Want a house in Zelenodolsk? Present the project

Preservation of cultural heritage sites: BRICS to help, respect to responsible owners

This year, REBUS Forum is going to be expanded by Chinese experts, the history of restoration of one of the oldest wooden mosques in the republic begins, and smart investors will get the opportunity to get a house in Polukamushki in Zelenodolsk. In honour of the International Day of Monuments and Historical Sites, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan held a briefing on the preservation of cultural heritage sites in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Revival of Polukamushki, 2010

According to Olesya Baltusova, the assistant to the rais of the Republic of Tatarstan, this year the REBUS forum is entitled “Agglomerations: Experience. Opportunities. Challenges” is held on November 14-15.

“It has “grown by” China, since it will be held during ROSTCHI forum," said Baltusova, after which she said that this year marks the 10th anniversary of the interdepartmental commission on urban development in historical settlements. According to the documents, it appeared in 2016, but “in 2014-2015 we were heading towards it," said the assistant to the rais. A total of 32 sessions, 457 projects, of which 361 were approved. Among them — the new Gazprom office. When asked about the attitude towards the new focus of Sukonnaya Sloboda, most of the speakers preferred to remain silent — they say that all comments have already been made.

There are owners who are building without permits at all — such turned out to be the owner in the centre. Apparently, the demolition of his brainchild awaits him.

“Through the court, we have to find out what is the matter: why we have one project coordinated according to all the rules, with the development of the project, and the other, On Pekhotnaya Street, 19, without any coordination, with violations.

Pekhotnaya, 19. скриншот из видео ««О сохранении объектов культурного наследия в Республике Татарстан»» с канала «Пресс-служба Раиса Республики Татарстан»

Baltusova also spoke about the plans of the Tom Sawyer Fest festival for this season. On Volkova Street, the works will continue in the new Courtyards of Old Kazan square, which is decorated with found platbands. Besides, it is planned to paint the former pillars of the Romanovsky Bridge near the village of Nizhniye Vyazovye.

“We can say that we have updated all the residential buildings in the center," said Baltusova. “There are objects that we have not reached. This is mainly due to that people are either waiting for resettlement and do not want any repairs, or they cope on their own. We are really waiting for applications from other cities.”

It was assumed that the mayor of Zelenodolsk, Mikhail Afanasyev, would join the briefing via videoconference, Damir Shakirov, chief architect of the city appointed last year, spoke instead. He told about another anniversary — the project for the development of the historical quarter Polukamushki in Zelenodolsk turns 10 years. Last November, five more houses were sold in it. There are 26 of them in total, 15 were bought by investors, three belonging to the municipality will house the department of culture, an art gallery, and a library.

“We are considering the possibility of transferring one of the houses assigned to the administration, if there is a unique project," said Shakirov.

Mosque in the village of Asan-Elga. скриншот из видео ««О сохранении объектов культурного наследия в Республике Татарстан»» с канала «Пресс-служба Раиса Республики Татарстан»

Are they going to recreate the ancient wooden mosque?

According to Ivan Gushchin, the chairman of the RT Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Sites, the ruins of the Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, as well as the monastery ensemble itself, is going to appear among the objects of federal protection. In general, restoration works are currently underway at more than 40 Cultural Heritage Sites.

Somewhere — on the eve of the BRICS Forum (the building of the Noble Assembly, now the Kazan City Hall). Somewhere — at the expense of charitable funds: this concerns the Urta-Tash mosque on Kyzyl Tatarstan Street. About 300 million rubles have been spent on it, demolition works have already been completed, the minaret has been recreated, and the work is scheduled to be completed in July 2024.

In general, the facades of 70 buildings, including the Syuyumbike Tower and the main building of the university, will be brought to “proper condition” by the BRICS. Among the responsible private traders who are preparing for the forum themselves is the owner of the Manuylova gymnasium on Yapeeva Street.

By the end of the year, the Alafuzovsky Theater will be restored after the fire. The Iske-Tash mosque will be restored, but the issue of landscaping its territory will remain open.

There is already a project to restore the pavilion of the meteor department of the observatory — this is how works are beginning on this UNESCO site. Financing awaits the project of restoration of the minaret of the Zakabannaya Mosque.

Manuylova Gymnasium. Радиф Кашапов / realnoevremya.ru

As for the facilities outside Kazan, this year the design of two facilities has traditionally begun. These are the church of St. Knyaz Alexander Nevsky in the village of Bolshye Memi (Verkhneuslonsky district) and the mosque in Asan-Elga (Kukmor district). The last one was built in 1742. At the request of the residents, they want to resume prayers in it.

A question about Naberezhnye Chelny came to the speakers from the Internet — what will happen to the city which has almost completely lost historicism?

“The old centre of Naberezhnye Chelny needs care," Baltusova, who was there last year summed up.

“Naberezhnye Chelny is not yet a historical settlement, but a single-industry town with its own history," Gushchin replied, however, without denying that it is necessary to work on it.

Radif Kashapov