Sergey Sall, a physicist: ''If we adopt these technologies, need for oil and gas will be reduced tenfold''

Sergey Sall, a physicist: ''If we adopt these technologies, need for oil and gas will be reduced tenfold''

Power generating systems that do not require gas or oil fuel, in other words, any energy, but they produce energy themselves… Sounds fantastic. However, such plants have already been developed, tested and patented by scientists from different countries. For example, car engines running on this system do not require refuelling with gasoline or any other fuel, and it is quite easy to assemble them. If these discoveries promise such great benefit to the world, which is experiencing the oil crisis, why are they ignored? A physicist Sergey Sall told about this in the interview with Realnoe Vremya.

Mr Sall, tell us more about these power systems that do not pollute the environment and solve the problem of oil dependence.

The solution to this problem was proposed by Nikola Tesla over a century ago. Many inventors of America and other countries followed his steps. Today we can say that the problem has been completely resolved at the technical level.

There are two main directions of energy development. The first one is energy, that is, the use of different so-called mono thermic converters, magnetic engines, generators based on the Tesla coil and other similar devices. These devices do not consume any energy and can produce it themselves. This energy, as Tesla wrote, is taken from the ether, from the global environment, which is the carrier of electromagnetic waves, based on which all elementary particles are built.

The second direction, the controlled cold fusion. This problem has also been solved. The internal combustion engines have been perfected. Any person who has a garage or workshop very simply can convert their car and use the achievements of science. Because the solution of energy problem by using controlled cold fusion is technically much easier to perform than using devices like the Tesla generator. Besides, cold fusion offers the possibility of obtaining new substances and materials.

Both in Russia and abroad, many inventors brought the internal combustion engine to perfection. For example, it was made by our inventor Evgeny Ivanovich Andreyev in St. Petersburg. The story of this discovery in the Soviet Union is astonishing. A motorist was driving his old Moskvich 407. The gas station was already closed, but he needed to drive to another city. He began to refill the tank with water. So he diluted the gasoline, the engine sneezed, but meantime, he travelled hundreds of kilometres using only almost one litre of gasoline. With this discovery, the development of this theme in the Soviet Union began and then in Russia continued. Andreyev solved completely this problem. Usual Zhiguli was perfected. Gasoline is only required to start the engine, and consumption of gasoline is reduced to zero idling and driving on the highway. Fuel ingestion from the tank was completely overlapped. What happens? Combustion of nitrogen and oxygen. The result is new isotopes, when of one molecule it is released energy hundred times more than from the combustion of gasoline. Combustion of air is accompanied by soft x-ray radiation, which is completely absorbed by the engine and so it is not dangerous to humans.

''Any person who has a garage or workshop very can simply convert their car and use the achievements of science.'' Photo:

The scheme of engine modifications is quite simple. On the Internet, you can find many devices that are now sold on the market. Special magnets are put on the fuel hose, and one magnetisation of fuel leads to a saving of about 20%. Then the same magnets affect the air-droplet mixture, and the engine is brought up to autonomous combustion. That is, the supply air becomes fuel. The output is other isotopes. All this is described in the book Natural energy, volume 3. There are links to relevant patents, and any people who work in the workshops can easily and effortlessly bring simple engines such as those that exist in the Soviet Zhiguli to work in this standalone mode.

In order to rebuild the current engines, which use processors in the device of fuel ignition, one will have to either remove these processors or to do their special re-flashing. The thing is that one needs not to put the lead angle in the engine but the angle of lag of the ignition of the fuel. Then the engine works independently in autonomous mode. It requires no gasoline, no water. Gasoline is required only in the moments throttling and the engine start. That is, during a long trip the fuel consumption can be reduced by approximately two orders of magnitude.

Such car was even shown at the exhibition EXPO-2004 in Paris. The audience who saw it with their own eyes and applauded. But after that, the Deputy Minister of Energy of France came to our inventors and said, ''Hey, guys, you are hunted, you'd better leave Paris immediately.'' When they came out, their car had already been burned. They worked for several years in St. Petersburg, equipped hundreds of cars with such engines. But a few years ago, under strange circumstances Evgeny Andreyev, chief inventor, died. His small enterprise was destroyed. All documentation has been preserved, the patent is on the Internet, anyone can see and do.

It is very topical in connection with the recent oil events, especially with the coming to power of Trump. Oil production is multiply increasing, primarily shale. What will be the result? It will lead to very negative consequences. The very extraction of shale oil is accompanied by severe environmental pollution. Judging by what America's new President does, this will continue in the future. Ultimately, this will lead to environmental disaster. Besides, excessive production of gas and oil causes tension in the earth's crust, the increased number of earthquakes, eruption of volcanoes. The level of groundwater is continuously decreasing.

But why are these new areas prohibited?

Because if the world accepts the technology, about which I have told, the demand for oil and gas will be reduced tenfold. This is not only a financial issue, it's a problem of power. Because by means of knowing the entire cycle of production of oil and gas, they manage the states. So, if we look at all these issues as solely physical or technical, it will be wrong. All these issues are political, social either.

