Stocks of Tatarstan stores remain at a ‘minimum’

Stocks of Tatarstan stores remain at a ‘minimum’
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After reaching the minimum level in August of this year, inventories in Tatarstan stores have frozen at the same level. For the past three months, their value has remained within 63 billion rubles, and the percentage ratio to the same periods last year has completely frozen at the same mark. Despite this, the supply of stocks gradually begins to increase and approach the spring values by the end of the month.

From maximum March to minimum August

Inventories in retail trade organisations of Tatarstan reached 63,4 billion rubles in October 2022. In September, they amounted to 61,8 billion rubles, in August — 61 billion. This value reached the maximum mark in March — 65,5 billion rubles.

Compared to the same period last year, the volume of inventories decreased by 6,8%. The same value was noted in September and August, which indicates the stabilisation of the monthly amount of inventories. The last time this value deviated was in July, when the volume of reserves reached 62,3 billion rubles — 98,5% (by 1,5% less) by the corresponding period of 2021.

It is also worth noting that the last time inventories in retail organisations exceeded last year's values was in March — by 7,9% more than in the same month, but in 2021.

Photo: Khasaev

The availability of stocks at the end of the month is 46 days of trading (the same number was noted in April of this year). As for last month, in September their number reached 43, in August — 41, in June and July — 43. The greatest supply of stocks was in January — 50 days of trading, and in the “maximum” March — 44.

Retail trade turnover per capita reached 256 thousand rubles

In Tatarstan, retail trade turnover in January-October 2022 amounted to 997,3 billion rubles. Compared to the same period last year, it amounted to 97,6% (a 2,4% fall). At the same time, the retail trade turnover for October itself amounted to 103 billion rubles. Compared to September, it fell by 0,3%, and compared to October last year — it fell by 2,1%.

Most of the total retail trade turnover accounted for non-food products — 535 billion rubles, food products — 461,8 billion rubles.

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It is worth noting that in the field of food products, including beverages and tobacco products, there is an increase in retail trade turnover. So, in relation to January-October 2021, it increased by 5%, by September — by 2,7%.

Retail trade turnover per capita for the same period in the republic amounted to 256,615 rubles.

In October, the turnover by 92,4% was formed by trading organisations

From January to October of this year, the retail trade turnover by 92,4% (921 billion rubles) was formed by trading organisations and individual entrepreneurs. At the same time, the market share in the total volume was 7,6% (76,2 billion rubles).

The turnover of trading organisations in comparison with the same period last year fell by 2,9%. At the same time, turnover at retail markets and fairs increased by 4,6%. It is worth noting that minor changes have also occurred in turnover relative to September of this year. Thus, the sale of goods from organisations decreased by 0,4%, and in the markets — increased by 0,9%.

For comparison, retail trade turnover in January-October 2021 was by 7,8% higher than in the same period of the pandemic 2020.

Photo: (archive)
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