimmers came. I was in a shopping mall. A team of foreign sportsmen were brought there. They looked like Argonauts – they were so tall. All women of the shopping mall just rushed to that corner to look at them because it is a novelty for us. And our face type, height and musculature have their own premise for development.

'Our face type, height and musculature have their own premise for development.'' Photo: Oleg Tikhonov

If we are speaking about Tatars, they are nomads. What did Tatars eat when they moved from one place to another? Horse meat. Where did they prepare it? Under their horse's saddle. The horse rode, sweated, its meat absorbed the salt and became eatable. Are there vegetables and crops that can grow in a steppe? Our mums fed us with porridge when we were kids and told to grow. This genotype put down roots. Now we are the people as we are.

By Timur Rakhmatullin