About why this program is still not activated, why it's banned, you can read about this in the book by John Coleman The Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Committee of 300. The book was written 25 years ago. It describes the history of controlled cold fusion in the U.S., where in the 90s these programs started to develop. But it was concealed, dozens of entrepreneurs and inventors were physically eliminated.

Also, in your speeches, you talk about the unique heating system, which is applied in Belarus.

It is vortex heat generators of Potapov. In his last lectures at international conferences, I told about how it produces energy. It is not only about cold fusion, but it is a by-process in such systems. With the help of such generators, different institutions in Belarus are heated. It's been lasting for 20 years already. But, unfortunately, Belarus is being under pressure. Lukashenko in his time even tried to develop such technology, even to enter the international market, but, of course, he was forbidden to do this. Now such technologies have been suppressed even in Belarus. But they can be used to develop agriculture in places with a cold climate, moreover, even in the Arctic, even in the deserts. After all, with the help of these systems, we can produce not only energy but also a very cheap water straight from the air. The whole point is in energy. Using the vortex method it is possible to cool the air below the dew point and get water directly from the air in dozens, hundreds of tonnes. We could install such plants and irrigate deserts, anhydrous districts. Water will be pure. If it is passed through a layer of sand and limestone, it will be water suitable for drinking. In fact, it is rainwater received from the atmosphere.

It is a simple way to solve all the problems of energy, environmental protection, agricultural production. That is, all the myths about the overpopulation of the Earth are false. It's really a lie. In fact, with the help of new technologies and projects, which, for example, Jacque Fresco offers, we can populate the whole Earth… the Earth can feed hundreds of billions of people. There are estimates that just one Australia can provide food all the current Earth's population. So all these misanthropic ideas of the Golden billion are false. Modern technologies solve problems of energy, transport, environmental protection, the lack of food. Despite this, even quite sensible people, scientists keep saying that the Earth is overpopulated. But it's not.

''After all, with the help of these systems, we can produce not only energy but also a very cheap water straight from the air. The whole point is in energy.'' Photo:

Can the energy Catalyzer of Andrea Rossi also be attributed to these technologies?

Three years ago, the news about the new developments of Rossi was announced in the media. Then it led to the fall in oil prices. The reactor of Rossi uses nickel powder, which is heated and then there is the reaction of cold fusion and, say, a few hundred grammes of nickel powder allows to heat a large house for a dozen years. Can you imagine what huge energy is? The same systems can be put on a vehicle, anywhere. With the appropriate investment of effort and money, Catalyzer Rossi could transfer all the energy on cold fusion. But what happened? Rossi convened a conference in Switzerland two years ago. Then something weird happened. He and his staff were evacuated to the States. You know, that they were forced to work either for the Pentagon or for any of the secret service. It is how the Americans behaved towards the inventor.

What is more, this problem had been solved even earlier. In 1958, Filimonenko built a similar generator. The corresponding program was to be realised in the Soviet Union and in the energy sector, and in the space industry. The program of Three K under a signature stamp ''sensitive'' was developed. Academicians Kurchatov, Korolev and Keldysh were supposed to be the curators of this program. But everything was destroyed. These three academics died under strange circumstances. The program could transform the entire energy sector, and in political terms, this would prevent such a disastrous fall of the Soviet Union, what happened afterwards.

''Japan was punished for its attempt to implement such technologies and exit from raw material monopolies''

Where else were such systems tried?

They have been tested in many countries. The most terrible story happened in Japan. More than thirty years ago, there was developed a magnetic motor called Minato Wheel. Minato is the surname of the inventor. On the basis of this engine there were developed vehicles. In particular, in Japan, they started production of motorcycle Sumo, where they used a small portable like a laptop one, which started a typical engine. It set a motorcycle in motion, and then the rear wheel started, to which a magnetic motor had been already attached. Such motorcycle was driving without energy consumption. Just as in the engine of Andreyev, the amount of energy (in this case battery) is needed only at the beginning, and then the motorcycle started independent movement with virtually no energy consumption. Moreover, the motorcycle was even for sale. And Japanese politics (Finance Minister was Takenaka) naively thought that with the help of these technologies Japan would be able to surpass the whole world and to free themselves from oil dependence. They decided to make it happen.

The company Toyota developed electro cars based on this principle. But what came of it? Japan was pressured to comply with the requirements of the International Monetary Fund. Japan was reminded that it is impossible to develop such technology. Apparently, Japan met the requirements of the Fund not completely, and the attack was carried out by using geophysical weapons, which caused the strongest earthquake, tsunami, and simultaneously there was a diversion at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Japan was punished for its attempt to introduce such technologies and the exit attempt to get rid of power of the International Monetary Fund and the oil and gas monopolies at many tens of billions of dollars, and it cost Japan tens of thousands of lives.

In other words, the development of such technologies is constrained by only a narrow segment of the population?

