Hardworking, passionate and rich in talents

Specialists — at work, outside — artists, travellers, cooks and philanthropists!

Hardworking, passionate and rich in talents
Photo: коллаж Ольги Минеевой

For International Women's Day — March 8 — the employees of TAIF-NK JSC told about their work and hobbies. An engineer of the production and technical department welds a frame for a country greenhouse at her leisure. An ecologist prepares fantastical cakes and desserts. A quality engineer travels and takes pictures. A security clearance inspector and a financier paint pictures. A power engineer is engaged in charity work. Read about fragile and versatile women working in serious production in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Alla Nikitina, a welder and dog handler

Alla Nikitina followed in the footsteps of her parents-chemists. She enrolled to study engineering at the Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology. Alla Vladimirovna got a job at the oil refining complex in 2005 and does not regret this decision at all. Working in the production and technical department allows her to realise her creative potential. After all, the department is a key command link in the organisation of production. It is responsible for the development and optimisation of technological processes, quality control and engineering support. It also plays an important role in ensuring the efficiency, quality and success of production.

Alla Nikitina. предоставлено из личного архива Аллы Никитиной

“Our department means a lot to the production. The production of products begins with a small project, in which there is a contribution and technical support. My colleagues and I monitor the start-up work, work out in detail all the plans and reports of the current technological process. Moreover, all this is not abstract, we see the result of our common work. A lot of equipment and cars use our diesel fuel, it is necessary for the state. This means that we must produce high-quality products," Alla Vladimirovna believes.

The staff of the department is very friendly, it is like a family for Alla Vladimirovna. Moreover, her husband also works at the same enterprise. A creative and responsible profession only helps to reveal other talents at leisure: Alla Nikitkina is a very versatile person. She loves animals, she was a dog handler. She paints oil paintings, restores antique furniture, and makes various crafts. She mastered the welding machine on her own and welded the frames of an enclosed kitchen, greenhouse, and other household buildings at her dacha. Not a woman, but a powerhouse of talents!

Alla Vladimirovna never lacked strength and energy, tenderness and warmth. In her opinion, a woman should be a little mysterious, young, beautiful and loving. предоставлено из личного архива Аллы Никитиной

Creative view of Ekaterina Shadrina (Preobrazhenskaya)

In 2015, after graduating from the Kazan State Power Engineering University, Ekaterina Shadrina (Preobrazhenskaya) joined the oil refining industry. She worked for six months as an accounting technician at a gasoline plant, then moved to the control analysis department of the control system as an engineer. Mentoring of colleagues and support of relatives helped the young specialist to get comfortable.

“I am proud that my whole family has worked here, working for the benefit of the Company for many years. The company's values are passed down from generation to generation," Ekaterina Alexandrovna emphasises.

The work of the quality engineer of the KASU department, according to Ekaterina Shadrina (Preobrazhenskaya), is interesting and versatile. During internal and external audits, it is necessary to interact with employees of different specialties and fields of activity, discuss production issues. To solve current problems, it is necessary to analyse, maintain and improve the Company's integrated management system in accordance with international standards.

Ekaterina Shadrina (Preobrazhenskaya). предоставлено из личного архива Екатериной Шадриной (Преображенской)

However, in the life of Ekaterina Shadrina (Preobrazhenskaya), there remains a place for communication and hobbies. She attends sports and mass events with her family. According to the quality engineer, such events bring families together, maintain common touch.

Ekaterina Shadrina also likes to travel, snowboard, sing and take pictures. She plunged into the world of photography five years ago, having thoroughly prepared herself. Ekaterina Alexandrovna studied the basics of photography at a photography school in Naberezhnye Chelny.

“I like to take photos when travelling, capture unusual places in different cities, stunning views of nature. I treat family filming with special trepidation, because people will carry these moments through the years," says Ekaterina Alexandrovna.

La dolce vita of Irina Raskatova

Irina Raskatova, a leading environmental engineer of the control analysis department of the management system, got a job at TAIF-NK after graduating from college — almost 22 years ago. She started as a laboratory assistant in the central laboratory of the refinery. After graduating, she joined the Environmental Protection Department as an environmental engineer, and since 2016 she has worked in the Department of control and analysis of the management system. Among her work tasks — the analysis, correction and improvement of the Company's management system.

“Our department is highly respected. Although we are considered office workers, we often visit the industrial site. We are in touch with the workshops and the services that these workshops serve every day. The work is very interesting and versatile. Outside of work, life is also very active. I try to actively participate in all events," says Irina Gennadievna.

Irina Raskatova. предоставлено из личного архива Ириной Раскатовой

For Irina Raskatova, it is important that the work goes steadily, according to plan, without emergency situations, because children wait for her attention at home. The older ones — two schoolchildren — appreciate their mother's care and help. The youngest daughter, after kindergarten, is not averse to fooling around and sharing all her joys and impressions.

The birth of the daughter helped the leading environmental engineer realise herself in her work. Her hobby is baking original desserts.

Irina Raskatova. предоставлено из личного архива Ириной Раскатовой

“The family was growing, there were becoming more and more family holidays. And I started baking. At first, only for my family, then I was trained and started making cakes for my loved ones. Now, when I go on holidays, I take sweet treats with me. I am always a welcome guest," smiles Irina Raskatova, a beloved wife and happy mother.

Professionalism and paintings by Irina Besova

Irina Nikolaevna was born into a family of teachers and planned to continue the family dynasty — to enter the Department of Foreign Languages of the Nizhny Novgorod Pedagogical Institute. But in the year of her graduation, only men were accepted to this department. She had to quickly make a choice in favour of another profession.

