Tatarstan increases one-time payments to contract soliders to 1.5m rubles

Tatarstan increases one-time payments to contract soliders to 1.5m rubles
Photo: Максим Платонов

Tatarstan volunteer soldiers involved in the special military operation will receive up to 1.5m rubles

At a republican meeting, leader of the republic Rustam Minnikhanov announced a decision to increase payments to those wishing to sign a contract in Tatarstan. Now, a one-time payment can reach up to 1.5 million rubles. The amount consists of payments from the republic — 1.05 million rubles, the Russian Ministry of Defence — 195,000, cities and regions of Tatarstan — up to 300,000. It is necessary to sign the contract until 31 July 2024 to receive the increased payment.

Not only by Tatarstan residents who have expressed a desire to join the ranks of the special military operation fighters but also residents of other regions of Russia and foreign citizens, regardless of their actual place of residence will receive the increased pyaments. Candidates will be provided assistance to reach Tatarstan and the place of military service.

Citizens of other countries and their families will receive help to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number and Russian citizenship. Accommodation and meals are provided throughout the duration of the contract and during medical examination. Registration for the service itself takes from several hours to two days maximum. Combat coordination of those who signed the contract will also be carried out in Tatarstan.

“We must remember those who are on duty”

Conscripts and contract soldiers can also sign a contract and receive 1.5 million rubles at a time. Both men and women are welcomed in armed forces. Medical workers, UAV operators, drivers and artillerymen are needed in the special military operation. At the selection points for contract service, those interested will receive assistance with choosing a specialty and unit. At the moment, the recruitment continues for Batyr battalion that will protect new territories.

Before departure, contract soldiers from Tatarstan are given a full set of all necessary things and an army first aid kit with medicines. Therefore, the fighters themselves will not have to buy anything.

The new payments are another unprecedented measure to support contract soldiers and their families in Tatarstan, the republic’s leadership reported.

“We must remember those who are on duty. Fighters on the forefront must be calm about their families, and this is our task,” Rustam Minnikhanov emphasised.

In addition to the financial assistance, new contract soldiers are guaranteed all republican and federal benefits, support and recovery measures. Enterprises whose employees sign a contract keep their place of work and pay them a salary, provide them with everything they need. Local authorities take custody of the fighters’ families.

1.5 million rubles can be obtained by signing a contract with the Ministry of Defence in Tatarstan until 31 July 2024. This can be done in any city or region of the republic.

Oleg Isakov

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