‘We need to understand who we are in this diverse world’: main points of Putin's meeting with students

On Day of Russian Students, head of the state Vladimir Putin met with students at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. In the conversation with the “future of the country”, he also touched on the main topic of the last 11 months — the special military operation that began almost a month after the previous student's day — February 24, 2022. Realnoe Vremya collected the main points from the statements of the Russian leader.

The purpose of the special operation is to protect people and Russia

Vladimir Putin repeatedly said during the entire duration of the special operation that its goals have remained unchanged since February 24. He confirmed it this time, too.

“The purpose [of the special operation], as I have said many times, is, first of all, to protect people and protect Russia itself from the threats that they are trying to create in our historical territories adjacent to us. We cannot allow this," the head of the state said at a meeting with students.

The president of Russia also commented on the methods of struggle of the Kyiv regime. According to him, “the enemy shows no regard”.

“They shoot their own people in the back, you know. The detachments were created. Just recently, a week ago, the guys told us that in one locality our people are looking — the enemy is ahead, and they are being shot at, and, as they say, dense fire. They don't let you retreat. Well, it is nationalists working. They don't go ahead themselves," Vladimir Putin said.

A topic related to the special military operation is the restoration of new regions of Russia. Vladimir Putin believes that student groups can help in this. He said that he himself had once been a participant in them.

“The only thing that, frankly, stops me in order to expand this widely is security issues," the Russian leader admitted.

“We are part of the world culture”

The president of Russia, whose student years fell in the first half of the 1970s, talked to the students of the university, and about Russian culture, which is being diligently tried to cancel in the West. He assured the younger generation that our country will not live without world culture, unlike the West, which cancels Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

“We need to understand who we are, where we came from, who we are today in this diverse world, what our future is, to understand this diversity and our role in this diversity. Yes, we are not perfect, there is probably something to argue with us, but we never thought of canceling Beethoven or Bach, or, I don't know, O. Henry, and so on, and then we thought of cancelling Tchaikovsky. Well, let them live without Tchaikovsky, without Dostoevsky and Tolstoy. And we will not live without world classics," the president of Russia said.

In his opinion, there is nothing wrong with that young people are guided by the best in world culture, but the basis should be domestic.

“Let them know and love all the best. There's nothing wrong with that. We are part of the world culture. We should be perceived as a part of world culture, but significant. To understand our role, significance," the head of the state said.

Students ask to postpone Youth Day

The students told the president of Russia about their concerns. Among them, for example, the inconvenient date of the celebration of Youth Day — it is celebrated on June 27, and, as noted by the winner of the contest Bolshaya Peremena of the platform “Russia — the Land of Opportunity” and RANEPA student Zinaida Golman, if the holiday falls on a weekday, then young people either have a session or work. In this regard, she asked Vladimir Putin to postpone Youth Day to the last Saturday in June.

The head of the state promised to solve this problem. He plans to talk with the Minister of Education and Science of Russia.

“We have such a tradition. Many professional holidays are celebrated on weekends, so there is nothing unusual here. I think it can be done," Vladimir Putin promised.

Tatyana Demina