Minnikhanov’s Eastern tour: Viking for the UAE, self-sufficient Bahrain and hi from Mao Zedong’s homeland

The results of the foreign visits of Tatarstan delegations were summarized at Tatarstan Cabinet of Ministers

February, although the shortest month, was intensive. Instagram subscribers of Rustam Minnikhanov sincerely worried, ''Do you ever have a rest?'' The Eastern trip started in Saudi Arabia, then was continued in the UAE as part of the Russian delegation, then in Bahrain and then China. At a traditional briefing in Cabinet of Ministers, Minister of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan Albert Karimov summed up the last three overseas trips. Read more in the article of Realnoe Vremya.

Amphibious all-terrain vehicle in the desert

The February trip of Rustam Minnikhanov as part of the official Russian delegation began in Abu Dhabi. Together with Minister of Industry of Russia Denis Manturov Minnikhanov took part in the International defence exhibition IDEX-2017. It is one of the most representative exhibitions of arms in the world where guests show war machines and weapons in action. Tatarstan has taken part in the exhibition not for the first time. Traditionally, the Republic brought the ships of the Zelenodolsk ship building plant, helicopters of the Kazan Helicopters plant, the vehicles of KAMAZ. The highlight was amphibious all-terrain vehicle Viking, which is produced in the Kama Industrial Park Master. One can see from Instagram how important this product is for Rustam Minnikhanov. The rare photo receives a comment of the author. Usually, the followers guess what the president thinks about a particular fact, but there was a signature, ''The best vehicle in the world!'' In the video, Viking crosses the river under Minnikhanov inquiries about how this miracle of technology is managed.

''Our amphibious all-terrain vehicle went down from the shore into the water, sailed, turned around and went out of the water. All of this was taken on video,'' Minister of Industry and Trade of Tatarstan Albert Karimov told the reporters.

The amphibious impressed the hosts of the exhibition: they discussed the possibility of small-scale production of all-terrain vehicles together with the UAE company ARJ Holding.

Minnikhanov invited adviser to the Emir of the UAE Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan to visit Kazan, as said the president of Tatarstan said, ''at any time''. A suitable occasion will be in May — Kazan hosts the international economic forum of Russia and OIC countries — KAZANSUMMIT.

All is quiet in the Kingdom

It takes not so long to fly from the UAE to the small but rich state of Bahrain, located on the Islands of the Persian Gulf. Along with Denis Manturov, Minnikhanov met with the leadership of the country. The King of Bahrain spoke about Tatarstan as one of the fastest growing and most successful regions of Russia.

''We also know President of the Republic Rustam Minnikhanov well, whom we love and respect,'' said Hamad Al Khalifa.

In April 2016, the Tatarstan delegation was in Bahrain, that time they also discussed the strengthening of Russian-Bahraini relations, in particular even on direct flights to Manama from Kazan. This year they have not touched the topic, but the overall policy of rapprochement has been continued. While nothing binds the Republic and the Kingdom, and Minnikhanov urged ''to intensify work and go to the specific forms of business cooperation''. In particular, Tatarstan is interested in deliveries to Manama of KAMAZ cars and oil equipment, in the cooperation in the field of Islamic banking. Minnikhanov promised the investors from Bahrain to create the best conditions in the Tatarstan SEZs.

The King of Bahrain spoke about Tatarstan as one of the fastest growing and most successful regions of Russia

The representatives of the Kingdom also received a routine invitation to KAZANSUMMIT, the Confederations Cup and the World Cup.

In general, Tatarstan needs in Bahrain more than the Kingdom does in Tatarstan, so Albert Karimov quickly turned this page of the Middle East trip.

The Celestial Empire: from grain to students

The trip to China turned out to be far more productive. The Tatarstan delegation visited Hunan Province, the homeland of Mao Zedong. Tatarstan and Hunan have already established a dialogue. So, it is planned the construction of Xiaoxiang-Volga Agricultural Park in the Laishevsky district. It will process grain. Several Chinese companies are interested in the construction of the buildings of the park, as well as in the production.

''The project is being under discussion of the details, assessment of the amount of investments,'' said Minister of Industry of Tatarstan Albert Karimov.

As it can be understood from the explanation of the minister, the project is entirely private and the state's share in it is not provided.

Another area where the cooperation of the Province and Tatarstan is possible – it is the production of electric cars, in particular, KAMAZ was instructed to develop CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co.

''The company produces locomotives, trams, trolley buses. The machines work on the supercapacitors – it is a new technology. While the vehicle is at a stop, it is recharged and enough to drive another three-five kilometers. KAMAZ is also working on electric cars, and we need to improve the exchange of technology,'' says Karimov.

Minnikhanov offered to change Chinese cranes, excavators and loaders on the chassis of KAMAZ

The cooperation can be established with Sany Group, the largest manufacturer of construction equipment in the world. Over five years the company has invested one billion dollars outside of China, it would be nice to get such an investor in Alabuga. Now Sany manufactures equipment on the basis of chassis Mercedes. Minnikhanov offered to change Chinese cranes, excavators and loaders on the chassis of KAMAZ. The Chinese side promised to consider the proposal.

Art is going to strengthen cooperation intentions: Tatarstan hosts the days of culture of Hunan. Besides, Tatarstan is interested in the Chinese students – now there are only 300 students from China out of 8.000 foreigners in the universities of Kazan.

By Darya Turtseva. Photo: prav.tatarstan.ru