Commodity stocks in Tatarstan reach a minimum in 2022

Commodity stocks in Tatarstan reach a minimum in 2022
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There are changes in the retail trade in Tatarstan, according to the results of the first eight months of 2022. Relative to the previous year, the turnover in this sector has decreased by several values. Meanwhile, commodity stocks reached a minimum in 2022 in August. Read more about how things are going in the retail market in the material of Realnoe Vremya.

Retail trade turnover amounted to 106,3 billion rubles in August

Retail trade turnover amounted to 790,4 billion rubles in Tatarstan in the first 8 months of 2022. For example, in relation to the same period last year, it amounted to 97,5%.

At the same time, retail trade turnover amounted to 106,3 billion rubles in August. It grew by 4% compared to July, and it fell by 1,1% compared to last August.

Most of the total retail trade turnover accounted for non-food products — 426,8 billion rubles, food products — 364,7 billion rubles.


At the same time, there is a trend of growth in retail trade turnover in the field of food products. Compared to January-August 2021, it amounted to 104,1%. Compared to August — 109,4%. Since July 2022, it has grown by 1,2%.

Retail trade turnover per capita amounted to 203,398 thousand rubles in the republic for the same period.

Turnover of 92,5% is formed by trading organisations

It is worth noting that the retail trade turnover of 92,5% (730,8 billion) was formed by trading organisations and individual entrepreneurs in January-August 2022. At the same time, the market share in the total volume was 7,5% (59,7 billion).

As for trading organisations, their turnover relative to that period fell by 3% last year. At the same time, it increased by 4% in August compared to July of this year.

Retail trade turnover in the markets increased by 3% compared to the first 8 months of last year. Besides, the value of August this year also increased by 4,2% compared to July.


Commodity stocks reached 61 billion rubles in August

According to the Tatarstan Statistics Service, commodity stocks in retail trade organisations by August have reached a minimum for the first 8 months of 2022. They amounted to 61 billion rubles.

This value reached its maximum level in March. Then it amounted to 65,5 billion rubles.

Relative to the same period in 2021, the volume of commodity stocks decreased by 6,2%. Compared to last month — by 1,1%.


The availability of stocks is the 41 day of trading at the end of the month. This value is also the minimum for 2022.

Let us remind that the retail trade turnover in Tatarstan amounted to 684 billion rubles in the first seven months of this year. For example, it amounted to 97,3% in comparable prices to the level of last January-July. Besides, by July 2021 — 97,2%, and by June 2022 — 102,9%.

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