Rustam Minnikhanov: ‘Islamic states can become Russia’s reliable partners’

Russia — Islamic World Strategic Vision Group will become a bridge for communication with the Near East

Rustam Minnikhanov: ‘Islamic states can become Russia’s reliable partners’
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Russia — Islamic World Strategic Vision Group chaired by Tatarstan Rais Rustam Minnikhanov condemned the West’s approaches to impose a monopolar world and its vice to the Orthodox Christian and Muslim world. Patriarch Kirill who arrived in Kazan explained the friendship between Orthodox Christians and Muslims citing common spiritual values whereas Chairman of the group Rustam Minnikhanov thanked Islamic states for strengthening links with Russia.

“Despite the West’s attempts, it hasn’t become possible to isolate Russia”

None of the Islamic countries of the world has imposed sanctions on Russia — this didn’t happen a year ago, during the start of the special military operation or later. While Near Eastern states themselves can become Russia’s priority trade, economic and investment partners. Because they are united by common spiritual values that are incompatible with the Western denial of morality and ethics. Members of the Russia — Islamic World Strategic Vision Group chaired by Tatarstan Rais Rustam Minnikhanov came to such a conclusion.

“Today our common home is going through a tough period. A complicated process of creation of a multipolar world is underway. The development layout is changing where several countries obtained economic and political advantages by exploiting other countries’ resources,” the chairman of the group noted.

According to him, this causes open unacceptance of some countries that used to follow the logic of global domination. They use an extensive toolbox of coersive measures: sanctions, blackmail, threats of using military power. The imposition of ideological narratives that are at odds with traditional spiritual values became one of the ways of interference in sovereign states’ affairs.

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“This is why the USA and its allies used actions of the Russian Federation in the Ukrainian direction as a pretext for a new twist of Rusophobia, imposed sanctions against us and waged a hybrid war,” Minnikhanov claimed.

Russia interested in strengthening links, Putin tells Islamic counties

Russia joined the Organization of Islamic Cooperation as an observer 20 years ago, he reminded the audience. It was decided the next meeting of the Russia — Islamic World Strategic Vision Group would be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Despite the West’s all attempts, it hasn’t become possible to isolate Russia, Rustam Minnikhanov noted. The fact that representatives of over 80 foreign countries arrived in Tatarstan to participate in KazanForum became evidence of this. Russian Vice Premier Marat Khusnullin read President of the country Vladimir Putin’s welcome speech to the members of the group:

“Today Islamic countries actively develop, make perceptible achievements in trade and finance, innovations and scientifically applied research. Russia is open for the widest business and humanitarian cooperation with them. We are interested in strengthening established contacts and obtaining new partners, promoting agrarian and industrial cooperation, creating new transport and logistic chains. I will note that Russian Muslims play an important role in expanding international contacts. This forum convincingly proves this.”

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Some fail to understand why there was created a union with both Orthodox Christians and Muslims, Patriarch Kirill says

The so-called Arab spring brought sorrow and troubles to the peoples of these countries most of whom are Muslims, Patriarch Kirill noted. “We cannot help but notice the sad consequences of the West’s harsh interference in other countries’ affairs, and particularly in Near Eastern affairs. It was 10 years a month ago since Metropolitan of Syrian Aleppo Paul was kidnapped. We still don’t know the fate of this religious leader,” he reminded the audience.

According to him, the destruction of the statehood was accompanied by insistent attempts of Western forces to use the religious factor, a desire to sow enmity and schism in society on religious grounds. This led to a rise in terrorist attacks. While terrorists hide behind grandiose slogans.

“World history lessons demonstrate that such an approach cannot be allowed. Our task is to oppose extremism. In this content, the activity of the group is of special value and significance,” the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church noted.

The Orthodox Church has actively participated in the Russia — Islamic World Group since its creation. Patriarch Kirill Praised Kazan for interfaith harmony. “Here mosques neighbour churches, Christians and Muslims work together for the common good,” he indicated.

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An expert council for cooperation with the Islamic world chaired by the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia was created in November 2018. Earlier, the country had an interfaith union of Russia.

“Some Christian colleagues don’t understand: ‘Why did you create a union with Orthodox Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists? Why do you not develop cooperation with Christian religions?’ I replied that our fundamental values are not only similar, Orthodox Christians try to do as God orders. We are subjected to God’s will,” the patriarch said.

According to him, Russians try to save the “God-commanded family order,” while the Western culture imposes sinful same-sex relations. “We say this doesn’t correspond to God’s will, they say not to cite God because some believe, some do not.”

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Permanent ambassador of Russia in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Ramazan Abdulatipov confirmed the self-sacrificing role of the Strategic Vision Group. In his opinion, thanks to it the Islamic world conserved the cooperation with Russia. He claimed that spiritual values are above tangible comforts.

“Why did the Roman Empire fall?” Abdulatipov asked before asking why the Soviet Union did and found a answer given by Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius: “Because of the destruction of cultural and moral principles of the Roman people.”

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