‘For us, an honour student, a C student, and from the street are all the same, our youth’

The rais of Tatarstan spoke about the work done by the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the republic and points of growth

‘For us, an honour student, a C student, and from the street are all the same, our youth’
Photo: realnoevremya.ru/Dinar Fatykhov

Youth infrastructure, League of Students, prevention of destructive behaviour of adolescents — one of the topics discussed at the board meeting of the Ministry of Tatarstan for Youth Affairs. “Youth policy has always been and remains a priority in our work. Tatarstan is one of the leaders in terms of the effectiveness of its organisation in our country," Rustam Minnikhanov noted in his speech. About plans and tasks in the field of youth policy — read in the report of Realnoe Vremya.

“Consistency and systematic work”

Rustam Minnikhanov, the rais of Tatarstan, raised the topic of cultivating high moral qualities in young people in the first place. Here, according to him, the key role is assigned to the Movement of the First, which has received the status of all-Russian one. The work of all authorities should be coordinated.

“All of you should work as one link, and of course, the heads of municipalities. This is our close bond, our common work. Each of you is personally responsible. Tatarstan should become a reliable partner of the Movement of the First and its most active participant. We consulted with the management, agreed to conduct educational programmes and, in general, to take an active part. This is a new case, there are a lot of things we don't know yet, and how we will organise the work," he noted.

The university community also plays a special role in the education of young people. It is impossible to allow “formalism” in the issue of working with students, Minnikhanov stressed.

Photo: realnoevremya.ru/Dinar Fatykhov

“It is important to be immersed in all issues of concern to students, to provide comprehensive support to student associations, and of course, to the League of Students," explained the rais. “The task of the Ministry of Youth Affairs is to elect the president of the League of Students this year. The ministry needs to strengthen its work with universities, the council of rectors, and activate the activities of the coordinating council for educational work.

The head of Tatarstan also mentioned the problem of involving teenagers in destructive communities. Based on the experience of past years, it is necessary to work towards the prevention of such manifestations. According to Minnikhanov, if law enforcement agencies are involved in this issue, it means “the relevant work has not been organised”.

“We record attempts to persuade young people to commit offenses, crimes. Incitement, including from abroad. The answer should be consistency and systematic work with maximum coverage of young people, not just an initiative group there, but in general we must reach everyone. For us, an honour student, a C student, and from the street are all the same, our youth. We cannot divide them," he said.

Photo: realnoevremya.ru/Dinar Fatykhov

Besides, it is necessary to develop youth infrastructure in rural areas — the percentage of outflow of people from the districts is high. In this regard, the rais of the republic instructed representatives of the Ministries of Youth Affairs, Economy and Agriculture to develop their proposals to increase the attractiveness of life outside large industrial centers.

Rustam Minnikhanov also noted such a topic as international cooperation. In this matter, it is worth starting from last year, when Kazan received the status of the youth capital of the OIC. The development of Tatarstan's popularity among citizens of other countries, despite the federal agenda, is a priority.

Inclusion in positive agenda

The topic of prevention of destructive behaviour and involvement of adolescents in such an environment was raised earlier at the collegium by Minister of Youth Affairs of Tatarstan Rinat Sadykov. He said that in 2023 a comprehensive programme for interaction with informal communities would be launched in the republic.

Through the comprehensive programme, the ministry intends to strengthen the inclusion of informal organisations in the positive agenda. As Rinat Sadykov explained, the formation of a safe youth environment is an absolute priority for his department.

Photo: realnoevremya.ru/Dinar Fatykhov

“Today, information is spreading on social networks about a new subculture that coordinates its actions online, conducts aggressive actions in public places. Here we cannot but react," he said at the final board meeting of the Ministry of Youth Affairs of Tatarstan.

Also, according to him, 2,8 billion rubles will be allocated for the renovation of 41 youth policy facilities in 25 municipalities in the region this year. Over the past year, 37 youth policy facilities were repaired in Tatarstan. They spent more than 1,7 billion rubles on this.

As for health camps, 2,1 billion rubles are planned to be allocated for such purposes this year. In addition, the programme of renovation of health camps will continue. In 2022, it covered 10 sites.

“In general, in 2022, more than 205 thousand children were rehabilitated. This number includes children of Donbass, the city of Lisichansk, who expressed a desire to rest in the camps of Tatarstan, as well as more than five thousand who rested on the Black Sea coast," Sadykov noted.

Elizaveta Punsheva