Tatarstan to allocate 2.5 million rubles to All-Russian cycling competitions

Tatarstan to allocate 2.5 million rubles to All-Russian cycling competitions
Photo: Максим Платонов

The competition are to be held in March

The Ministry of Sports of Tatarstan plans to spend 2.5 million rubles to hold the first stage of the Cup of Russia and the All-Russian cycling competitions among boys and girls in Kazan (BMX-freestyle park). Athletes aged 13 to 18 years will take part in the competition.

The sports event is scheduled for March 22-25 this year. The contractor of the state contract will have to search for a covered area, it must be heated and have an area of at least 7,900 square metres.

The competition venue must be equipped with a wooden air park for BMX freestyle, a training area with rubber and foam landings, as well as ramps from which one can accelerate and do tricks in the air. Besides, it needs to be equipped with locker rooms for athletes, volunteers and officials, and a cafe for spectators. The facility must be included in the All-Russian Register of Sports Facilities.

In addition to all of the above, the organisers of the All-Russian competitions will be required to ensure the transfer of athletes and judges. To do this, they will need two minibuses that will run for 16 hours. Transport should be comfortable and oriented to an average of 19 people. The body and interior of the bus must be clean during the entire period of service, free of any foreign odors, equipped with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, emergency sign. The bus must meet the requirements of safety and comfort, and to be registered with the traffic police.

The bus driver also has certain requirements, he must always be in touch, know Kazan well, and also wear business clothes. He is strictly forbidden to drive in shorts and slippers.

Models will be invited to the opening

An official opening ceremony is also provided within the framework of the competition. For this, one presenter will be invited who will be able to conduct it in Russian. At the same time, the entertainer should have experience in conducting protocol events with the participation of top officials of the Republic of Tatarstan. As part of the opening, at least one dance group of four people will perform, and female models will be invited to award the winners, who will be dressed in stylised costumes.

The competition will be with live broadcasts. The competitions will be shown on television and on the Internet. Following the results of the event, a reporting video is planned in VKontakte. Also, the races of athletes should be accompanied by slow-motion video replays and graphic design. The games will be accompanied by the voices of the commentators.

Alexander Zaripov