“My father said then: “Choose the profession of an economist, you will always have a job," and he was right. I graduated from Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute (KSFEI) with a degree in Industrial Planning, and even in the military garrison my profession was in demand," recalls Irina Nikolaevna.

Irina Nikolaevna came to work at the oil refining complex in 2006. She does not share the common opinion that the work of a financier is dry, monotonous and boring.

Irina Besova. предоставлено пресс-службой АО «ТАИФ-НК»

“Imagine one day without settlements with suppliers and contractors, without fulfilling obligations to the budget, banks, and employees of the enterprise. A financier needs to be in the “market” every day, keep up with the times, and engage in self-development. The financial service faces many important tasks. For example, effective management of the company's liquidity, improvement and control of financial plans, analysis of the financial activities of the company, lending," she notes.

I am proud of the friendly staff of the financial service, which easily copes with the tasks it faces. The team consists of both young specialists, just from the institute bench, and experienced specialists who treat each other with great respect, support each other in difficult moments, share the joy of new ideas and the routine of everyday life.

Irina Nikolaevna is also supported by her family.

“We're all workaholics," she laughs. However, the deputy head of the finance department does not forget about rest, because a well-rested person, she believes, solves work tasks more productively. Irina Nikolaevna draws pleasant emotions from her work — she paints pictures. An inner impulse, the need for self-realisation led to that Irina Nikolaevna began to take lessons from the Honoured Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan, a member of the Unions of Artists of Russia and Tatarstan, Ildus Murtazin. The student found his teacher, the rule “don't look for a school, look for a teacher” worked one hundred percent.

Irina Besova. предоставлено пресс-службой АО «ТАИФ-НК»

For the last two years, Irina Nikolaevna's works have been exhibited in Nizhnekamsk museums. In February, she participated in a charity auction exhibition. All funds from the sale of paintings were used to purchase necessary things for the fighters as part of the campaign “Give warmth to the heroes of Nizhnekamsk”.

Irina Nikolaevna's paintings reflect the harmony of her inner world, in which the clarity of professionalism, self-confidence and natural femininity and charm are intertwined.

A kind word from Nasiba Nabieva

Nasiba Nabieva, an access control inspector, studied for a commodity operator and got a job at the company 10 years ago. After a while, she was offered a job as an inspector. Nasiba Toshtursunovna agreed, not even suspecting how much she would love her work. Writing out passes does not seem to be a routine matter for her, because the safety of the enterprise and its work depend on it.

Nasiba Nabieva. предоставлено из личного архива Насибы Набиевой

“I like to communicate and feel in my place. I always help when someone needs advice. There are often kind words addressed to its employees in our pass department," Nasiba Toshtursunovna smiles.

Nasiba Nabieva's love of life is noticeable in everything. At work, where she is appreciated for her smile and sociability. Also at home: she copes with everyday tasks with ease. And in creativity: the inspector paints pictures for the soul.

“Wheat Field” is a painting by Nasiba Nabieva. предоставлено из личного архива Насибы Набиевой

She honed her skills in classes at the Nizhnekamsk art school. She paints landscapes, still lifes, genre scenes sometimes using oil, sometimes in watercolor. Portraits — using a pencil. Graphic works in pencil amaze with the degree of character capturing.

“Portrait Of A Friend”, a painting by Nasiba Nabieva. предоставлено из личного архива Насибы Набиевой

Most often, friends and family ask to paint another picture. Nasiba Toshtursunovna notices that her life changes with each painting. There are more joyful moments, negativity recedes. But how else? After all, she puts a piece of herself into her work — her care, loyalty, and harmony of the soul.

Energy of Regina Ganieva

Regina Ganieva, a leading energy engineer at the department of the main power engineer of the Heavy Residue Convertion Complex, considers her work creative and very interesting. She likes everything about planning and controlling energy consumption. In a responsible position, it is not enough just to fix costs, it is necessary to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of production. Steam, natural gas, household drinking water, chemically desalinated water, river water — each energy resource needs rational use both for household needs and directly for the technological process.

Regina Ganieva. предоставлено из личного архива Регины Ганиевой

“You learn something new every day, while not forgetting about the current situation. Every day I control all energy costs. Control allows you not only to monitor changes in the operation of the installations of each workshop, but also to save one or another resource," says Regina Faritovna.

Most of all, she is impressed with watching the technological and energy process up close — during the tour around units. Regina Faritovna is also pleased with the support of the team:

“I am proud to work with such smart and educated people. Colleagues are always ready to guide and help. I enjoy going to work.

At work, Regina Ganieva realises herself as a professional in her field, at home — as a gentle, kind wife and mother, the keeper of the hearth. Although it can be difficult to combine family and such a difficult profession, she has enough energy for social activities.

Regina Ganieva. предоставлено из личного архива Регины Ганиевой

A few years ago, she founded a charitable community in the messenger “Doing Good Nizhnekamsk”. Together with like-minded people, Regina Ganieva helps families in need, families in difficult situations, orphans, and children with disabilities. Charity for her is not even a hobby, but a need of the soul.

“Few things can be better than a sincere thank you from the person you helped. I have a family, a job I love, and the opportunity to support other people who need my help. Isn't this happiness?" Regina Faritovna smiles.

Being a woman for her is to combine wisdom, kindness, strength and weakness at the same time. A true woman should unite the hearts of people, give a smile to others, says Regina Ganieva.

The heroines of this material realise themselves in many areas, despite the complexity and responsibility of production tasks, the specifics of the oil refining industry. At the same time, they remain feminine, loving wives and mothers, beautify the team and generously share the warmth of their soul with others.

Olga Mineeva

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