The book The Committee of 300 by John Coleman describes in detail that the main reason for the ban on such technologies is the idea of building of the new world order. That is, the global slave society in which there is only a thin layer of the slave-owners, rich people, and a class of slaves, which will be implanted with microchips, and they will be fully controlled. The Orwellian society. But if people is given such power, he will begin to develop new areas. The Russian people will begin to develop Siberia, the North, they will build greenhouses and so on. But they cannot let it happen! They do not want to allow people to be independent, otherwise they will cease to be slaves. Therefore, the new world order is not compatible with such technologies.

''With appropriate investment of effort and money, Calalyzer Rossi could transfer all the energy on cold fusion.'' Photo:

''They allow developing the information technologies only in order to build the worldwide electronic concentration camp''

Do forbidden science exist not only in the field of physical discoveries?

This applies to all branches of science. Because all industries are under international control. In Russia, now there is no free science, which was in the Soviet Union. Because science has moved on a system of international grants. But who determines the direction of development? International monopolies, which will not allow you to be engaged in all sorts of taboo topics. This applies not only to physics but also chemistry, biology, and social sciences. In the social sciences, the situation is even worse. This is natural because there is a constant rewriting of history in favour of the ruling clans. It was always and continues into the present. Therefore, in the social sciences the situation is bad. If we talk about history, about the discoveries made in archaeology, history over the last decades, especially in recent years, this information will not be disclosed to the public. The production of textbooks and the educational process are under global control. Russia has signed all the documents to be involved in the construction of the new world order. So the history books we will remain false.

How is the history being rewritten today?

It is a long-standing problem. Isaac Newton was interested in it, he showed that the Chronology of Scaliger, adopted today, is completely false. Scaliger extended the history of the mankind at least three times. Why? It's very simple. He openly said that the goal of his research is to prove that all the world's languages are descended from Hebrew. So, he greatly extended the history of ancient Israel and the events associated with Jesus Christ, he put it deep into the history at more than a millennium. The goal is the same, what is claimed by the builders of the new world order — building a unified system with the slave system. It is described in the Torah and the Talmud and Kabala, and in the books of the biblical prophets. Therefore, now control in the field of social sciences has been increased.

The progress has been halted in those areas that would work on human development. They allow us developing the information technologies only in order to build the worldwide electronic concentration camp. Well, some technologies that are related to biophysics and biotechnology, which turn people into bio-robots. Everything else have been almost stopped. Physics, chemistry are practically not supported.

Modern history is being rewritten. What is the true history, in particular, of Russia? What discoveries on this topic were you amazed by?

The most important and easy to understand milestones in the history can be studied with the help of ancient maps. None of the modern history textbook says what Tartary is. But it was a great ancient Russian civilization, which stretched across Eurasia, from modern Spain to Japan. After another thousand years the only world language was an ancient Sanskrit, which is very close to the modern Russian. The division of languages and religion are interrelated processes, which began only a thousand years ago. At what extend the history was re-written! This subject was studied by Svetlana Zharnikova. Unfortunately, she died a year ago. Now the evidence that early whole Earth was a single Vedic civilization that spoke the same ancient language abound. But for many decades, modern historians will not take it into account because it is forbidden, and their intellectual and moral levels do not allow them to accept it.

''None of the modern history textbook says what Tartary is. But it was a great ancient Russian civilisation, which stretched across Eurasia, from modern Spain to Japan.'' Photo:

Whither the modern society and science? Is there hope?

There is hope in certain directions. But in general, all society and science are moving toward the new world order and the building of a terrible Orwellian society. The total population will be a billion. There is a concept of the Golden billion. It includes developed European countries, America, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Israel and Japan, but everything else must be destroyed. But, in fact, this concept is completely false. Because now primarily it is the white race who is being destroyed. If you look at the percentage of the white race in the last century – it has decreased considerably. Why is it being done? All according to the program, which is recorded in the Talmud, the Kabbalah. According to Kabbalistic teachings, the number of Jewish souls is 600.000. Every holder of such soul will have 2 800 slaves each, that is, we get about 1.5 billion population of the Earth. It will be enough for them. But there are also other views of the elite who claim that the Earth's population should be reduced to several tens of millions of people. Such misanthropic ideas seized a large number of representatives of the modern elite. Entire institutions, entire research facility are working on the program for reduction and enslavement of the population worldwide.

What will you reply to sceptics who will argue your words, calling it a global conspiracy theory, paranoia?

I never told about the theory of global conspiracy. This is not a conspiracy, it's a religious program, implemented in the mankind by infernal forces. I advise the sceptics to read a number of documents that were published a century ago. For example, the plan of John Dee on the arrangement of a new world order on the basis of the British Empire. The plan of the Illuminati. The Plan Of Albert Pike. These all are old documents. Read and match with what is happening in the modern world. You will see a complete correlation. What's more, you can read Newton and you will see in his book on decoding the Apocalypse, he wrote everything year by year when will be world a war and so on. This was done over three hundred years ago.

What are you working on now?

I continue to do what you have been doing in the past 10-15 years. Natural science, and other issues that relate to social sciences. I had to go from the exact sciences to history, sociology. One cannot do without it. Because everything is so interrelated that in order to really understand what is happening in the world one needs to study the whole complex of sciences.

By Yekaterina Rubtsova