Experts name most popular district to move near Kazan

Experts name most popular district to move near Kazan
Photo: Platonov (archive)

Analysts named the most popular district to move near Kazan — it is Laishevo District. So around 17% of the population of Usady, Bolshiye and Malye Kabany, Peschany Kovaly and Sokury used to live outside the republic. People mainly from Moscow, Samara Oblast and Bashkiria move here. MegaFon told Realnoe Vremya about this.

Pestretsy District is the second most popular district to move to, 14% of the area arrived from other regions. Citizens from Bashkiria choose Tsaryovo. Fewer people from other regions were registered in settlements and villages of Zelenodolsk, Vysokaya Gora and Verkhny Uslon Districts — their share is just 6-8%.

As experts note, data from January to October 2023 was considered in the study.

“The number of customers living in the suburbs of Kazan increased by 20% since the beginning of the year. At the same time, the number of clients who migrated from different districts of the country is 50% higher. Mobile service consumption grows in line with this,” Director of MegaFon in Tatarstan Mikhail Rusinov explained. (archive)

According to the Russian Census (as of 22 January 2023), 3,377,063 out of 4,004,908 Tatarstan residents were indicated in census they were born in the republic. It is 84,3% of the region. The other share of the population is those who moved to the republic from other Russian regions.

At the same time, Tatarstan is popular among people from neighbouring regions in the Volga Federal District.

Residents of Bashkiria rank first with a big margin from other regions — there are about 45,500 people in Tatarstan. To compare, the number of people who were born in Tatarstan and moved to Bashkortostan is 17,499, which is nearly three times less. The smallest number of people who moved to Tatarstan from Volga regions is from Penza Oblast — 2,130.

Realnoe Vremya created a rating of Volga regions whose residents settled in Tatarstan:

  1. Bashkortostan — 45,477;
  2. Udmurtia — 17,807;
  3. Chuvashia — 14,457;
  4. Perm Krai — 14,429;
  5. Samara Oblast — 13,624;
  6. Mari El — 12,991;
  7. Kirov Oblast — 12,247;
  8. Orenburg Oblast — 11,806;
  9. Ulyanovsk Oblast — 10 108;
  10. Nizhny Novgorod Oblast — 5 666;
  11. Saratov Oblast — 3 671;
  12. Mordovia — 2 842;
  13. Penza Oblast — 2 130. Tikhonov (archive)

If we exclude the Volga regions, Ural regions are in the lead among Russian regions in number of citizens who moved to Tatarstan. It is three regions at once — Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Tyumen.

The smallest number of citizens living in Tatarstan comes from Orlov Oblast (353), Khakassia (168), Adygeya (144), Sevastopol (143), Chukotka Autonomous District (102), Jewish Autonomous District (125) and Ingushetia (77). The smallest share of residents who moved to the republic was born in Nenets Autonomous District — 23 people.

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