Sports Kazan – 2016: tennis, judo, badminton and other major sports events

There is a good reason that Kazan is considered to be the sports capital of Russia. Endless championships, events, favourite teams – sports cycling of events in Tatarstan doesn't stop for a minute. Sport's editorial staff of Realnoe Vremya with a great difficulty has chosen five most important events in 2016.

  • 1. Tatarstan will be presented at Rio 2016

Certainly, the major international sports event in 2016 is the Summer Olympics that will take place in Rio de Janeiro from 5 to 21 August. The Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko, who is a big words fancier, expects the continuation of London 'banquet'.

'Olympics in Rio – the main start of the next year. I am looking ahead pretty optimistically. Our team has a serious potential. Currently, we are on the third place. We are planning to perform better than in London. We can make a step forward despite the situation in athletics. We have backup: shooting, rowing, swimming, trampoline, fight. The team is preparing, — told Mutko to TV channel 'Match-TV'.

Tatarstan never steps aside as usual. According to Vladimir Leonov, the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sport of the Republic of Tatarstan, 50 athletes are candidates to go to Rio. Obviously, qualifying rounds will change situation worse. But now it can be said definitely that Tatarstan will be presented on the major event of the year. First of all, it is the best athlete in Tatarstan in 2015 and the best shooter according to Shooting Union of Russia – Vasiliy Mosin. We can expect a medal here, even a gold one. And it is no wonder, as our shooter is four-time winner of Europe and World championships.

Also, Tatarstan can count on impressive 'landing' of the Kazan volleyball players of Zenit. However, the national team under the leadership of Vladimir Alekno is still going to get to the Olympic Games. Qualification tournament will be held from 5 — 10 January in Berlin. Among women we can count on triple world champion 2015 — a synchronized swimmer Liliya Nizamova and Europe vice-champion 2014 Ekaterina Rabaya in trap (shooting).

Among those, who Tatarstan can count on at the Olympics — Vasiliy Mosin and Liliya Nizamova. Photo: Roman Khasaev

  • 2. Will Euro 2016 be with Rubin?

Football approved to be the sport number one in most countries a long time ago. And next European Championship is an important event in 2016. What's more, Russian team of Slutsky managed to break through on this 'football celebration' and corrected mistakes of famous Italian Capello.

It doesn't matter that Rubin hasn't pleased us this season. Despite this, we have all chances to see them in the Russian national team. First of all, it concerns Rubin captain Oleg Kuzmin, who is experiencing another youth and at the age of 34 finally made his debut in the national team of Russia. And how it is called – showmanship.

As a tradition, a candidate is the favourite of Kazan fans Sergey Ryzhikov. And talented Rubin youth – Ozdoev, Kannunikov, Kambolov and Nabiullin – still have chances for the precious permit. However, their perspectives seem hazy. These football players are objectively weaker that season than earlier.

Besides, Kazan Club management promised to strengthen playing staff in current transfer window. And maybe Rubin will register someone among players of the next European Championship, who knows?

There are all chances to have Oleg Kuzmin in the Russian national team. Photo: Roman Khasaev

  • 3. Legendary Davis Cup in the capital of Tatarstan

Davis Cup match between national teams of Russia and Sweden in tennis, that is planned to be in Kazan, will be held on hard court, reported in Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) release. The first round match of the first group of Europe/Africa Zone between national teams of Russia and Sweden will be held from 4 to 6 March 2016 at Tennis Academy in the capital of Tatarstan.

Certainly, Kazan is ready to host this sport event. In 2011 our city was the place of meeting of national teams of Russia and Brazil in Davis Cup competition. Next year Championship and Russia Cup in tennis are planning to be held in Kazan, so Davis Cup match against Sweden national team will not bring problems to the organizers, — said Tatarstan's Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports Vladimir Leonov.

In must be noted that annually on the basis of Kazan Tennis Academy the Kazan Kremlin Cup is held, and international tournaments of ITF and ATP series, as well as series of nationwide competitions. In 2013 the venue was the place of tennis competitions within the World Summer Universiade.

In 2011 our city was the place of meeting of national teams of Russia and Brazil in Davis Cup competition. Photo:

  • 4. European Judo Championships 2016 will be held in Kazan

Kazan was chosen to be the hoster of European Judo Championships in 2016 on EJU Congress in 2014 in Croatian Zagreb. Today Tatarstan is preparing to host European Judo Championship that will be held from 21 to 24 April in 2016. 'Kazan is one of the most wonderful places in Russia and Europe. The city has a great history and at the same time it has brand-new sport infrastructure that is really impressive. Our objective now is to work out training areas in details. The conditions are very good, we are looking forward to the championship. In Tatneft-Arena there are excellent condition for athletes, their trainings and warm-up, — noted EJU vice-president Mikhal Vakhun. It is noteworthy that exactly at these competitions the qualifications for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be completed. In other words, there will be a great amount of participants.

Mikhal Vakhun(left) noted that in Tatneft-Arena there are excellent condition for athletes. Photo: Elena Gredushko (

  • 5. Kazan will put badminton forward

There is no doubt that the capital of Tatarstan can hold sport events. Moreover, as practice of organization of FINA World Championships has shown, competitions often become the best in history. This time, European Championships in badminton will be held from 16 to 21 February in 2016. This kind of sport can hardly be called as popular, but it can be called as spectatular one. Most likely, after the championship in Kazan, there will be a badminton boom. The competition is going to be held in Gymnastics Center.

'The European Championships will be held on the base of Gymnastics Center. Taking into account the amount of participants, this venue fits well. We conducted preliminary negotiations and we hope that during the European Championship the president of Badminton World Federation will visit Kazan. There is an idea to conduct opening ceremony of the specialized Badminton Center with his participation,' — told Azat Kadyrov, the Director of Executive Directorate for Sports Projects.

There is an idea to open Kazan Badminton Center with participation of Poul-Erik Høyer. Photo:

Thus, there are a great amount of sports events in 2016. Also, there is pain of Kazan fans – Rubin, hope – Ak Bars, belief – UNICS and honour – Zenit. So, we won't be bored. Happy new sports year, dear friends!

By Artur Khalilullov

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